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   This juvenile Nanday Conure or Black-hooded Parakeet is about 5 months old. He is a super sweet bird by anybody's standards!
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terri thomas - 2008-01-09
My nanday's name is Charlie and he is such a little attention seeker! I let him out every morning and he stays out until 10:30 and then goes back in to sleep. He has to be with you ALL the time, I can't even go to the toilet without him flying in and sitting on my shoulder. He loves music and bobs his head up and down to the beat, he's adorable. But as adorable as he is, he's very naughty. He's started flying onto the table when we eat and stealing things from our plates! he doesn't like the vacuum cleaner, and lets you know this by screaming annoyingly. He also doesn't like it when you put your coat on, he's obviously learned that when you do this you are leaving him for a while. He loves being cuddled. He sits on my chest just under my chin and when I stroke his head he closes his eyes and his feathers expand!, he makes a purring sort of noise, and sometimes he even falls asleep! I also make kissing noises and he mimics the noise back to me. He's a funny little thing thats for sure and I wouldn't ever part with him.

C Rice - 2007-06-19
Summer and our third year with Coo, and learning about Hormonal Rage. I got my nose well attacked today. A new cage in the living room and Coo is getting territorial about it. I uncovered the cage and let him out early this morning, MISTAKE. Should stick with a late morning schedule and keep the cage covered 12 hours until the end of July when the hormones slow down and the biting stops. Cuddly bird but always gets mean in the summer! Love my Nanday, hate mating season.

Tyler - 2007-05-08
my nanday's name is is bob. very affectionate and loves apples. loud and needs lots of time.

Elise - 2007-03-18
i have a cross between a sun and nanday. her name is keiven and is about 14 years old. hehe a year older than me. i've had her in my family for about 5 years and she's been a sweetie yet she can sometimes get agressive and draw blood. just recently she shattered her wing since her bones were thin because of nesting, so she's in a quiet small cage. she has been on painkillers, calcium, and anitbiotics. so far its been about 2 weeks since the fall and she is doing great.

for those of you who are having problems with biting and gnawing, just keep at it. be gentle, speak to them in a nice voice, and give them treats. they enjoy that, and will eventually start being a little angel. took about 1-2 weeks for me when we got her. =]

Lori in Ontario Canada - 2006-08-05
I just recently was given a Nanday conure who came from a home where the people had no time for him. I named him Gizmo. I am the third and forever owner. Gizmo can be so affectionate and very loveable. I love Gizmo despite his loud screeching plus I have 8 other birds in an apt bldg. At first I wasnt too sure about the noise but he has settled in quite quickly. Gizmo loves music, also loves to dance, bark, and eat.
I do have biting issues with Gizmo but in time he will gain my trust.
I have always wanted a parrot bigger than a cockatiel and now I have Gizmo and a Green cheek conure with 4 male tiels, 2 male budgies, and 1 male canary.
I love all my birds the same and would not trade it for anything else in the world.

Dina - 2006-04-12
My Nanday Conure, Karly, and I had a rough start. He was always biting me. I would get so frustrated that I would just give him a time out. I know that yelling, even if I am in pain, makes it worse. I tried every thing. So, I showered him with love and soft baby talk. Well, that was it. He loves to be cooded and talked to like the "beautiful baby" he is and when I treat him so swell, I receive the same treatment in return. They have a gentle side to them in which they love to be treated like a baby. Try it and you will be rewarded.

Tugger - 2006-02-24
Jack the Nanday came from an Animal Shelter; he was lucky to have found a rescuer, as on his last leg he was!

He was a biteybutt for quite a while, but persisting with gentleness, treats, love - he finally relented when he just HAD to get a head&neck scratch! Now he's a cuddlebug - oh, he'll make like he's going to bite, but just gentle pressure, like a dog who mouths the hand to show affection.

Jack's interaction with others has probably been quite limited; he's learning some new things now. Latest is throwing soda cans off of the top of his cage. Heh. I laugh at how he watches them fall and bounce. Then we both laugh together!

I love Jackey Jack! - did from the first moment. He might learn to speak clearly (he mumbles quite a bit) - I don't care though; he's my sweetie!

KJ - 2006-02-15
My Nanday Conure, Baby, is my first bird and what a learning experience! I scratch her head, neck and under her wings and she cuddles my face, gives me kisses and has learned a few difficult words. "Beautiful Baby", "My Baby" and "Hey Gorgeous" aren't very clear to anyone but me, but "Big Bird", "Dance" and "Peek-a-boo" are as clear as a child. She hides and when I say "Where's Baby?" she pops out and says "Peek-a-boo!", her favorite word for fun. She loves to dance with varying styles and favors rock and jazz. It took a little learning to see that only the gentlest and loving behavior got the results I wanted from her. She is so sweet and wants so much to please. She needs so much attention though! I had her out all the time when I got her, spoiled her and now she screams if I leave her side. Twice she managed to fly away outside, once despite clipped wings and it took me overnight to get her back, but her loud cry made her findable and it was nice to know she wanted to come to me and kept screaming for me until I got her. I don't let her near an open door or window any more. She lights up my life and I love her immensely!

Dwight Mendenhall - 2006-02-03
I have a Nandayus Nenday that I got for my birthday. He was given to my parents from these people in my town that moved. We believe he has had two owners before us. His name is George and he is very loud. I just read this page and I am going to try to be kinder to him. He bites everyone and so I have decided I don't care and I am going to let him bite me to see if he will stop.

Lori Austill - 2005-10-13
Fifteen years ago I went into a pet store to get out of the rain and while I was wandering around close to the bird cages, a nanday conure stepped onto my shoulder. She has been my baby ever since. I didn't know if she was a boy or girl so after ten years I decided to have her sexed. The DNA test was sent off and a week before we got the results she laid a single egg...only one she has ever laid. Go figure. Once, on a trip to the vet, the bottom fell out of her cage and she escaped. I was hysterical but after 5 hours of looking I heard her "screech". I called her name (Nandie) and every time I did she screeched again leading me to her. Another time my cat somehow escaped from the bedroom where I always keep her when Nandie is out. She caught Nandie after a frantic chase. After a trip to the ER vet clinic and 10 days of intense antibiotics, she was no worse for wear. She says "hello", "want some water", "bye bye" and "you're my baby". I don't know how long Nandays live but I hope it's a LONG time.