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John - 2011-06-20
Hi, I need your help! I have a sun conure since 20 days, his name is Connie. He is very sweet and lovely. I love him like a son... The problem is that when it is time to sleep, he doesn't want sleep in the cage but under my hands in the nest box. He is almost 4 months old... Do you think that this habit he has is due of age? Will he loose this habit?


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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-21
    Conures are pretty much known for being velcro birds. They like to be with you and on you. Birds are also quite intelligent and they have the ability to train their humans quite well. Yours has trained you to essentially rock him to sleep (in a way). He will be fine sleeping in his cage by himself. He is a baby (just 4 months) and still just venturing out very little on his own. Mine breaks out of his cage and gets in my bed every shot he gets ---He will only lose the habit if his human doesn't do it.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-22
    Conures are extremely extremely expressive. Some can say a few words (in human language) but they can say many words in their own language and believe it or not you will learn theirs. They are expressive and make their wants/likes and dislikes known at an early age and it only gets better. Good luck and enjoy.
  • John - 2011-06-21
    Thanks for fast reply, I will try to get him to sleep into his cage when will grow. I have another question, is it normal to talk already pretty good ? He says lots of word that learns in twenty days.... and usually is jumbery on lots of incomprehnsible phrases.
  • John - 2011-06-25
    Hi, Connie started to nip my fingers two days ago. I'm not understanding why he changed this way.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-25
    Hi John,
    This isn't the right word but I call it teething. The baby bird gets to be about 4 - 6 months old and for whatever reason they start to chew on your fingers, ears, nose etc. It is annoying but doesn't really hurt. Take his beak between your thumb and index finger when he does this and say "NO" or "NO hurt DADDY" or whatever you choose but in a stern tone. It is similar to a puppy needing to teeth on a dog bone. It does stop. It is not biting. Guys ears - I have absolutely no idea why birds are so totally facinated with mens ears but they are. They stick their little tongue in your ear, they sorta chew on your ear. They are not biting or really even chewing. I think they believe they are preeening you. Womens ears are normally covered by their hair but guys ears are usually not. Again, if it bothers you, grab his beak and tell him "NO" but the ear thing has always appeared affectioneete to me when I see my birds doing it to fellas. They have never hurt any fella but it does look sorta funny to see my Hyacinth with her tongue in some mans ear. Again, to stop it - grab the beak and a strong "NO" but it is not a bite - it is a growing stage. They are learning and you need to teach them what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior to you.
  • John - 2011-06-26
    Ok I will try so, now I have a question... I have to go on vacation. I'm you think that is good for Connie to come with me or to get him in a staying into the car for so much time?
  • S Bolivar - 2011-07-15
    I have a sun conure that is around 12 years old, and I have her sleep with me at night. I am not a restless sleeper, so she just cuddles down in my PJs and sleeps quietly through the night. If I happen to wake and roll, she just walks with the roll of my body and goes right back to sleep as I do. Her name is Rainbow.
  • Giovanni Giustino - 2011-07-25
    Are you not scared to tread on her while you are sleeping? I would sleep with Conny in my bed but I'm scared of that.
  • Leila - 2011-08-10
    The conure sleeping in bed with you sounds wonderful - but doesnt it mess? Just curious to know.
  • Giovanni Giustino - 2011-09-08
    my not, he never dump on the bed or sofa, just on the floor or into her cage
  • rhi - 2011-09-14
    Hi, I used to have a beautiful sunny conure, he was amazingly lovely, I kept him as a free bird. He had his own little bed, (it was actually a sofa he claimed), in my bedroom, and yes sometimes he would come over and I'd wake up with him snoozing on my chest, or preening my hair. It was wonderful for both of us, I loved when he was close to me, just as he loved being close to me, However, it saddens me deeply to say the worst thing that could have happened, did happen.

    Please please please do not have your bird sleep with you or free to visit you in the night, or morning when you are asleep. You dont really know that it is safe - they are so small and if you roll over too quick for it to make a noise or move you have lost your companion forever.
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marie worthing - 2011-09-11
I'm looking for nanday conures parrots to buy. Can you help me? I live in Texas. In Henderson county but I will travel a long distance if the price is right. Thank you.

