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Rosalie Huffington Means - 2011-05-01
I have a baby nanday conure about 6 weeks. When do they start talking and does one male or female talk more?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-02
    Although conures are quite vocal and extremely expressive, they sure don't start talking at 6 weeks. Not that I know of anyway. You should speak to your baby now and use all sorts of words, phrases, sounds "good baby" "I see mama" "I see you" in context. Hold up his wing and say "Peek" etc. He should be trying to talk around 6 months but will always learn but speech is more like above a year or so. In general females talk more than males. Ask any man.
  • Rosalie Huffington Means - 2011-05-22
    Thank you for your reply. I'm having my baby dna sexed next week. This baby is handfed and very sweet. Loves to sit on me.
  • Jenifer - 2011-07-19
    I have 2 Nanday Conures, a female and male. Finally, after almost 6 years of having them and about 3 dozen clutches of eggs, we had our first baby. The female doesn't speak at all, or at least not in anyone's presence. The male says about a dozen phrases. Our baby is also 6 weeks old and hasn't spoken but has found its voice and will shrill when its parents do.
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Lawrence - 2011-07-09
I am a newbie in the bird world and have a singular parakeet that I dearly love and I am positive the feeling is mutual.It does my heart well to see so many people who love their birds as well. I too have cats and one has adopted Sammy and sleeps under his huge cage.The other cat looks at Sammy as a sandwich so I don't dare to let him roam free. I bought him a huge flight cage and filled with toys that I rotate. His cage is cleaned daily and we spend about three hours a day at the minimum interacting. We sing together but he doesn't talk but nevertheless he loves to sing duets. You folks made my day.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-09
    Somec cats are just fine with birds and some aren't. Usually the bigger birds bob the cat in the nose and the at just stays away but you have a little guy. I am glad you love him. I love birds.
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Patti - 2011-05-22
My Sun Conure just laid eggs in her bed (a fuzzy pouch that she had shreaded at the bottom). It is now droopy at the bottom, and hangs from the top of the cage. I am concerned because everything I read talks about a breeding box". This is not, in anyway, a flat bottom sturdy box. What can I do? The male is also in the cage and slept in the pouch. Please Help!
Thank You, Patti

