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   "Pooki" is just about four months old and he is so darn playful,... he can't wait to be let out of his cage!
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Ryan - 2007-04-21
i have had my green cheeked conure, arnold, for about 4 years now. hes the sweetest little bird ever, well to me anyway. im the only one that can touch him, even my mom whom he cuddles with on occasion cant pet him without getting bit. he cant really talk though he can mumble baby bird. he learned how to fly a few months after i got him. i was too scared to clip his wings and i now feel that since hes been flying for the past few years it would be rather mean to get them cut. hes never flown into windows or anything, but he did get out of the house once, which ended good because he now realizes that outside is bad. it was below zero out and snowy. i didn't even take the time to put on my shoes to go climb the tree he was in, so i wasn't happy with him. thank god he didn't get sick though. overall he is a great affectionate and interactive pet. i adore him.

Amber Wooten - 2007-04-12
Hello Everyone. I am an employee at Petsmart in a washington state store. And I have just become a mommy to my new gorgeous Green Cheek:) Her name is Luna and she is gorgeous.(she has not been sexed but we say she is a girl:)) She is such a joy, she is only twelve weeks old but i have fallen in love with her. she has also captured my husbands heart as well they are playing playstation together as we ANyways, she is my first bird ever even though i have worked with them for many years i just never have owned one. i can not beleive what i have been missing. They are incredible. She is still beinng handfed and has no interest yet in weaning she is already spoiled rotten:) Well have a great day yall.

Kathleen - 2007-04-06
we just got our pet green cheek "congo" a few weeks ago! we do not yet know it's gender, so we just call it a he. "Congo" is so much fun! in the morning he flaps his wings excessively and trys to get off the ground, but he can't yet beacuse he is only about 4 weeks old. he also likes to squawk very loudly when he is hungry. my next door neighbor has birds too. she helps us out a lot since she's had birds a lot longer than us. i've wanted a bird for a long time, and now i have one! i love my green cheek "Congo"!

sue - 2007-04-05

Jojo is the sweetist birdie ever. He is so smart and nosey. he says things like come here, you hear me, hi jojo, want a cookie, want a bite, want a drink, you baby hey you baby. he is very playful and loves to eat anything I eat. I don't know how I existed without him. He helps keep me sane. Thanks for listening to a GREEN CHEEK LOVER, SUE

Stacy and Lola - 2007-02-22
Hi my name is Lola, I am a Green Cheek. My best friend purchased me about one month ago. I am almost five months old. I am very curious and playful. My new best friend and I enjoy playing games such as peek-a-boo and go get it. She is constantly working with me on expanding my vocab, so far I can say hello sweetie, pretty pretty and pretty birdie. I continue to try hard b/c I love the treats she feeds me (Honey Bunches of Oat cereal, my favorite is the clusters and almonds). We also like to sit and watch through the window, I am very intrigued by the wild birds we feed each day. Other than the great care and companionship my new friend offers, I also love picking on her kids and other pets. I love the reaction I get to nibbling their little fingers and cold noses. The cats are so scared they won't even look at me. I love my new best friend and best of all she loves me too. I can tell we will be together for a long long time.
Thanks for learning about us,
Lola and Stacy

Parrot Lover - 2007-02-17
No parrot is perfect as there are both pros and cons to owning birds. I am a long time bird owner and bird lover and I know quite a lot about parrots. For example, green cheek conures need a MINIMUM of 24 in. cage. Their water bowls must be cleaned out daily. They can fling food everywhere and make a huge mess. They poop excessively. They may screech in the morning and evening. They can be nippy if crabby and will use their beaks against you if provoked. They demand hours of devoted love and attention. Also, parrots can not just become part of your decor. They must be included in daily routine and family activities. You must only get a parrot if you are able to understand that parrots are living, breathing, creatures with individual personalities.
Also, although birds can be hard to care for sometimes, once you've done your research and you're truly ready, getting a bird is usually the most amazing and wonderful experience ever.