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Joanne R. - 2008-12-12
I would like to say that the Queen of Bavaria conure is so beautiful. I have heard of them, but never knew anyone that sold as a breeder. I will not purchase from a pet shop. I have a 1 year old sun that is just so adorable. She just turned 1 and says thank you, kiss kiss, and plays dead in my hand. For being so young, she is very trained. I spend a lot of time with her all day. I would like to ask if there are any breeders that have the Bavaria conure please, contac me at my email I know they are expensive but I just love them. thanks so much. Joanne from pgh

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  • Dodie - 2010-05-17
    I just came across this and I have a Queen of Bararia conure and I am looking for a good home.
  • Eric Marroquin - 2011-01-03
    I have babies. 409 466-6666 Eric
  • Yohana Forte - 2011-09-07
    Looking for a pair of Queen of Bavaria. I'm in FL. Email me at
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Ana - 2011-08-22
Hello! I'm writing you from Indiana. I take care of 13 tropical parrots
at the local Parrot Rescue Santuary. There I met Peter a cherry head
conure. He is so much fun to be around; the owner of the foster aviary
told me that Peter only liked men, but I tell you that's not the case here.
He gets really happy when he sees me come into the aviary, kisses me
and laughs out loud. When I open his cage he flyes toward me and sits
on my shoulder always content and playful with me. He likes me so much
that the lady offered for me to have it some day. I'm extremely happy that I
was able to meet such a beautiful little creature. He is definately a
pleasure to be around. Regards.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-23
    A conure - and I love the red masked - are great birds to have. Velcro, cuddly, silly, comical, lovable, smart etc. No negatives there. Maybe the man thought that as the bird maybe didn't like his girlfriend or girl child. Many birds do have a preference for male vs female (my opinion) but conures (my opinion) will enjoy whatever human they are around that gives them attention, love and stimulation. You are lucky enjoy
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eddie mc d. - 2011-08-21
Did y'all know there was a conure native to south carolina at one time...... the last one died about 1816 something like that I think. They have cousins in Mexico.........I think please forgive me for spelling ......been awhile since I have been online typing too.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-22
    Yep the Carolina Conure or parakeet - I believe. They became extinct because of many things, loss of habitat, loss of breeding, capture as they would return to the site where a flock member had died - or mate - so easy to capture. Only native conure to the United States. Last known one was at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1918 but had largely dissapeared before that for many years.
    What do you mean cousins in Mexico - what are they called?
eddie mcdaniel - 2011-08-21
I have two raised from babies. Their parents was ginger and spice .... schreech and swauqh is the name of these two brother and sister..I can tell one is wider is slimmer..........about 15 years old.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-22
    It works most of the time when someone sees it and it is pointed out to them as to the differences. Heads and body shapes are usually pretty obvious - but not to the novice.
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rose - 2010-01-02
Mary, I'm looking for an answer to the same question. My husband's friend had a Jenday that was always quite friendly with my husband. The friend ended up giving Kirby to my husband. At first, Kirby was friendly with everyone but after awhile he became attached to me and now attacks my husband. My husband says the bird thinks I'm his "mate" and views my husband as competition...

The bird is still friendly with visitors. Just hates my husband and sons... Sounds crazy but my opinion is these birds easily get their feeling hurt when the one they love starts paying too much attention to someone else (human or feathered) -- and there is no fury like the fury of a Jenday who has perceived (incorrectly) the he/she has been scorned!

