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"Duster bug" is a cute litte 5 months old Dusty Conure or Weddell's Conure... and a real character!
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Diana - 2012-07-31
Hello, I have had my dusky Spencer, for 7/8 months now. Picked him out right before he even had feathers. I highly recommend this bird to people with great personalities and able to always spend one on one time with a fantastic bird like this. I sleep with my poo bear every night! He is so love able and nice, except when he molts. He just wants to relax. Other than that, he is my everything right now! He makes me happy , honestly. He was supposed to be my moms, but I took over. He got attached to me (: I don't blame him. Lol. I love dusky conures. Great Fantastic AMAZING pets <3 I am sure you will love yours as much as I do to mines <3

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-31
    Conures make and are absolutely wonderful as human companions.  Velcro birds, lovable - yeah molting - those little feathers prickle them.  They are clowns and so much fun.
billy - 2012-02-05
I have had my Dusty for 24 yrs, and he is 25 yrs old, yesterday he I thought laid 2 eggs and they are on the bottom of the cage, I had no idea,
Never has then happened before. I also have a Cockatoo that is 11 yrs old same room but across 10 feet apart and don't understand how and why this happend, she will let me touch and move them does not bother her at all she just sings to me and hugs me.


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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-06
    Well, guess Dusty isn't a he. Just put the eggs in a little dish with some sawdust or carefresh or torn up paper in it and put the eggs there. Doubtful she will sit them or do anything but they don't usually sit them until the third one is laid. She might sit them then for 20 days or so - let her. If you remove the eggs, you run the risk of her laying an additional 2 - 3 eggs and having a calcium shortage. Look at it this way - she decided to have eggs but does not want to have kids. It is just natural - happens infrequently but it happens.
parie - 2006-09-04
I have had my dusky conure since december of 2005. All I have to say is that I love her more then any thing in the world. she is my best buddy. she is so so smart, loving and sensitive, and she loves me so much. about 3 months after I got her my father passed away. it was a very difficult time for me because his passing was very unexpected and I was devestated. but I can honestly say that through out that time my littile angel (coockie) was such a comforting friend. she always made me smile even in the worst times and she gave me reason to hold on and be strong and not give up. It might sound silly to hear that a littile bird can do all that but she did that for me, because her simple presence made me realize and see the good in life, and it gave me joy and hope.

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  • Ella - 2011-11-09
    Parie, I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing. I too lost both of my parents. My Mom, in winter of 1999 and my Dad summer of 2005. But I wanted to tell you, that I don't think that a little bird helping you through your grieving process, is silly at all. There is a reason that God created all creatures great and small. In this case this little conure helped you through your father's death. I too have a little two month old little conure, that is very cute. Of course I'm just getting to know him, as he is in the training process, but it's a real character! I hope your little friend continues to be a constant joy to you. Bless it's little heart.
Debbie Mitchell - 2011-03-06
We just got our Dusky 2 weeks ago and what a total joy baby he has been so far. He was hand fed. We named him 'Loubert' (parts of me and my husbands middle names combined). I am really anxious to hear Loubert talk (I hope he does). He is so loving and my favorite thing so far is the kisses and snuggles when he gets sleepy at night. We are trying to learn the best ways to train him so any helpful tips would be appreciated.

Melissa - 2010-11-30
To the message posted underneath mine, I can advise on some treats for your conure! I used to have a green cheek conure, and she would try almost anything, but definitely had her favorites...apples and strawberries among those! She also liked sweet potato and corn. However, it is not good to give them too much fruit, and lots of apples make their poop even runnier than normal, so try to sneak mustard greens or kale in with their fruit if they are hesitant to eat it on their own. Hope this helps!

Jeanny - 2010-04-12
I love conures, and I have a special love for Duskys! My very first conure was a Dusky, named Weicho, and I had him for about 5 years. He has lived with a friend of mine previously, before she gave him to me. Wiecho was the most intelligent bird I ever met, following me up and down stairs and breaking out of his cage. Unfortunately, Wiecho passed away due to old age, and I have missed him severely. Now, I have a new Green Cheek Conure named Lexis, and I'm hoping I am able to train her as well as Wiecho.
Wiecho a.k.a. Paulie ~ R.I.P.

Kasey - 2010-01-07
I purchased Kiwi about a year ago, he was half a year old and handfed which helped him be more social. He used to scream a lot more when his wings were clipped, but now that we have let them grow out he is less dependent and flying around the house. I should have worked on potty training before hand haha but it was too late. I'm now trying to associate a noise with every time he poops, hopefully it can become our summer project. He is a definite part of the family, he sometiems walks on the floor with the dogs, though no barking yet. He gets up early in the morning, and if I set food out for him in the kitchen and some water trickling into a bowl he will be happy and singing to himself while I get more sleep. He loves grapes and breaking into mixed nuts tubs in the pantry. His favorite is taking warm showers with me, he will sing and make water noises till I let him on my finger and sprinkle water on him till he is soaked! As for drying him, I usually have to point the hair dryer in his general direction till he grooms dry more. His vocabulary includes water noise, his own version of 'please' and 'thank you', kiwi, and 'what are you doing' in a very gravely voice. He likes to meet new people and having his head rubbed poofy :] which of course makes up for all the times when he's not adorable which is just poop and alert screeching. I'd only recommend a conure when you're prepared for a little flying toddler, the mess and misunderstanding which gives way to a love for the person they are. They live for at least 20 years, and though it's not easy, I can't imagine giving him away to a stranger ever.

annette pinedo - 2009-12-09
We just purchased a 4 month old male Dusky Conure. His name is Dusky. He is the cutest sweetest and best pet we have ever owned. In 3 days he has learned to come to his name, and gives kisses constantly. I can see him trying to mimic words. At night when hes real sleepy, he will crawl under my blankets and cuddle up against my body. I would so let him sleep with us if i didnt think he would be crushed. Its amazing how much Joy this little fella is bringing to our lives. I highly recommend a dusky conure to anyone looking for a bird companion.

daniel - 2007-11-13
Well I just got my dusky and named him FRANCO. He tends to bite, he is 6-months old but had it bad as a little baby. I just taught him to get on my finger and he is starting to make wierd noises. He poops a lot and has very sharp nails. Right now he's lonely because he got separated from his girl, but hopefully I'm getting a sun conure to be his little buddy. I highly recommend getting a conure, they're really fun and cute.

Glynis - 2007-07-27
I just recently purchased my Dusky Conure...Connie short for Conrad.
I love him to bits. He is such a joy, and makes my day brighter and more enjoyable. He is only 2 months old, but already has an outstanding personality. He loves to play and sing along with me. Connie loves to eat and play with puzzle toys. No words yet but he has started mimicing kissing sounds and Beeps. I can't imagine not having Connie now. I hope to have him forever :D