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"Duster bug" is a cute litte 5 months old Dusty Conure or Weddell's Conure... and a real character!
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David & Sherri Homola - 2007-05-22
My wife and I purchased a Dusky conure last year. We called him (Drusky). He was such a lover. He shared a cage with our Sun Conure (Ducky). They fell in love right away. He would crawl down from his cage and come right to us, and as soon as we put him back,h e would crawl down again. He fell ill early this year of liver disease. We did everything to save him, but GOD called him home. He was a real joy in our lives. We recently purchased a Red Sholuder Macaw to help out Ducky. She was grieving and our new Macaw (Odie) has helped her and us. I would recommend getting a Dusky Conure. They are real lovers.

Kenny E. - 2007-05-11
My Dusky Conure Jocko, is the best pet I have ever had. She is loving, gentle, and full of life. She is never in a bad mood. She is two years old. She is a blessing to me. Dusky Conures RULE!

laurie - 2006-10-21
I've had Connie for 10 years now..still has the energy and ambition, hasn't mellowed a bit. Always the escape artist and jewelry thief. My 10 year old nephew has been carrying her around daily since the day he could reach the cage. Friends were suprised to see 2/3 year old playing with Connie like a teddy bear. They're best buddies {plus Tyler has his own personal "birdy" guard}. Connie's very protective. Hope to have her forever.

steph - 2006-06-20
We have a dusky conure, Poot. He is a bundle of energy. He loves to snuggle under shirts for naps. He also loves to chase the cats off the furniture (under supervision of course). Pretty much, Poot feels that he owns the whole house and we are his minions.

Kevin - 2006-03-12
I've had my Dusky conure for almost a year now and love him. his name is Dusty and loves to be on my shoulder. to those looking for a conure get a Dusky conure. They are fantastic and friendly

Joe & Sue Lecroy - 2005-11-09
I've had my Dusky Conure (named Dusty) for a year now and he has been a complete joy to my family. We call him our Little Green Monster because he likes to be a little mischief at times. He loves to play fight like a kitten and follows me wherever I go. He even likes to rip up the morning paper as you try to read it. I could go on and on about how adorable and friendly these birds are. I would highly recommend Dusky Conures for anyone looking to buy a parrot.

Julie - 2005-09-09
dusky's are snuggly, cuddly pets that love to be petted and played with. they are intelligent and require lots of attention.

Lynn Faulkner - 2005-08-29
We have recently adopted a beautiful handfed dusky male and I would never have believed a bird could be so intelligent, affectionate and adorable. Watching Nomo is much better than TV. He is worth every penny we paid for him.

Jen and Mike - 2003-11-19
My husband and I have a 7 month old Dusky named Emma, short for Emerald Jade. She has been such a delight to our family. She is so loving and comical. If I am under a blanket, she loves to lay on my chest under it cuddling. She has started to say a few phrases already. I thank God everyday that we bought her.

TJ - 2003-09-18
We have a boy Dusky, named Deui (Day-you). We bought him as a friend for our for our girl Gold Capped conure. Deui has proven to be a real fun bird. He is very sweet and loves to be on my shoulder. His favorite activity is chewing on my ear lobe... Deui is a great eater too.