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-22
    Couple of choices here. Get a breeding box (largest one) at the local pet store and attach to the cage. Put a little sawdust or carefresh in the bottom of it - say 2 inches. Take the entire pouch with the egg and place it in the breeding box. The female should have another 2 - 3 eggs. She probably won't sit the eggs until the 3rd or 4th one is laid. Second choice is to take any kind of a heavier box (ie a tupperware container) and hang it somehow in the cage by attaching it to the sides of the cage. Again, put carefresh or sawdust in the bottom of it and then take the pouch and egg and place it on top of the carefresh or sawdust in the tupperware container. The carefresh or sawdust is layered there so as she lays the eggs, they are cushioned so she doesn't accidently break the eggs by crushing them or having them bang together. The pouch is in the cage or tupperware container because that is where they are used to sleeping and it is their safe place and that is where she layed the egg.
  • John - 2011-06-26
    Ok I will try so, now I have a question... I have to go on vacation. I'm going by car for 1000 miles, to stay my parents's. Do you think that is good for Connie to come with me or to get him in a animals shop? I'm afraid that he will be much stressed staying in the car for so much time.
harry - 2011-06-16
I have birds and one name is sunny she looks just like that bird.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-16
    Then your little one is very beautiful. Enjoy
sally siling - 2011-06-13
I need help. I have two conures, one is a Sun and the other a Jenday. Our Jenday is a male and when we got our Sun we were told he was also male. Well, Our Sun is a female, she laid 3 eggs, there are only 2 now, now sure what happened to the other one. I have no idea what to do with baby birds if they do hatch. Please I need info. Thank you.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-14
    Surprize surprize. Do not panic and do not be alarmed. The one egg is missing probably because they didn't know what it was and it broke and they ate it. The shell is calcium - no they are not canibals. They don't have parents or a flock so they don't know egg, or sitting, or nesting, or feeding and it will take them awhile to catch on. What you can do is be prepared. Get a nest box (pet store) and if you can't find one then bolt a tuperware container to the side of the cage up high so she can sit the eggs. Put care fresh or saw dust in the bottom of the box so the eggs won't break. If the eggs are fertile they will hatch in about 28 days but chances are they are not. They need to catch on and rarely is the first clutch good. However just in case they are fertile start feeding them soft foods sweet potatoes, squach, scrambed eggs including the shells (all cooked). Buy a bag of Kaytee formula and a small syringe just in case she does hatch the babies but doesn't know how to feed them. If she feeds, you shouldn't have a problem and if she doesn't you will learn to hand feed. You make the formula (instuructions) and then put in syringe and lay the formula on the babies tongue. Start out mixing the formula with Pedialyte (baby dept in grocery store). Do not get upset or concerned - chances are they are not fertile. There is probably a breeder by you and if not I will send you my tel number and will walk you through it. Seriously, chances are they are not fertile but if they are it is very rewarding to see (and hear) those little guys come out of the egg. Enjoy just relax. OK
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eversmileface - 2011-05-16
I've bought a 3 months old jenday conure from a breeder yesterday. Today is the second day for him in this new environment. But he doesn't seem to eat much. I was told he was tamed and handfed but he got pretty scared whenever I tried to touch him or get him out to play. I know it might take sometime for him to settle down but how long is it going to be before he starts eating his food and acts normally?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-16
    Because a parrot is hand fed, it doesn't mean it was hand held, or loved, or cuddled and many breeders tube feed whether with a tube or syringe. It is OK. It will be OK. Now maybe it is nervous and so off seed or you are feeding it a different seed. I hand fed and held and raised with stuff animals a lot of parrot babies. So let's try this OK?
    Go to the grocery store and get some baby applesauce and baby peaches and some rice cereal. Mix the peaches or applesauce with a little rice cereal and just warm a very little. Just so it is not cold. Just place on a spoon and put a little on your finger and let your baby taste or lick from your finger. He will probably lick from the spoon as well. Put cheerios in his bowel or even fruit loops as those are easier for a baby to eat than a seed or pellets. Don't be nervous and just pick him up and hold him close to your chest so he can hear your heart beat. They can hear it. It soothes them. You don't have to squeeze him just hold him close even if you lay down and place him on your chest. Remember the words "step up" "hug" "love you" etc so he starts to understand what it is you are going to do. While he is by your chest, gradually start petting the top of his head or sides of his face. He is just a little baby with a new enviornment, new smells and possibly for the first time someone is actually handling him. He looks grown cuz they actually get big fast but he is 3 months. Think of a human baby at 3 months. Just go slow. The cereal and fruit will help if he is not getting enough to eat and will also help him bond with you. You can also feed him little squished banana - anything soft that you can hold in your fingers. You have plenty of time so just go slow and he will be a very loving, cuddly addition to your home.
Katie - 2010-10-07
I have a Jenday named JD that I bought from a pet shop. I had been wanting a conure for some time and he was on special for only $200 so I jumped at the opportunity. The clerks told me that they were selling him for his owner who could not care for him properly. I guess he was just left alone in his cage for 2 years. So he needed a lot of work.

I've had him for 2 months now and things are going well. He is flight capable and when I open his cage he likes to sit on my shoulder when I sit on the couch. We're also working on perching on the hand. He's now at the point where he lets me touch him.

What I'm having trouble with is, he's a screamer. I try not to acknowledge him when he gets really bad. But, there are times that need him to just be quiet. I have a black sarong that I put over his cage when he gets really bad and take it off when he quiets down.

Does anyone else have any tips for screamers?

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  • leigh the bird watcher - 2011-01-01
    Katie I have a house full of parrots and they all scream. It is their nature when they feel board-em they will scream. The first thing you should do is throw that cover away.. That will only make the bird feel insecure. the only time you want to cover birds of any kinda is at night it is a comfort zone. Put some toys in with him or take him out and let him/her stretch its wings. I have found that the TV or a radio helps sooth the feathered beast.. so to speak.. Good luck and give him lots of love.. Leigh the bird watcher.
  • Dan Farace - 2011-01-29
    They are all screamers. They would be the perfect pet if they were quiet and pooped politely. Listening to mine right now on an early Saturday morning.

