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   The Blue-crowned Conure, also referred to as the Sharp-tailed Conure is quite a character, as was demonstrated when this little bird became popularized by the movie "Pauli"!
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hope - 2007-03-11
While browsing we (my blue crown and I ) found your site! Chuckles is a healthy female fifteen years young. She is a dear sweet friend who has traveled the country with me in a pickup truck, lived in a camper, experienced tornados and is now very happy way out in the wilds of northern Utah. She laughs, says hello and makes various funny sounds. She eats her Bonanza seed mix plus apples, grapes, cooked salmon, yams and peas with cheddar cheese. Lucky bird...lucky owner. I hope to have the pleasure of her company for another fifteen years or more.

Mike - 2006-05-05
Great to see others enjoying the company of their BCC. We have Paco, he is approx 22-23 years old and is quite the grumpy old man (we think). Oddly enough he has Peaches, a Salmon-Crested Cockatoo (19 years old,) as a cage-mate. They have lived together for 19 years, mainly harmoniously, but we have had to bring in the occasional counselor for disputes. We did not discover that Peaches is a female until about 4 years ago when we found a large egg in the cage(definitely not from Paco). So now, once a year, Paco has to move out to an apartement on the other side of town (house) while Peaches cools down. On cooler evenings Paco is taken completely under Peaches wing, she folds her head under her wing where Paco is so all one can see is a large plump white mass with two large feet and two small feet sticking out. This is proof that we can all get along and live among one another no matter how noisy, messy or different we might me.

Belinda - 2006-04-02
My blue-crowned conure is named Pauli. He is identical to the BCC in the movie Pauli which motivated me to buy him. He is part of our small family and goes everywhere we go. When we go on holiday we only go to places where he is welcome. At this stage he is our only child and I can't imagine my life without him. He says "mamma", "pappa", "hallo pauli" and " koppie krap" which means scratch my head in Afrikaans. he also makes kissing noisess and he laughs. He loves drinking and eating anything we drink and eat. Even before a chocolate is unwrapped he will try and chew through the wrapping. He also loves riding on a shoulder and playing with my hair. I love him dearly.

michael - 2005-11-26
I've had a Blue Crown for over five years now. His name is Mumbles because when he was a baby (I hand raised him) he mumbled constantly. I almost called him Buttons because of the havock he has caused on numerous shirt buttons. Mumbles is a wonderfully affectionate and sweet bird and, oddly enough, has bonded equally to me and my wife. His favorite things? Bannanas, buttons, grapefruit, grapes, acrylic dangle toy he's had since birth, riding on shoulders. What does he hate? The opening theme music to Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals TV show, going to bed, the green and yellow pieces of his ZooPreem food (he only eats the red and purple!) His greatest quirk? I give him old (clean) oxford shirts to play with and every night he tucks himself in under them.

Jenna - 2005-10-18
I don't have a conure yet, but I plan to get one. thank you sooo much for this site! it's really helped me in preparing myself for this bird type. I've learned a lot about them. I've wanted a blue-crowned conure since I was very little, and after seeing the movie "Paulie" I wanted one even more! Everyone I've talked to says they are very loving and lovely extrodinary birds. So thank you for all the info about these beautiful birds.

Charles Blankenship - 2005-09-08
Thanks for letting me comment about my conure, his name is JJ and he is 4 years old. he counts to three and says Thank you, goodbye when We are going out to shop. he knows the difference between going outside and leaving our house. He calls me Papaw Charles and my wife Mama Reba. You ask him where he is and he says here I am. Sings Rocka by baby and gets mad because we want him to stop talking and says, you little fart. JJ is a real part of our life and we are his family. He is happy when he can go outside, will sit on my shoulder, and talk all the time, but he is bashful.

Sandy - 2005-07-22
I am a proud owner of the Blue Crowned Conure. She is such a joy to me. She says several words, such as "what ya doing?", "Yabba dabba doo", "here kitty kitty kitty", "Hello" "Love you". "Peek a boo", "pretty bird", and many more! She laughs just like a Human and makes everyone around her laugh when they hear her. When you give her a piece of snack or toast, she makes the hummm sound. She will play dead and likes to hang upside down from my fingers. She enjoys taking showers with me. Loves the water on her head and chats the whole time. She does have quite a loud Squawk though which can get on your nerves, but there is usually a reason when she does it, such as >> She hates it when the phone rings or when she knows mommy's leaving the house, or to let me know she wants to join me for toast or have dinner with me. She loves to snuggle up to my neck or chin and talks to me or listens to me talk to her. She gives kisses and makes kissing sounds as well. She truly is a remarkable bird and a lot of fun to work, play and be with. I love her dearly!