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   The Jenday Conure is probably the best known of the Aratinga conures, as well as being one of the most popular and commonly kept!
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Matt - 2010-02-25
I have a Jenday and he is tearing up the paper in his cage. Any help with this would be great.

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  • John - 2010-02-25
    My Jenday loves to tear up paper. I originally used paper to line the cage floor, and this was soon torn into shreds. I now use wood chippings and he loves these, he plays in them, throws them around, kicks them away with his feet and most of all chews them into smaller peices.
Yija - 2010-01-24
How can someone borrow a Jenday for breading?

Anne - 2009-11-20
Hi This is for Dr. Michelle Levan in your comments page, looking for an adoptive home for Ernie. Iam interested please if you still have him.

Amy Eddy - 2009-11-17
I have a 10 month old Jenday who is spoiled ROTTEN beyond belief. He hasn't started talking yet, but loves to "click" to get kisses. He is trying to do the wolf whistle and getting really good at it. He is a total riot! I put my hand in the cage when I want him out and he gives me loves, kisses and rubs all over my hand. (I haven't had him DNA'd, but to me, he's a he, lol) He also announces anytime the door opens or shuts, and anytime my husband comes home from work he screams. In the morning before the kids get up, I have to walk around really quiet and not talk or Patrick (named after Patrick Starfish) will wake everybody up. He's my baby, that's for sure, and I cant wait to spend many many more years together!

James - 2009-11-07
My jenday is named Jendy, I found him at the local pet store. When I asked for a good bird they kinda laughed, so I asked for the meanest 1 and found jendy. I gave it to my girlfriend "who is a vet tech" as a b-day present. The vet there said no one could hold him but from the first day I brought him home He loves my girlfriend, he likes to play in her hair, lol. We take him outside, he flies around a little then returns home. We leave the front door open until he returns, and yeah, the first time was an accident. He really likes to laugh with us and sounds just like me, lol. And he attacks over weight people for some reason. My neighbor is deathly scared of him, lol. happy timez

Isabel - 2009-10-16
My husband and I have a very young jenday conure. Its name is Graceful. It was the name given by the caretaker at the pet store, but we decided to keep it because it describes its personality. Today we are taking Graceful to its first veterinary appt hopefully we'll find its gender later. Graceful is clownish, cuddly, brattish at times, but lots of fun. It is beginning to learn a few words, it tries them at night before going to sleep. Graceful is also a very picky eater. We have not been able to feed him fruit and veggies. Grace does love bean sprouts, dehydrated mango, papaya bits and shredded carrot, but it feeds mostly on pellets. We are trying to add more variety to its diet. Ah, its day is not complete without a bath. Lately, it likes to dunk pellets in its water dish after the bath, and prefers balsa wood toys to chew/destroy. It hisses and gets aggresive with a platic ball with a rattle we don't know why though. What is most amazing is that it has never been exposed to that kind of toy before. We wonder what it reminded it of, or what danger Graceful associates it with.

dr.michelle levan - 2009-10-13
We have a 6 mos Jenday Very lovable bird, big kisser, quite playful, loves to wrestle and take showers, and starting talking. However, we have a 4 yearold maroon belly conure who does not like him. She bites him and has starting pulling feathers. We will have to adopt him out. Caution when bringing a new bird home, make sure your other bird(s) like it. Looking for a home for Ernie.

joe - 2009-07-15
Mine I've had for awhile. I got her from my grandmother who could not play with her. She plucked her feathers and is mean to others ecept me. I'm tryin to teach her to talk and to do tricks and advise.

melissa - 2009-07-15
I have a jenday conure, he is 13 years old and I have had him since I was 12 years old. I am now 25 and he is like my child, so all of my motherly attention goes to him and although he is mostly in love with my long time boy friend, when he is not feeling well he wants me. (Or when I am upset he sits on my shoulder and if I am crying he gets puffy and makes sweet tweets all in an effort to make me feel better). I have realized over the years that these are very smart birdies. I also have noticed that his wing/back feathers have become darker and almost black (not all of them) this has caused me to become worried, especially when my vet told me she did not know why and had no answer for me. And it is difficult, I know these animals live 20-30 years, but no one seems to know the biology of older birds...

Martyn, Sussex, UK - 2009-05-28
I've just acquired one of these little guys, Kaboo. I didn't name him that, for some reason his previous owner didn't want him :( Don't know why, he's great. Full of fun and mischief, can be a bit noisy at times, like a spoilt kid who can't get his own way. He loves to be out of his cage, and has just learned that windows have glass in them, so there's no point in trying to fly through them! Don't worry he didn't get hurt. I actually got him to keep my elderly mother (who lives with me) company during the day, she's not as confident with him as I am, so he stays in the cage while I'm at work, but she does talk to him and strokes him while I'm away. I go home for lunch and let him out for a while, and the same when I get home in the evening, when he spends much more time out of the cage, in fact he now decides when he wants to go back in, and goes there himself. He loves his snuggle shelter, and one of his rope toys that originally had four blocks of wood strung onto it. Needless to say, these ended up shredded and deposited on the bottom of the cage, and he's broken two bells so far. He has a birdie bath in his cage but hasn't used it yet. Instead he tries to bathe in his water bowl, but it's a bit too small. He's also getting used to being sprayed with a mister. He snuggles up to his rope, his cloth and his shelter and makes happy little chirpy noises. He's not quite poop trained, but is learning, last night he did manage to go back to his cage, have a poop, and then came back out again, and yes he got lots of praise and a treat for that. So he's a happy little guy who loves being with his 'dad' when he gets home, and he sends his love to all you guys out there.