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   "Pooki" is just about four months old and he is so darn playful,... he can't wait to be let out of his cage!
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Madonna Royal - 2006-06-18
My GCC is 9 months old and he is so clever and cheeky it's not funny. He says HI and Hello and his new word is 'scratch' when you scratch under his wings. He showers with us, he attacks us, he's VERY jealous, can be moody, attacks fingers and toes when feeling playful (a little too hard) he plays with a ball with a bell in it, he has many whistles, he snuggles up behind my hair and sleeps. He is the most playful beautiful parrot ever. He rolls down our tummy's and he also LAUGHS when we laugh. He LOVES champagne and my husband has a major sweet tooth which can not escape Bubba who flies or will do anything to get to my husband when he is eating. It's so much worse than a dog because bubba sits right by my hubby's mouth to get fed and will not leave until it's all finished.
These are the most fantastic birds ever. I find Bubba has taken a few feathers out probably due to boredom during the day as we all work as soon as we are home he's with us until it's bed time. I mean we take him grocery shopping and to soccer and visiting people that do not have pets but it's just when we are at work that he goes insane. (I try leave the radio on too).
Bubba is SO intelligent (I think they all are). He doesn't really eat anything other than his seed unless it's from our mouth's not sure if this is norm.
Also he showers with us ALL the time, LOVES it, he also in summer if I'm cleaning and leave an empty glass of water on the bench or have a glass of water and him with me he'll DIVE in it to bath, or try dive in the sink even if it's hot bubbly water to bath, he's obsessed by it.
AND car sickness, he gets REALLY car sick sometimes if it's long periods.

Ryan - 2006-06-16
Im SO Excited! I finlly picked up my lil girl today! She was weaned about a week ago! waited so long to take her home!! She now lives with 3 cockatiels and a red bellied parrot

Tara - 2006-04-19
Hi, I own a 16 month old green cheek conure unsexed named MoJo. I love my green cheek conure. she (yes i'm calling her a she) is so sweet and loving towards me. I got MoJo from a breeder at the age of 4 weeks and hand fed her myself. I don't recommend anyone to do it unless they have experience in hand rasing. They make sweet pets, but be warned green cheek conures can be very jealous birds. I love my MoJo but i have to watch her very carefully. One time i walked out of the room just to get a drink, When i returned i found MoJo had gotten into my budgies cage and had bitten off one of my budgies toes. The budgie survived. Never ever leave your bird unsupervised, not even for a minute. I'm never going to make that mistake again. They require alot of attention from there owners. if you work during the day maybe get it a mate of the opposite sex, Or 2 hens.

Northlight FeatherDragon - 2006-04-09
I just got my breeding pair of Green Cheek Conures. They're a hoot! They're louder than cockatiels, but they use their voices less often. They're very intellegent, too. They're always looking at stuff or playing, or flinging food at each other. My pair isn't tame, being parent fed, but they come rushing over once I feed them and eagerly dig into whatever food I offer them. I look foreward to seeing their first chicks. I hear this species is easy to breed and the new mutations out there are absolutely stunning!

Margaret Searing - 2006-04-04
I purchased a 6 month old GC Conure four months ago and though he was rather untame when he came home, he quickly settled into a routine with some patience from his companion humans. By "triangulating" with my border collie, Blackie, with whom I carry on many albeit one- sided conversations, Ariel began to pick up speech and though his voice is gravelly, he has an active vocabulary of over 70 words, mostly formed into phrases such as his first one: "Come see Blackie." I tried to turn all "contact calling" when I left the room into intelligible but simple conversation, and now get to answer Ariel's queries about what I am doing: eating, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I'm delighted with Ariel's interest in language, though I read conures are not known for their language ability. Apparently, Ariel had not read such information. If you want to stimulate language, I recommend an involvement of a third party (even a dog)in the process, and teach in context and as if you are teaching a small child. Ariel's favorite word: Beautiful!

kylie - 2006-03-27
I have a GC Conure named Shorty. He is two and a half and going on one, its seems like he's going to be a crazy baby forever. I don't recommend conures to anyone who doesn't have the time to spend on them as they are very sensitive. Shorty is noisy in the mornings, he chews anything he can get his beak on and he messes everywhere. He drives my husband wild with his irratic moods swings, one second he's a cute cuddly little baby the next he's an evil aggressive little monster but I wouldn't trade him for anything. He is such a playful little man, wrestling like a kitten, sometimes getting a little too rough but nothing a good talking to doesn't fix. He responds to most commands but deliberatly ignores the ones he doesn't agree with like "Shorty, leave the dog alone". We recently got a great dane pup named Sampson who is doomed to a life of harrasment from Shorty. Getting the dog really put Shorty's nose out of joint as he is no longer the center of attention. It has taken lots of time since Sampson arrived to bring him around to the idea of having a dog in our lives but now I think he appreciates another victim to annoy.

Chennell Brand - 2006-03-26
My Green cheek's name is Pete. He was given to my grandma and when she became unable to care for him I volunteered to take him. In all we have had him in the family for 8 years, but we do not know how old he is. He loves to hide under my hair and will even fall asleep under there when I'm holding still. Pete is potty trained. That seems to surprise everyone the most. He prefers not to go in his cage and he will wait until you put him over a garbage can or set him on the toilet seet and say "go potty". He only screeches in the morning to tell you he is ready to come out of his cage and go potty. We love him.

Sue McConnell - 2006-01-28
I was given a GC Conure by a third party. He had been ignored in a dark room for years. At first he was vicous and very nervous. Sudden moves or noise freaked him out

Govinda Hancock - 2006-01-20
I love my 8 year old green cheeck, Icarus, but he is not fun all the time. He is loud a lot of the time when I am leaving him to go to work or just leaving the room. I have him out playing with me a couple hours a day, but he still is very needy, and wants to be out all the time when I am home. He bites me pretty hard sometimes, particularly as a displacement when someone else comes into the room. He hates everyone except for me, regardless of many years of trying to incorporate other people such as my wife. He is loud every morning at 6-7am. I am not trying to complain, I love my bird and would not replace him with for anything, but realistically, he is a huge commitment, and I would not suggest to anyone without the time/energy to get one. I can't believe some of the things I have read such as kids bringing them into a classroom and having all the other kids handle the bird. Mine would make them bleed. And it is not just an owner thing, I am a researcher and will read up and try to do anything for my pets. I do think people should get this bird, but know the bad as well as the good.

Madonna Royal - 2006-01-05
I have a green cheek conure that is around 3 months old. He is the funniest parrot I've ever come across - plays like a dog, sometimes biting a little bit harder than he should. We all love him very much. he's cheeky and funny and has started making mimicking sounds of words we regularly say. He loves to curl up behind my neck and lie down and sleep, making a clicking (grinding) noise with his beak.