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   "Pooki" is just about four months old and he is so darn playful,... he can't wait to be let out of his cage!
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nicole - 2004-11-25
My Sugar is my first child. she is 8 months and we are working on her speech, thus far we can get her to mimic "pretty girl" quite well, but the funnest thing is that she want to talk unless it is night time and she is in her cage, or she is sitting in the bathroom while I am taking a shower, behind the curtin. I guess she is shy, how weird. Other than that she is the most lovable and cuddley thing I have ever had, dogs are not that snuggly!!! My Sugar loves to chase toes, shoes, socks, and slippers, she will puff them feathers up like she is sooo mad at them and chase you up and down the hall, I believe it is her favorite game, cause she will fly to the floor just to do this. She also hates/loves her diaper, hates to put it on, but loves to have it on once it is on cause she knows it means we are going to the pet store or going to see daddy. Can you tell she is my first child or what?!?

Becky Ice - 2004-08-27
Crackers is almost 6 months old. I have had him/her for about 3 months and am crazy about this silly bird. They are so affectionate and playful. I am wondering if I should be expecting this bird to talk. I will still love my Crackers regardless, but was just curious. This is the best pet I have ever had.

Matt A. - 2004-07-24
My 6 month old Green-cheek, Maui was so playful. He loved to be cuddled and be fed apples. Although green-cheeks are quieter than most conure breeds, they do have a tendency to be nippy. You can remedy this by gently grabbing the sides of their beak and saying "NO BITE" in a firm voice. In order for this to work you must be consistent and never let them get away with it. I only had my presious Maui for about 8 weeks he was the best little friend I could ask for. Sadly, Maui was killed by our cat when he escaped from his cage to visit me in the next room. Even though I only spent a fraction of what his life could have been I enjoyed his comapany and his memory will live on forever.

Mark B. - 2004-07-18
He might be a she yet, but Bobby, my young Green Cheeked conure, is curious and intelligent. I do not want his curiosity to kill him. I lost my last 2 birds, cockatiels, to escape. Once he gets outside, it will only mean freedom. Watch doors, incoming visitors, open windows. It takes a lot of luck to get one back.
To the person with the water-shy bird: your bird is now afraid of the spray. Let him become curious on his own. If the cage is left in a quiet warm place, he will eventually take his own bath. You may have to do this for several days, especially in the case of your bird. That means do not disturb. They are smart enough to know when they need one.
These birds learn readily if they are not coerced. The best way is to incorporate their natural behaviors and follow their leads. Listen to your bird! Good luck!

Amy Lewis - 2004-05-14
I have 11 month green cheek, Sweety. She is the sweetest bird I have met! Just she never listens to me, for she loves to nibble on my face. Sometimes, she poofs her head up and tries to bite anything in sight, they have extraordianry personalities. I love it when she falls asleep in my hands. Some advice for new owners are train them from the very moment they are able to learn. Have fun!

Janet - 2004-03-02
I have a GCC named Oz that I have had for six months now. He is about 10 months old. I have tried to teach him to talk but with no luck, but he does mimic sounds. He often lays down flat or on his side to be petted, and can do somersaults and head stands up against a pillow! He enjoys spending time with me the most, but also likes his little playmates, my pet parakeets, Yawn and Stretch. They play together, eat together, and bathe together. Occasionally, Oz is a bit nippy-when it comes to having to go back in his cage, at bed time, or when I head out to work. I have found Oz to be a great companion and a very loving pet.

Katie Douglas - 2004-02-10
Tiki (tea-key) is my beautiful one year old green cheeked conure, who is a lively yet calm little girl. She loves fruit such as grapes, oranges and apples, and her all time favorite snack is sunflower seeds. Tiki loves having baths and playing in the water, she immitates the sound of water as well. Tiki loves to be on my shoulders and at night time she snuggles in my neck under my hair. Her vocabulary is increasing each month, and she says and immitates the words and sounds that I say to her. She is a smart girl. Tiki is good in my jeep when we travel, and she has her own traveling cage. Her favorite toys are her hanging bell and her ball with a bell in it. Someone mentioned about the life span. I have read anywhere from 10-35 years. I hope Tiki is with me forever! She is my little side kick.

Sam C. - 2003-09-07
A quick update , Joey My Gcc Is now bathing again,usually in my water cup when I am drinking out of it!

He has been with us for five months and is havign the best time being spoiled. He is sitting on my shoulder right now. ( a position he has held for the past 3 hours while I cleaned the apartment, watch tv, surf the net.

He even sits on my shoulder while I work out, When my girlfriend went to mexico with her family Joey spent the next 9 nights sleeping fluffed against my head on the pillow. He is a curuious little bird. My Girlfriend and I got him together and he has been the perfect pet.

Sam C. - 2003-08-12
I have a young 4 month old green cheek named Joey, He is very hesitant of water and often reuses to bath himself. Leading me to mist him with water, as a reaction to this he often just stands their in the water mist. Or gets scared and tries to run away. Anyone have any hints for me to get my little bird to like the water.

Bradley - 2003-07-29
You asked how long Greencheeks are expected to live. I just read on the internet 20 to 25 years or more. The info was from a Ph.D. Biologist writing specifically on the Greencheek.