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   This juvenile Nanday Conure or Black-hooded Parakeet is about 5 months old. He is a super sweet bird by anybody's standards!
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cynthia - 2003-09-28
One day my mom and myself were walking out of petsmart. A lady was walking to the store with a nanday and i told her what a beautiful bird. The woman asked me if i wanted her. She said the birds name was 2k i said sure. well to make a long story short, 2k is very happy she gets to come out of her cage when she is ready the first day she was very nippy but now she is fine.She gets along with my children and myself. She a pleasure to have with our family and she rules the roost


Gomez - 2003-08-20
I live in Puerto Rico And buy a nanday of fourth months ,hes very lovable a said his name in three weeks i teach him with a cd and my voice ,hes learning fast and loves to sit on my showlder and eat wathever i eat ,i need to know what exercises i can use to extend his intelligence.

Cleta Freeman - 2003-08-03
I have more of a question than a comment. Two years ago my son almost died on us and had to have a blood transfusion, Well anyway every since then my nanday attacks him when ever he sees him and i can't seem to get him to stop, can you tell me why he is doing this and maybe how i can stop it, It has been two years and i love my bird very much but i have to protect my son.
Cleta Freeman

carol - 2003-08-02
After my dad passed, i was given one of his birds hes a nanday conure. Were told that he is near 40years old but a pet store worker told me that there average life span is 20years.can somone tell what it isplease? He is very funny he loves to dance to the music and loves to play but he wont let me touch him, only my son can touch and hold him.He is a joy!

Olga - 2003-07-31
I have the same bird, i got him from my sister, she couldn't take his screeming any more, and i felt sorry for him. No he lives with me and like to play a lot takes a shower with me every morning. His cages is always open so he flyes everywere in the house, and loves it, dosen't screm that much. I am very happy with him. Needs a lot of attention. Read a lot about those birds before buying!!!

ashley - 2003-07-31
I have a nanday conure he is cheeky but he loves to come out. One day i left the door open and he opend the cage and when i come down from up stairs he was gone he was gone for i month but one day i was a sleep then i hered ash ash ash i went down and he was up the window.

Sharon - 2003-07-28
I have a nanday and a sun and find them to be wonderful pets. I think the nanday is a male although I have no idea whether the sun is male or female. They do like to yell in the morning if they can't see me but I never yell back or it gets worse. We trained my sun to yell Quietly which means she imitates my son, imatating her. More like saying quack instead of actually quacking. As far as the comment before this one, I would try to use gloves and get the bird used to the finger. I would imagine age might be a factor if they never took the bird out

Jacquie Hall - 2003-07-27
Ihave a Nanday Conure which was give to me by the neighbors. They said he was too noise to have in their apartment. He is very smart and after only a week is repeating things I say. However, I cannot get near him. He has consistantly bitten me and has recently taken a "chunk" out of my finger. Not sure what to do.

jellybaby - 2003-07-21
I have a nanday called colin, he is sweet and funny and very noisey. Make sure your neighbours understand once.

I also agree that their isnt enough information about these wonderful birds.