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   The Jenday Conure is probably the best known of the Aratinga conures, as well as being one of the most popular and commonly kept!
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rose - 2010-01-02
Mary, I'm looking for an answer to the same question. My husband's friend had a Jenday that was always quite friendly with my husband. The friend ended up giving Kirby to my husband. At first, Kirby was friendly with everyone but after awhile he became attached to me and now attacks my husband. My husband says the bird thinks I'm his "mate" and views my husband as competition...

The bird is still friendly with visitors. Just hates my husband and sons... Sounds crazy but my opinion is these birds easily get their feeling hurt when the one they love starts paying too much attention to someone else (human or feathered) -- and there is no fury like the fury of a Jenday who has perceived (incorrectly) the he/she has been scorned!

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  • Stephen - 2010-06-26
    I have a jenday and she is very jealous if I kiss my wife or pay too much attention to my family she goes insane, and tries to bite, it seems they take you into their flock. Any stranger better be very careful around her, it seems that she needs to get comfortable about them being around.
  • Mary Green - 2010-06-30
    Could be a male or female, I have a sun conure but he is a boy and the way I can tell if the bones are close together on the back end of the bird. The pelvis are close together it mean you have male bird.
    Female are their back end are close or very hard of the back bottom or if a opening space it mean a girl!
  • Anonymous - 2010-08-21
    Rose my mom just got a Jenday and loves her, but she has a tendency to bite her. Is this a normal behavior? If you have any suggestions, please feel free.
    Thank you,
  • David - 2010-10-24
    I had a Jendaya back in 1978, it used to sit on my head and preen my hair. Yes they usually get very close and treat you like there baby. Unfortunately the bird died after only 2 years, Tumor on the brain. Very upsetting. I recently was at petsmart and heard the typical squawk of a Conure and sure enough it was a young Jendaya, they love to squawk and scream, as soon as I came to the cage it quieted down. I almost bought it but i have a Border Collie who is very territorial, don't want to take a chance.
  • tiffany - 2011-04-16
    My Jenday killed my fish and the lady bugs I kept as pets since I played with the fish more. For the record, the fish could jump!
  • RoseMarie - 2011-08-19
    Boy, you've got that right! My Jenday Conure, Zuma, is sweet and loving but don't let one of the other birds, African Grey Temneh & common grey cockatiel, or our Main Coon cat, who is great with the birds, get to close or I get clobbered!
eversmileface - 2011-05-16
I've bought a 3 months old jenday conure from a breeder yesterday. Today is the second day for him in this new environment. But he doesn't seem to eat much. I was told he was tamed and handfed but he got pretty scared whenever I tried to touch him or get him out to play. I know it might take sometime for him to settle down but how long is it going to be before he starts eating his food and acts normally?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-16
    Because a parrot is hand fed, it doesn't mean it was hand held, or loved, or cuddled and many breeders tube feed whether with a tube or syringe. It is OK. It will be OK. Now maybe it is nervous and so off seed or you are feeding it a different seed. I hand fed and held and raised with stuff animals a lot of parrot babies. So let's try this OK?
    Go to the grocery store and get some baby applesauce and baby peaches and some rice cereal. Mix the peaches or applesauce with a little rice cereal and just warm a very little. Just so it is not cold. Just place on a spoon and put a little on your finger and let your baby taste or lick from your finger. He will probably lick from the spoon as well. Put cheerios in his bowel or even fruit loops as those are easier for a baby to eat than a seed or pellets. Don't be nervous and just pick him up and hold him close to your chest so he can hear your heart beat. They can hear it. It soothes them. You don't have to squeeze him just hold him close even if you lay down and place him on your chest. Remember the words "step up" "hug" "love you" etc so he starts to understand what it is you are going to do. While he is by your chest, gradually start petting the top of his head or sides of his face. He is just a little baby with a new enviornment, new smells and possibly for the first time someone is actually handling him. He looks grown cuz they actually get big fast but he is 3 months. Think of a human baby at 3 months. Just go slow. The cereal and fruit will help if he is not getting enough to eat and will also help him bond with you. You can also feed him little squished banana - anything soft that you can hold in your fingers. You have plenty of time so just go slow and he will be a very loving, cuddly addition to your home.
Katie - 2010-10-07
I have a Jenday named JD that I bought from a pet shop. I had been wanting a conure for some time and he was on special for only $200 so I jumped at the opportunity. The clerks told me that they were selling him for his owner who could not care for him properly. I guess he was just left alone in his cage for 2 years. So he needed a lot of work.