  • Bryan Semones - 2011-05-02
    Hi. I live in a bus on the California coast with my jenday named Chica. She was chased into my yard by a hawk in Chico, CA, hence her name. She bit the crap out of the hawk which startled it enough to drop her and fly off screaming curse words in hawk. Chica promptly went into a little birdy coma, popping awake after an hour, walked up to me and quacked "where's the food dude?" We have been quite the duo for the past couple of years. To get her not to bite I grabbed her by the beak and bit her head hard enough to freak her out. She got the idea and hasn't drawn blood since. She has never been really loud. We live together in a VERY small space and she let's me sleep and will quack and screech a few times when I finally get up. When she got screechy last month. I mean ear piercing on purpose loud and she knows better. I grabed her like a chicken and scream into her head "SHUT THE ____"! As loud as I can into my cupped hand with her head inside. And repeat no screeching no screeching as I violently throw her in her room and slam the door. (Birds are tough little punkers) after 5 minutes of time out in the dark. I open her door and whine to her about my throbbing ears using the word screeching in a happy tone. Give love and pets and treats until the next screech and BOOM instant violent flip out from her human. Play it up and really scare it or it won't respect you and will take every opportunity to punk you off. My Chica may be a bit more hardened than house / cage birds so don't give yours a heart attack when its used to being unruly. She gets woken up and driven around at night. I run a loud generator that shakes her cage late at night. According to a smug headed manager at a petsmart my jendey should have died like 20 times already. Life as a bird in the wild is hard and cruel. Nature did not evolve awesome jendey's with a goo goo gaa gaa "my little pony" pet owner syndrome. A flock will gang up on a member not acting right and mutilate it until it straightens up or dies. It's their nature If you have a problem bird and no hippy dippy positive reinforcement is working. Try letting it think you are going to kill it if it does not straighten up and it likely will. Between me and the hawk Chica is one well adjusted shoulder chicken.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-02
    Conures do like to make noise. They more toys to play with, the more distractions (television), attention, the less they make noise. They usually just want to be with you. I have always been afraid to cover a cage because if the bird gets tangled in the cloth so be careful with that. A sarong usually has very fine thred which cn be pulled and possibly wrap around the foot of your little guy. Peanuts, toys, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, almonds, cracked walnuts, dixie cup with peanut butter or honey in the bottom something for him to do or play with.
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Martha from Silverstrand Beach - 2011-04-22
Hello, Much to my surprise the "wild parrot" that visits my back yard is a Conure. I would like to make friends, not sure how to go about that. I put fruit and nuts in the birdbath type of feeder and also drove a tall handled shovel next to it for the bird to purch. So now it does stop by to see what I have out to eat. Would you guess this is a pet that took flight ? It stays in a 2 block radius and caws to let us know he is around. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...Martha

