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   This juvenile Nanday Conure or Black-hooded Parakeet is about 5 months old. He is a super sweet bird by anybody's standards!
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Anonymous - 2005-08-13
I have a Nanday named Andy .He is a year old. When I first got him he was very shy , but now he is friendly and can not wait til I get home so he can come out of his cage and play.

Anonymous - 2005-07-02
Nandays are absolutely adorable! I might get one...

Linda - 2005-06-17
About 7 years ago I was returning from lunch at my place of employment when I heard a loud noise from the tree above. As I was looking to see what it was, this beautiful young bird flew to my shoulder. I have had her since then. I thought it was a male but a year ago she left me 4 eggs so I guess I was wrong. I have to say that she is the joy of my life. She is loving, playful and spoiled rotten. She has captured my husband's heart as well although he thinks she gets more attention than he does. At any rate, Nanday's are wonderful, mine, Nikki, is seldom really noisy, only when she wants to go to bed and then she screams "Night night" or when she wants to be uncovered or anytime anyone comes to the door or walks down the street or the icecream man goes by. She also mimics the sound of the garage door opening and says several things although she speaks very quietly when talking. Nanday's are very easy to train and a joy to have.

Robert Sierra - 2005-06-09
i have a nanday, his birthday was yesterday, hes five now. He likes to yell a lot, but he is still so cool! he is now gonna be a father, with a monk parakeet, dont ask me how, but the two have spent months in the same cage and yesterday, she laid an egg!

Nikki - 2005-02-26
Even though they are very loud they are very funny and loving. They are very loyal. Ours thinks he is a watch dog.T hey are very very cute. Dont be alarmed if you wake up and they are laying on their backs, it is very normal.

Robert Johnson - 2004-10-23
I have a 2 year old Nanday Conure, the name we have chosen is rascal.... and boy does he live up to his name!!! These birds can be wonderful companions!!! Mine just loves to cuddle with anyone who will hold a finger out to him! Recently we recieved another bird, a blue fronted amazon, and he is very talkative. Low and behold after spending a few weeks together (in seperate cages of course...) I just about had a heart attack when my little nanday said "comere"!!! he actually talked!!! a few days later as I reached to answer the phone, I was surprised by the lil sound behind me that said "Hello"!!!! This species of bird is widely accepted as a non talkative bird, capable of imitating simple sounds at best!! Guess I have an exception! Anyways, on occassion he does scream but its usually only for 10-20 seconds at a time, and not that often... We absolutely love him to death!!! He is very inquisitive and tends to explore alot around the house.. I think he has found every lil cubby hole we have lol!!! anyways, read up on these birds before you buy them as they take alot of love and attention to have a well mannered bird... sadly the blue fronted amazon we received came from an owner who could not provide the love and attention, and couldnt take anymore of the Biting... so looked to get rid of it... Im proud to say that he has shaped up nicely with a little TLC!!!

Kieran Ball - 2004-09-25
I have a Nanday Conure called Toby. I got him from an old lady who didnt want to give him away but had to because she couldnt let him out of his cage because of her dog. he is always coming out of his cage nowadays and he loves to go outside and sit with me in my aviary.

levi - 2003-12-24
i have 13 birds and the latest addition is my nanday! she can be loud! even louder than my sun conur which i never thought possible. the first day i came home from work after getting her....i almost dropped everything at the door and ran! i was not prepared for that noise...but now its a week later and still no complaints from my neighbor, im in a duplex so i think he must be deaf or extremely understanding. she has definatly choosen me as her owner and i cant wait for the years to come!

mk - 2003-10-23
My Girlfirend works at a High School, and she and a couple of co-workers found this cute bird. Well low and behold it is a younge nanday conure. Everyone decided that she should take the bird home since we have a Double yellow headed amazon named Apollo, and a senigal parrot named Kiji. Well, our newest addition is very social, and loves to visit and be near people. I am not a bird fan, due to being attacked when I was a child. Well let me just say, I now have a conure typing on the keyboard with me. I am very nervous of it taking a chunk out of me, but I am dealing with that. I have named it JesterBird.. this way gender could never be an issue.

steve - 2003-10-14
I recently recieved a Nanday Conure from a friend who had the bird left at her home by a person who never came to claim it. The bird was in bad shape and was very unhappy. I put him in a larger cage and returned him to a proper diet, and he is a wonderful bird all his feathers grew back and he gets along great with my African grey. They are a little loud at times, but make up for it with love.