I've had him for 2 months now and things are going well. He is flight capable and when I open his cage he likes to sit on my shoulder when I sit on the couch. We're also working on perching on the hand. He's now at the point where he lets me touch him.

What I'm having trouble with is, he's a screamer. I try not to acknowledge him when he gets really bad. But, there are times that need him to just be quiet. I have a black sarong that I put over his cage when he gets really bad and take it off when he quiets down.

Does anyone else have any tips for screamers?

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  • leigh the bird watcher - 2011-01-01
    Katie I have a house full of parrots and they all scream. It is their nature when they feel board-em they will scream. The first thing you should do is throw that cover away.. That will only make the bird feel insecure. the only time you want to cover birds of any kinda is at night it is a comfort zone. Put some toys in with him or take him out and let him/her stretch its wings. I have found that the TV or a radio helps sooth the feathered beast.. so to speak.. Good luck and give him lots of love.. Leigh the bird watcher.
  • Dan Farace - 2011-01-29
    They are all screamers. They would be the perfect pet if they were quiet and pooped politely. Listening to mine right now on an early Saturday morning.

  • Bryan Semones - 2011-05-02
    Hi. I live in a bus on the California coast with my jenday named Chica. She was chased into my yard by a hawk in Chico, CA, hence her name. She bit the crap out of the hawk which startled it enough to drop her and fly off screaming curse words in hawk. Chica promptly went into a little birdy coma, popping awake after an hour, walked up to me and quacked "where's the food dude?" We have been quite the duo for the past couple of years. To get her not to bite I grabbed her by the beak and bit her head hard enough to freak her out. She got the idea and hasn't drawn blood since. She has never been really loud. We live together in a VERY small space and she let's me sleep and will quack and screech a few times when I finally get up. When she got screechy last month. I mean ear piercing on purpose loud and she knows better. I grabed her like a chicken and scream into her head "SHUT THE ____"! As loud as I can into my cupped hand with her head inside. And repeat no screeching no screeching as I violently throw her in her room and slam the door. (Birds are tough little punkers) after 5 minutes of time out in the dark. I open her door and whine to her about my throbbing ears using the word screeching in a happy tone. Give love and pets and treats until the next screech and BOOM instant violent flip out from her human. Play it up and really scare it or it won't respect you and will take every opportunity to punk you off. My Chica may be a bit more hardened than house / cage birds so don't give yours a heart attack when its used to being unruly. She gets woken up and driven around at night. I run a loud generator that shakes her cage late at night. According to a smug headed manager at a petsmart my jendey should have died like 20 times already. Life as a bird in the wild is hard and cruel. Nature did not evolve awesome jendey's with a goo goo gaa gaa "my little pony" pet owner syndrome. A flock will gang up on a member not acting right and mutilate it until it straightens up or dies. It's their nature If you have a problem bird and no hippy dippy positive reinforcement is working. Try letting it think you are going to kill it if it does not straighten up and it likely will. Between me and the hawk Chica is one well adjusted shoulder chicken.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-02
    Conures do like to make noise. They more toys to play with, the more distractions (television), attention, the less they make noise. They usually just want to be with you. I have always been afraid to cover a cage because if the bird gets tangled in the cloth so be careful with that. A sarong usually has very fine thred which cn be pulled and possibly wrap around the foot of your little guy. Peanuts, toys, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, almonds, cracked walnuts, dixie cup with peanut butter or honey in the bottom something for him to do or play with.
Mack W Womack - 2010-12-02
What's the life span for a Jenday Conure? So far I have had this one for
about 30 years...

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  • Dan Farace - 2011-01-29
    I have read 35-50 years.
  • Amitabh Roy - 2011-03-02
    They live for 30 years but can live for 3/4 years more in captivity if taken care of properly.
mary blevins - 2009-12-26
I have a Jen-dey his name is Noah I got him while my husband was out of town, and he was great and affectionate with me till my husband got home, now he will go to my husband all the time but he will fly off his perch to attack me on purpose, but when I take hime to go out of town to my job and husband not around he's back to his normal self but as soon as I get home he turns into Dr. Jekyl what can I do and why is he doing this I cant sit on my couch without him attacking and biting me.