Morgan - 2007-02-07
I have a green cheeked conure named Jaguar. He is a year and a half old (Maybe) For a green cheek he says a number of phrases quite clearly such as "Jaguar Rraaoow!" "Hows it going baby?", "Whats going on eh?", "Hello." "How are we today?", "Hi Baby!" "The Shadow knows,Henh,henh,henh,ha!" "Come here Jaguar.", and "Baby! Baby! Baby! "Pretty good vocab for such a little bird. He loves to eat whatever I'm eating and is a big fan of cranberry juice. Like a lot of conures he loves toys that weren't meant as toys. His favorites are the lids off of lipton Ice Tea bottles, my bright orange nalgene water bottle and my mettalic purple coffee cup/thermos. His newest fascinations are a collection of small stones (rose quartz, carnelean, amethyst,and jade.) that are just perfectly sized for his feet and beak. I put all these objects together on a low table and it is like the perfect play gym. He is of course jealous of other people who I show affection to but can come around eventually if they interract with him while he is on his cage or on me. Actually he will pick up things they teach him quite quickly once he realizes the "intruders" entertainment value. He loves mash potatoes, apples, red hot peppers, sweet carrots and fruit juice. He is fascinated by holes such as shirt sleeves and crevices between cushions. He sticks his head in them and then growls mightly, listening to the weird acoustics. He's a bossy bird but I totally love him.

MIKEY - 2006-08-10
A while ago we decided we wanted another bird (We've only had cockatiels and parakeets) and one morning we saw a kids' pet show on TV that had Caiques...after finding out that they were quiet and playful (we live in an apartment), we decided that's what we wanted! So that afternoon, we set out to find one. We stopped by a few pet stores that had nothing interesting. Then we walked into the bird room of one pet store and there he was. We didn't even know what kind of bird he was at first...but as we walked up to his cage...he ran accross the bottom to us and flipped over on his back and kicked his feet. "We want that one!" And that's how we got "Baby", our little Green Cheeked Conure. He is a RIOT! He loves to swing from the venietion blind cords...he loves to take showers with us screaming "BATH! BATH! BATH!" the whole time! He can say his name and also "Pretty Bird". He likes to sit on the curtains and look out the window and say "Pretty, Pretty" and is just too content to sit with us at the table and share our meal (and I do mean share OUR meal...he's not happy with a piece of our food of his own...he likes to eat what we're eating and right off our plate...too cute!). He loves to slide down anything! We're looking for a small sliding board for him now. He runs back and forth across the back of our couch, stopping only to tug at hes favorite blanket or roll down the couch...yes, he does this on purpose. He's the perfect apartment bird since he's small and quiet...even when he screams, it's not at all loud. He's also rather neat, doesn't throw seeds...and he does his best to be potty trained. He's parakeet size with a macaw's brain! He's perfect!

ken - 2006-08-07
I recently lost my hand fed lutino budgie. She was the sweetest bird, and we were very upset for a while and recently I started looking around for new birds. I have fallen in love with green cheek conures. Although I won't be able to purchase one for a couple of months, i have been doing all the research on them that I can, and I am soooo excited for when I can finally get one. I look forward to obtaining one of these, curious and cuddly birds.

Madonna Royal - 2006-06-18
My GCC is 9 months old and he is so clever and cheeky it's not funny. He says HI and Hello and his new word is 'scratch' when you scratch under his wings. He showers with us, he attacks us, he's VERY jealous, can be moody, attacks fingers and toes when feeling playful (a little too hard) he plays with a ball with a bell in it, he has many whistles, he snuggles up behind my hair and sleeps. He is the most playful beautiful parrot ever. He rolls down our tummy's and he also LAUGHS when we laugh. He LOVES champagne and my husband has a major sweet tooth which can not escape Bubba who flies or will do anything to get to my husband when he is eating. It's so much worse than a dog because bubba sits right by my hubby's mouth to get fed and will not leave until it's all finished.
These are the most fantastic birds ever. I find Bubba has taken a few feathers out probably due to boredom during the day as we all work as soon as we are home he's with us until it's bed time. I mean we take him grocery shopping and to soccer and visiting people that do not have pets but it's just when we are at work that he goes insane. (I try leave the radio on too).
Bubba is SO intelligent (I think they all are). He doesn't really eat anything other than his seed unless it's from our mouth's not sure if this is norm.
Also he showers with us ALL the time, LOVES it, he also in summer if I'm cleaning and leave an empty glass of water on the bench or have a glass of water and him with me he'll DIVE in it to bath, or try dive in the sink even if it's hot bubbly water to bath, he's obsessed by it.
AND car sickness, he gets REALLY car sick sometimes if it's long periods.