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   "I'm here to tell you... the original Heckel and Jeckel never got into as much trouble as these two!"...Dr. Jungle
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Emma Wicker - 2005-09-10
Joey is only 9 months old and this is his 2nd home but we plan to have him for a very long time. I have only had him 5 days so the trust is slowly being built but he has not shown any agressive behaviour towards me and he loves the pinyada filled with raisins and banana that we bought for him!

ben - 2005-07-23
For a week, in the mornings and evenings, we watched a flock of these birds strip our almond tree bare. We have seen these birds since do a fly over. The flock has to number 25 - 30 here in Upland, CA

Carol J - 2005-07-22
I own a wonderful Mitred Conure named Zorba who came into our family two years ago. he was a hand fed baby and was just eating seeds when we brought him home. he is the love and sunshine in our life. He loves to eat cooked cereal from a spoon at our breakfast table every morning and gives kisses all day long. He talks and says so many many things as well as singing "I love you". His antics of wrestling and flipping his little body over to lay in our hands is adorable. We are truly blessed to share our lives with one of Gods sweetest creatures.

Linda - 2005-04-10
I have a large flock of wild mitred conures in my neighborhood, here in Melbourne Florida. They can always be heard before seen!!! They love the berries from the vines on neighbors fence, and I watch them frolic and feed for hours.

Lorie - 2004-11-07
Sammy is nnow going on 17 years. I bought him when he was 7 weeks old and he had to be hand fed as he was not yet weaned. He has never grown out of being hand fed. Each morning he has a tablespoon of hot cereal with honey and applesauce. I started "potty training" him when he was young so now let me know when he wants down by either saying "Sammy wants to potty" or if I hold him, he nibbles my ear. He says quite a lot but has become quite agressive toward anyone who comes near me if he he feels intimated by them. I would not trade him for anything as he is a great companion but he does get noisy when he wants attention or wants to be outside the cage. We built a Madrona tree for him to climb around on. He would rather be on it than caged.

Robyn - 2004-07-27
I just adopted my Mitred Conure recently and boy is he a sweetheart! He is not loud at all and loves to be held....Guess I lucked out!

lana barton - 2004-05-19
my husband and I bought a mitred a few months ago. He is now about a year old. He talks alot. He says what ya doin, cmere, learning to say peekaboo, and goodboy. He has attempted those a few times. He is a very busy bird and loves attention. He is very very noisy. He is very sweet and loves to wrestle.

Mongo - 2003-12-29
My adult hen Mitred is very friendly but also very cage aggressive. I use a stick (she hops right on) to remove her from her cage and we are both very happy. She steps up immediately once OUT of the cage. She is a sweet funny pet and a great size! These birds should be much more popular!

DAWN - 2003-10-13
My conure is realy daft he plays with tennis balls and macdonalds soft toys. He also plays with my pet dog and likes been tickled on his tummy. He is very noisy hes a stinker!

joyce - 2003-10-12
I have a mitred conure name jeckle. What a joy he is. He speaks and has a very good vobcabulary. He says "what are you doing", "whats a matter jeckle", "ma", sneezes, coughs and yells for help.