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   This juvenile Nanday Conure or Black-hooded Parakeet is about 5 months old. He is a super sweet bird by anybody's standards!
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Lauri - 2011-01-21
How to find a good breeder in my area?

Ashley - 2010-07-22
We have a nanday and have had him for almost 4 years. He came from an abusive family who just didn't want him anymore. He was extremely afraid of us for a while, but my mom was very persistent. Now he cuddles with her and occasionally lets me pet him. He does not like men!
My boyfriend tried to pet him once and he made him bleed. My dad never tries to pet him since he had to get stitches on his finger. We have tried teaching him to talk but he refuses. I don't know if he has something wrong with him or if he just doesn't want to. We named him after Napoleon(the French guy, not Dynamite.)

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  • Tami - 2010-09-25
    I was in the same boat as you. I have had my Nanday Jazzy for a year now and he is my heart but does not like anyone else. He was fed marijuana seeds and punished with a stick or squirt bottle. He has begun coming out of his shell enough to where he explores the house, checks himself in the mirrors, lol and has a very impressive vocabulary, except when he suddenly remembers swear words his last owners taught him. Please, give him some time as they are not trusting with new people, especially after those experiences.
  • Jacquie - 2011-01-15
    l had a Nanday from an abused situation and he never did warm up to men...but he was good with women. No doubt he was abused by a man! Henry (as l called him) loved to take a bath. l had him for 12 years, but unfortunately he got Cancer of the mouth and l had to make the difficult decision to end his suffering. At the time l had him l also had two Cockatiels, one lived to be 20 years old and the other 25....l loved and enjoyed them all. l hope you have fun with your Nanday.
Molly - 2010-10-12
My son has a Nanday Conure. The bird is almost 2 years old. It (don't know if it's a male or female) has a lot of pin feathers. We're afraid of hurting the conure by getting them off ourselves. Is there another way to prevent or help our bird not get pin feathers?

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  • les - 2010-11-20
    They molt about 2 times a year so they get new feathers. The pin feather is a coating to help the new ones come out . If he is fine with you holding him try putting a pin feather between your thumb nail and finger nail and don't pull slightly push in and snap the coating. If you don't feel it break it's not ready if it breaks he will then be able to get the rest of it off when he scratches himself. You don't have to take them off just break them and he will do the rest. We have 5 conures and this works for all of them one is a nanday, sun, 2 greencheeks, and a brown throat hope this helps.
p gressman - 2010-08-07
My nanday is ten we have had her six years she has now lain two eggs even though she has no mate. What should I do?

albert - 2009-10-22
My birds name is chak'o and since we brought him into our home... he has been nothing but a joy! Go chak'o!

Julie - 2009-09-07
My Nanday is Panama. I got him/her as a Mother's day present 2005. Panama was about 12 weeks when I got him. When I leave for work he says "Mom come back" and when I get home he says "Mom your back". He can also say Thank you, Kiss Kiss, step up, I'm Panama, bath, go to bed, pretty bird, baby.
Panama also plays baby, he lays on his side and takes one of his claws up to his beak so i will pet and stroke his head and all of his feathers. He loves to take showers or a bath in the sink. I take him everywhere. He will go to anyone in the family and some people outside of the family as long as I offer him to them and if he is in the mood. Although, I did have someone come up behind me and try to take him and he did bite them and draw blood. Panama is momma's bird and loves to be on my shoulders to do chores around the house. He makes life interesting and eats everything we do.


melanie - 2009-06-27
I found a Nanday in Boynton Beach, Florida earlier this year, we call it Jillian. It's been with me about 4 months and I am happy to say I think it finally gets it that I'm not out to hurt it. It learned tricks in a matter of minutes and finally stepped off its cage and onto my hand without freaking out! This is a great bird, and the more I learn about it, the more I come to appreciate how someone must really miss it. Talks too! Often. As much as it is challenging to own one now, I feel it is quite a (free) gift. Lots more to learn.

Jacqueline A. - 2009-06-24
I just rescued a Nanday Conure and a Dusky Conure from the animal shelter along with his mate. I have no knowledge of their previous life. I was having a difficult time when he first arrived, his biting and screaming was horrendous. I am trying to win him over by hand feeding him, tonight 6/24/09 was the first time I actually had him perch on my hand and then on my shoulder. Once there he just made sounds and nibbled on my earrings. I have been feeding him treats such as fresh apples and he absolutely loves millet spray. I love to watch him and his mate interact. I was not informed of his name or if he even was given one. I named him Noah and he mimics one sound. He does screech every time anyone enters his space. I am hoping he will out grow that... please someone tell me he will. I am searching further information on their eating habits. Feel free to share any information. I really want to build a healthy relationship with them both.

Fran - 2008-10-24
I have a nanday conure and his name is Paulie, I love him so dearly, he talks a little and barks like a little puppy and he even loves to dance to music. Paulie is the Boss around here at night. When he say's goodnight, it's goodnight! He wants the lights out. I would Love to get him a female mate for him. Fran

Jordan - 2008-02-08
These pets are usually friendly when you treat them right.