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   "I'm here to tell you... the original Heckel and Jeckel never got into as much trouble as these two!"...Dr. Jungle
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Mairi Grant - 2003-09-10
we have recently bought a mitered conure and at the moment he is behaving really hostile to whoever approaches his cage. He is about a year old and i want to know if he will ever tame down and become friendly at this age or if it will be impossible. His behaviour is improving the more time I spend with him and he is becoming more used to human company after being in an aviary with limited human contact. I want a bird I can interact with and enjoy Can anyone help with taming advice ??? thanks

PyrO - 2003-07-26
A Pet shop offered me a golden conure for sale, I know this species is rare and near in extintion, But I can't find any info other than that on them, Can anyone help me out with info on these beautiful conures.

Anything will be apreciated,

Thanks I'm considering buying one.


ellie - 2003-07-21
these are so cute! i wish i could get one but i know i couldn't give them as much attention as the need. i couldnt even handle 2 parakeets! do you know of a pet that requires hardly any attention, but i could still cuddle it and is still cute? e-mail me, if you have an idea about a pet!