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  • Stephen - 2010-06-26
    I have a jenday and she is very jealous if I kiss my wife or pay too much attention to my family she goes insane, and tries to bite, it seems they take you into their flock. Any stranger better be very careful around her, it seems that she needs to get comfortable about them being around.
  • Mary Green - 2010-06-30
    Could be a male or female, I have a sun conure but he is a boy and the way I can tell if the bones are close together on the back end of the bird. The pelvis are close together it mean you have male bird.
    Female are their back end are close or very hard of the back bottom or if a opening space it mean a girl!
  • Anonymous - 2010-08-21
    Rose my mom just got a Jenday and loves her, but she has a tendency to bite her. Is this a normal behavior? If you have any suggestions, please feel free.
    Thank you,
  • David - 2010-10-24
    I had a Jendaya back in 1978, it used to sit on my head and preen my hair. Yes they usually get very close and treat you like there baby. Unfortunately the bird died after only 2 years, Tumor on the brain. Very upsetting. I recently was at petsmart and heard the typical squawk of a Conure and sure enough it was a young Jendaya, they love to squawk and scream, as soon as I came to the cage it quieted down. I almost bought it but i have a Border Collie who is very territorial, don't want to take a chance.
  • tiffany - 2011-04-16
    My Jenday killed my fish and the lady bugs I kept as pets since I played with the fish more. For the record, the fish could jump!
  • RoseMarie - 2011-08-19
    Boy, you've got that right! My Jenday Conure, Zuma, is sweet and loving but don't let one of the other birds, African Grey Temneh & common grey cockatiel, or our Main Coon cat, who is great with the birds, get to close or I get clobbered!
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kylie - 2008-12-02
I bought a blue crown conure only two days ago and he is a hoot! I had been looking every where for the bird that was right for me. It first started when I saw a Sun Conure at a petsmart and I was wowed by how beautiful this bird was! It had been about a month since I started researching the conure and cockatoo species when I was contacted by a man who was selling his Blue Crown Conure. We talked about the conure for a while then I asked if I could swing by and take a look at the bird. It was love at first sight! I took him home that night and got him comfortable. I had two lovebirds before but I now absolutely love my Chewy! He is 6 yrs old and says "hello", "Whatyadoin?", "Pretty Bird", and whistles the Andy Griffith Show Theme song. He is sooo cute! When I walk into the room Chewy wolf whistles at me, I just want to snuggle with him all the time. I am now working on finding a companion for him, but I'm not sure if he has an aggression towards other birds. Chewy and Kylie

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  • Pat - 2011-01-08
    Always remember when we get a bird for our bird, that many times they bond with the other bird and no longer desire our attention as much. They can really change when another bird is brought into the picture. I do have experience. Presently, we have 2 Macaws, 4 conures, 2 parrotlets, 8 cockatiels, and 2 finches. We have been bird people for about the last 12 years. It has been a rare case where a bird stayed sweet, but I did have one. Her friend is not friendly but she remains sweet, but stays bust a lot with her mate. Best wishes to you. From one bird person to another.
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b.m.l. - 2003-07-20
There should be more info on nandays on the web!

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  • G. Williams - 2011-08-11
    Did you find a way to contact Tim Anthony? I am also interested in purchasing a Waterslager from him. Thank you.
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Maura - 2010-12-19
My husband and I just adopted a Blue Crown Conure from our local humane society. We were wondering what to feed her since all our other birds are on a pellet diet? We have tried several things but she really likes her seeds. Can someone help?

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  • Peter Letendre - 2010-12-26
    Our conure loves goldfish (crackers), and eats them daily, in fact as his main food. He also likes peanuts (shelled). He takes a try of any food that we eat, but does not like vegetables, but eats a small piece of chicken or meat.
  • john roberts - 2011-02-07
    I would suggest zepreem conure food supplemented with some what we call wet food ours usually consists of cooked pasta, a few sunflower seeds, fruits usually pineapple apples mango raisin sometimes assorted berrys cooked rice and a variety or veggies. Try not to feed your conures too many seeds or nuts they are high in fat and may cause weight gain in your birds which can be quite unhealthy. We have a wonderful blue crown and three sun conures and a padagonian we love very much and want them to be health and happy.
  • rose wabeke - 2011-06-26
    Try giving it fruits. Also just received one a guy just gave it to me. Didn't like the noise that it made. S0 FAR I am able to pet it. I give mine small chucks of apple, loves it.
  • Stephanie Hastings - 2011-07-31
    Actually a pelleted diet is much healthier. I would supplement that with fresh fruit and veggies and call it good.

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