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-23
    Yes, I would say this is/was someone's pet but who knows from where. I had a friend who had her bird fly out of the car on a trip. So the conure could be from your area or from another state. The idea that the bird stays in a 2 block area can mean that it is from there or it got lost there and will expand it's circle of flight. The "caw" is the cry to find what it is used to. It's owners, its mobile home or whatever. You could place an ad in the paper but you might have many responces. You are feeding it and that is the first big step. It is eating. When you see it and it is eating, talk to it. Be calm and go slow and talk to it. Hold your hand out with food in it - or just sit down by it and eat something also. They are usually curious and want what you eat. Cheerios, cheese, cracker, something and it might just come over to you. If you can get that close, you can probably just pick it up. Just hold out your hand and say "UP". However, if you are nervous, at all, then you grab him around the back. If you are really frightened than you can try with a towel. Of course the towel will probably scare the whatever out of the conure so you will only get one chance on that. Your hand and holding it up should work fine. The idea is to get it in the house where it is safe. It can't live out there in the wild too long. There are predators and it doesn't have a clue how to survive out there. Obviously, if you get it in the house, you will eventually need a cage etc. The idea is just to let him know you are safe and feeding him and to come to you.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-23
    It's just Cheryl again and as I was drinking my coffee it occured to me that I didn't know if you have ever had any experience with birds, fish butterflies etc. You can purchase a bird net at the pet store and just slowly approach the bird with the net held at your side and when he is eating, just quickly put the net over the conure. They do not like this. It does make them frightened and mad. However, you would be able to hold him in the net until you got in the house. He will be mad at you but he will be in the house. They are very easy to work with from there. You will probably only have one chance at this cuz somehow birds seem to know a net even if they have never been exposed to one before. I, personally, would just try and pick him up - at least try. Then if that didn't work, I would use the net.
    One other thing, most birds can not fly wet. You can sprinkle him really well with a hose and that would slow him down or bring him to the ground and you could pick him up. You would use the adjustment for spray on the hose not the force of a nozzle. Good luck and let us know what happens.
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GT - 2011-03-28
My name is GT and I have a 1 year old Sun Conure that I have had for about 4 months now. His/her name is Screech (go figure). Screech certainly lives up to his name. His cage and playstation are right next to my bed. He is very patient with me and waits until I wake up before he starts into his daily screeching. He/she is quite the demanding little bird. When he wants attention, he has NO problem letting you know. He is not to much for stepping up but prefers to fly over to my bed and land on my head just as I am about to fall asleep for a nap. All-in-all Screech is a funny little bird. So much so that I am going to look at another Sun Conure tomorrow in anticipation of maybe getting him a little friend.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-03-30
    Conures are definitely the most vocal of the bird world. I find them to definitely be one of the most expressive and entertaining. I'd go for it and Sun Conures are beautiful. Good luck and tell us how you are doing with them.
Darlene - 2009-04-08
Hi all. Well I to just bought a sun conure, he's 1 1/2 yrs of age. His last owner couldn't kept him any more. I took him to the vet to be tested and everything turned out great, his weight was 120 grams. And yes, had an dna test done, he's a boy all right :0). His name is tequila, he's so cute. I only had him 3 weeks and already he shower's with me:) and he share my meals. He has a very huge parrot cage with lots of toys. I leave his cage open all day. He love to nap with me, lol, under the covers he goes. He is trying to talk right now, he just moves his little mouth. He is usually very quiet, but let me tell ya he can be very loud if he wants, and yes he the best guard dog I every had, lol. I have a keyless entrance and when he hears you touching it he yell out very loud. You can here him from the back of the house, lol.
GOD I LOVE THIS LITTLE BOY! He still sometimes bites but he tries to be gentle unless he's mad, then it hurts, but he give me the biggest kisses ever OMG! I am in love with my new little bird and, memee my 15 year cat gets along great with tequila. It is scared of the bird though I think because tequila is nothing he has every seen before. But memee is a good cat. In his life he lived with a dalmation and a bearded dragon. They both pasted last year. The dog was 13yrs and the dragon was 7yrs, so now he got a parrot for a friend, lol.
God bless all these little conures :).

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  • Mary Green - 2011-03-16
    Dear Darlene, I just wanted to let you know that I have three Sun conures and They are spoiled and too smart and I have three of them I know how loud they are but I just got a perfect little boy here he think that I'm his real mommies bird I rescues him from the breeder that she was not taken good care of him I found sick and under fed and His cage was so un-real and so so very and very nasty even I got him that he was so sick I got stuck on the vet bill and I told her that I'm very mad about this she had no idea that he was sick and not been fed when I got him he was nothing but all bone and starving to death so I had fed him every hour around the clock and He now spoil even he wanted to be with me all the time he will not accept no one else that I try to let him been handle by other people no way for him will now he will not sleep in no bird cage but he sleep with me at night time during the day he stay on his perch the i made for him that all he do he is bird free trouble maker and he just stay on his perches all day long then he goes to bed with me the rest of the night he got a spot that he sleep on and I have my spot where his stay right now his on my shoulder he want stay no where even he like to take a car ride with me He goes where ever I go! Even I had to seek him the store with me!
    Some one had ask did you hear that what is that~~ ahuahhhhhhh
    I told them to be quite about that i got a bird with me!! SHHHHHHHHHH

    I hated to see you get rid of your birdies even the are your pet why do you want to get rid of them if you can't keep your bird I'm ll take from you when you get this message from me!! I have all way love birdies and take good care and find them the right home not been neglected or abuse this what happen to my Sunny-boy! He spoil every day and night!!
    He love his mommies!!

    Love Mary G. I hope you will find me on face book!

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