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   The Blue-crowned Conure, also referred to as the Sharp-tailed Conure is quite a character, as was demonstrated when this little bird became popularized by the movie "Pauli"!
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Genesis - 2010-08-07
I have a blue crownd conure named paulie she is soo great but sometimes very aggressive I love her so much and now she's going to have a new sister named beba she is the same.

ml - 2010-01-29
I have had my blue-crowned conure (Billy) for about 2 years now. He is just great! Everybody in the room in consumed by his amazing personality. I have taught him many things including : "what does a dog do?..he barks"; "what does a cat do?"..he purrs; "what does a cow do?"..he moos; and the usual give me a kiss, pretty bird, hello, hi, whistles, etc. He is an extraordinary animal. If anyone is considering getting one and you have the time and money to put into it, i would say GO RIGHT AHEAD! But one careful because they do learn how to scream.

Tony - 2009-10-20
Popeye has been my friend and a member of our family for 30 years, I brought Popeye home in 1992 (Santa Cruz, Ca) he has been wonderful, colorful and sometimes protective often chasing my son around when he would play

Anonymous - 2009-08-25
I received a blue crown conure a few months ago as a gift and he is hilarious. His previous owners taught him many words, some as "colorful" as he. When we first got him, he would cry, and it would sound just like an infant. Not, eight months later, he laughs, though it isn't that often, and it sounds like an actual person laughing. it is hilarious. He sings, plays peek=a=boo, and gives kisses.

jen - 2008-10-02
Our Blue Crowned Conure has only been with us for a couple of days but we already love him/her! Marley is a baby (14 weeks) and didn't even know how to step up a couple of days ago. He/She has learned how in only four days. Marley loves to cuddle and loves a neck massage. He is rather quiet and very playful. My kids 5 and 7 yrs old can pet and cuddle with Marley. He/She is vocalizing all the time and has learned how to say "Hello", and is making attempts at "Good morning", "Good night", and "step up". I am sooo happy we chose a Blue Headed Conure.

Jaclyn - 2008-08-31
I LOVE birds, and I always wanted a cockatoo, but after much research and constantly visiting a pet store, I quickly realized this was not the species for me. I spent months researching the "perfect" bird. I was looking for affection, strong bonding, funny factor, size, and least on the list was talking ability but a plus. It wasn't until I saw the true documentry, "The parrots of Telegraph Hill"--a real tear jerker, but it was there I became enamored with Conures, and especially the Blue Crown, because of the main star named Conner. After visting a local pet store, I was thrilled they were weaning a 7 week old baby Blue Crown. I visited her every day for a 7 weeks, waiting for her to finish weaning. We bonded, so strongly. It was hard to leave her daily and I couldn't wait to see her. She would be waiting for me everyday and soon as she spotted me she would make this cute crying noise until I would hold her. As soon as I would put her back, she would watch me leave and start her crying. She is the love of my life. Her vocabulary is unbelievable at 14 weeks she knows so much. She is glued to me, follows me everywhere. She loves to shower and must of all she loves to take naps with me, right under my neck. My little Nina (pronounced Neenya, Spanish for little girl) is my Cockatoo. She is everything I could have asked for, and she surpassed all my expectations. This is by far my FAVORITE species.

Michelle Powers - 2008-02-29
My little Tiki has taken my heart for his own. He follows me around the house like a puppy and is so comical, never a dull moment. He loves to imitate my husbands arm movements, doing the same with his wings and yells, "MOMMA! MOMMA!" when he wants attention or is ready to come out of his cage early in the morning. (If too lazy to get the door open himself that is.) I couldn't imagine our life with out him. He's 5 months old, learns so quickly and his vocabulary consist of Step up, Daddy, Momma, Hello, Tiki Tired, Gimme Kiss, No, and making the kissing sound after saying gimme kiss or getting on your shoulder and leaning to your cheek. I love his bath time, the sounds he makes are hilarious. He doesn't know a stranger as my African Grey and Moluccan Cockatoo definitely do! He is also awesome with our 3 children!

Angel Dauphinais - 2007-09-14
I just recently got a bird named Pokey. He is 13 yrs old, well I assume he is he! "Blue Crown Conure mixed Red shouldered Mini Macaw". He is the most loveable little thing. He took to me right from the start, the previous owners really didn't think he would. He calls me mama and I call him baby. he likes the name baby, he never really responds to Pokey unless he is in trouble! He also likes to say NO! His new Words are "Wesley (my son's name), come here, sit, Taz (my little dogs name), love you, good bye, roll over". He is quit the character. Pokey has been a blessing to our family. Can't imagine life without our little bird, for me when my days are stressed Pokey makes me laugh! That is the best thing ever. Thank god for little birds like Pokey and the many other birds out there!

Mellie - 2007-08-14
My blue crowned conure, Okka, is the best talker of all my parrots! He says over a dozen phrases and many more words that he seems to use often in appropriate moments like he understands. If I call "Okka!" he'll respond usually with a "What? Okka Out?!" And When I let him out of his cage I get an "Awwwwww. Okka Looooove You." He sings and dances and loves cuddling. I was always hooked on african grays for intelligence but these birds are just as clever and much cheaper. I strongly suggest researching them if you are looking for a smart bird.

Stephen Guy - 2007-04-04
We've had our blue crown, "Giggles" for over 4 years; we call him "baby bird" and just love him to death! He's bonded to my wife and gets very jealous of her and nips her if she does not spend enough time with her. Also Giggles laughs EXACTLY like my wife, which is a riot. Giggles likes to scream alot in the late afternoon which drives us nuts sometimes but we cannot imagine not having Giggles around. We recently added a second parrot to our "family", a Senegal about the same size as Giggles. We thought they would be buddies but they are more like rivals, sometimes Coco, our Senegal, chases Giggles around the cage or away from the food dishes. Giggles loves to eat macaroni, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, and God forbid he gets a hold of your chocolate chip cookie! We have a real time wrestling the chip out of his mouth!