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  • rj - 2010-12-13
    Put him in his cage when you and your husband are home watching tv or cover him and say nightee-nitenite birdy birdbird.rj
  • Amy Oday - 2010-12-16
    It's jealousy. My jenday attacks my 3yr old when he is in the room. The other one is affectionate to everyone. I do know that Jendays are very jealous birds.
  • Charles Richey - 2011-02-11
    Mary I have had parrots in the past and have studied them via books and internet and talking to other bird owners. You neglected to say whether your bird is male or female. I'd be willing to bet, it's female. I had a female Senegal named Sky who was the dominant female in the room. I couldn't have another woman to my home without the bird going bonkers. What you learn as you read is that birds form attachments to their owners and will act jealous and protective at times. When your husband leaves there is no need for competition. Check out a book on parrot psychology and read what it has to say. It's very interesting.
barry kearney - 2010-12-19
Heya I had a breeding pair of jendays and the male suddenly died, I was wondering would my female breed with another male? Thanks for your time.

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  • Dan Farace - 2011-01-29
    Sorry for your loss. Depends on the age of the female. If she was older and had bonded with the male, probably not. Otherwise she probably will. Birds are like people in this regard; each one is different.
barbara - 2010-07-10
One of these conures appeared at my feeder in Sugar Land, TX about July 1, 2010. I see him several times a day. How do I search for his owner? If I can't find his owner, what should I do to help him? His tail appears to have been trimmed. Thank you.

Cano - 2010-07-09
Hi, I'm the newby. Friends mom long ago had a green conure that didn't like anyone but her. Soon after meeting him I won him over, he came my bud. I always gave him dried chilly peppers for treats. lol he was cool. Always wanted one since then. Bought a young one in Tijuana and the border patrol took him away, my bad didn't know he didn't speak English. Still want one seems the yellow headed or all green will be my choice. I will make a good home for one and give it attention but just don't have the big cash. Thinking about rescuing one but one or two babies would be nice. I hear they like company. Which conure do you recommend? I figure they are all pretty much the same. Saw a dusty one at petco for 600, he was cool kept rolling over onto his back like a dog. Looking for recommendations on which bird will make a good pet. Please help, whatever I get is what I'll stick with till death do us part. Talking would be very cool but being able to handle him would be better.

Jose - 2010-04-02
I have a 3 month old Jendaya Conure. When do they actually start talking or do I have to teach him or do they pick it up from anybody in the house?

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  • Gayle - 2010-06-06
    Say the same words over and over and over again and eventually they will learn. Ours said my daughters name but he taught himself that because we didn't try to teach it. Words that come out do not sound exactly like we do but if you listen, you can tell what they are saying. Good luck.
  • Elizabeth C - 2010-06-18
    My understanding with conures is that they are not great talkers, but it is not impossible. As with most birds, the trick with talking is repetition. Repeat whatever you want them to learn to say, over and over. It helps if it is a word or saying that can be repeated in a tone similar to sounds they already make. Try to keep the same tone every time. They are not really talking, they are mimicking the sounds that their "flockmates" are making. We have a 15 mo. old Jenday that we have had for five months now and, although she is not talking yet, she repeats a clicking/clucking sound back to me. I click/cluck my tongue three-four times and she will click back. Just remember, as with any training, consistency and repetition. Good luck!!
Gayle - 2010-06-06
I googled Jenday to see a pic because we just lost our Jenday yesterday and I miss him already. I had read many times, DO NOT PUT YOUR BIRD IN YOUR BED! We didn't listen and he died under the covers snuggling with my daughter. Please do not make the mistake we did yesterday and many other days. We have a VERY sad family. We loved our bird and will get another when our hearts have healed a bit.

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  • Kathy Jackson - 2010-06-17
    So Sorry to hear that, I have a Jenday that I rescue and needs I good
    home. He is 1 year and 4months. When your ready let me know.
  • Kathleen Jackson - 2010-06-18
    Looking for a good home, He is 1year old and 4months. His name is (jenday)
    skeeter. I really love him but I work all day and I live with my Mom and
    she is 85 year old and does not like the screaming. Which he only does
    because he`s on the porch alone, He`s not like that with me. Anyway
    if you know of anyone. I know you lost your sweetie and it sounds like you
    would give him a good home.