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Wilma - 2005-12-14
I really love the pictures that you have here. my favorite is the golden conure. I have 2 conures and boy I thought that mine were beautiful, but the golden takes the prize. I love looking at this site and I also have 2 love birds, 1 parakeet, and 3 cockatiels, 1 dwarf hamster, 1 55 gallon and 1 5 gallon tank. I make sure that I give them all the attention and love that they need. thank you so much for sharing.

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michael - 2005-11-26
I've had a Blue Crown for over five years now. His name is Mumbles because when he was a baby (I hand raised him) he mumbled constantly. I almost called him Buttons because of the havock he has caused on numerous shirt buttons. Mumbles is a wonderfully affectionate and sweet bird and, oddly enough, has bonded equally to me and my wife. His favorite things? Bannanas, buttons, grapefruit, grapes, acrylic dangle toy he's had since birth, riding on shoulders. What does he hate? The opening theme music to Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals TV show, going to bed, the green and yellow pieces of his ZooPreem food (he only eats the red and purple!) His greatest quirk? I give him old (clean) oxford shirts to play with and every night he tucks himself in under them.

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Ricki Miller - 2005-11-16
I have had parakeets in the past and unfortunately lost one to egg binding and one to a philodendhron that I have now gotten rid of. I was nervous about getting a new bird but once I got to the pet store and met Oogie my GCC it was love at first sight!! The only way I can describe him is like a tiny puppy with feathers. He is into everything, chews on everything including my very tolerant cats. He has not started talking but I believe he may be trying. He does imitate a couple of whistles though. When it comes to bedtime he has also learned the command "back in your cage oogie" I sometimes have to tell him a couple of times if he really really doesn't want to go.;)

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Chris Snyder - 2005-11-09
I love peach front conures, mine is 6yrs. old. His name is KIWI. he is very friendly and has a vocabulary of about 6-7 words. He likes taking bathes and being petted. I have newspaper on the bottom of the cage and he likes to find an opening and then cuddle in it and fall asleep. he is such a cute and beautiful bird and I would recommend one for anyone.

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Joe & Sue Lecroy - 2005-11-09
I've had my Dusky Conure (named Dusty) for a year now and he has been a complete joy to my family. We call him our Little Green Monster because he likes to be a little mischief at times. He loves to play fight like a kitten and follows me wherever I go. He even likes to rip up the morning paper as you try to read it. I could go on and on about how adorable and friendly these birds are. I would highly recommend Dusky Conures for anyone looking to buy a parrot.

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Judy M Thompson - 2005-11-06
I have a Half Moon Dwarf Conure named Taylor! He was given to me by my neighbor, Kathy who had him for over 20 years. He is about 25 years old and acts like a youngster. He bathes about 2-3 times a week and makes a mess. We lost out Pepy, Cockatiel, on Saturday, 10-29-05 at about age 15. Taylor is moping about some but is getting much loving from me. We are each others' pal. We both miss out Pepybut will get over it. He is, at times, a very noisy boy!!!He is a great little bird and I hope he has 10 years or more to live! He keeps me going. He is able to get out of his cage any time he likes but is covered at night.

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Rhiannon - 2005-11-05
hello, ive had my sunny conure for about a year now. He is simply adorable, his name is cracker, but my parterner and i call him mwat-mwacks cos thats the sweet little sound he makes. Apparently Cracker has been left in a cage for most of his life (he was about seven years old when i got him), which wouldnt surprise me as he was desperate for attention when i first got him and he could barely fly, and he was scared of his cage. I personally think he was mistreated by a man as he genuinely doesnt like men, although he is getting better. Some people think that craker is spoiled because he has his own minature bedroom (made from an old sofa), where he sleeps and goes whenever he wants to have a good chewing session (this stopped him chewing all my clothes up) he absolutely loves it! Cracker has a thing for towels, he despises them. Whenever my boyfriend or i get out of the bath he starts attacking (especially my boyfriend Lee). He can get very jealous of Lee and bite him viciously when we are on our own, but just like a child hes as good as gold when we`re with other people. Despite crakers funny ways we love him and are proud of his progress!

Earla Hollon - 2005-11-02
A week ago today,on 10/26/05, I adopted a 5 yr old male Sun Conure named "Chili". He is so beautiful. I had met Chili a few months ago, but at the time did not think I wanted another bird as I already have a lovebird, a parrotlet and a Mexican Aztec Conure living in the house with me; and 14 parakeets that live in an outdoor aviary, in addition to 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 turtles, and 3 sugargliders. However, I fostered two sun conures for 9 weeks whose owners house was flooded from Hurricane Katrina. I enjoyed them so much that after a month of fostering them I sent in my application to adopt Chili. I had to go visit him at his foster home so that they could see he was responding to me. then I had to undergo a home visit to make sure my house was safe for Chili. I was nervous until I was approved to adopt Chili. He's settling in nicely, I can't wait until he feels completely at home so that his full personality will shine.

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Correna - 2005-10-27
I have a greater patty, "Ollie". it's funny that pattgonian means big feet because I swear Ollie has a foot fetish-he loves to bite feet. Ollie is a great bird, very friendly, but as you said very loud. my next door neighbors bought a sun conure and ollie, gave ollie to me because he was way too loud and the ended up getting rid of the sun conure because he used to bite all the time and was not friendly. I am glad they gave ollie to us because they are loveable
birds. but if you can't stand the noise (trust me he is loud), than this is not the bird for you.

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connie kithcart - 2005-10-26
I just hand fed my first cherry heads. The female was the most lovable, quick to learn tricks and talked at 8 weeks old.

connie kithcart
towanda, pa.


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