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sirjoe - 2011-11-29
I recently adopted 'Chula' a Patagonian Conure from a family member. I'm not familiar with how she was raised but she has become very territorial with my husband. She does not allow me to get near him when she is resting on his sholder. She snaps at me and chases me away. I love her however I dont think our family can give her the attention she requires because of this behavior. Please help!!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-30
    Conures are normally very good family pets. They like the whole family. I would feed her treats with your hand when hubby is not around and see if she comes around. She was just moved and your hubby is a man and maybe a gal hurt Chula or maybe he is the tallest in the home and birds will always go high. I would wait and see if you can bring her around. Feed her treats with your hand. Talk to her. Whistle or sing. Try and spend some alone time with her without hubby around and make a friend.
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jude silver - 2011-06-13
I have an egg in my nesting box. I would like to know if I need to remove the egg. Cause of the male but I only have one egg not more if anyone knows I would apperciate it if someone could get back with me and let me know? thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
    Leave the egg in the nesting box. The female will start to sit the eggs when she lays all the eggs - usually 2 or 3.
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billy - 2012-02-05
I have had my Dusty for 24 yrs, and he is 25 yrs old, yesterday he I thought laid 2 eggs and they are on the bottom of the cage, I had no idea,
Never has then happened before. I also have a Cockatoo that is 11 yrs old same room but across 10 feet apart and don't understand how and why this happend, she will let me touch and move them does not bother her at all she just sings to me and hugs me.


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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-06
    Well, guess Dusty isn't a he. Just put the eggs in a little dish with some sawdust or carefresh or torn up paper in it and put the eggs there. Doubtful she will sit them or do anything but they don't usually sit them until the third one is laid. She might sit them then for 20 days or so - let her. If you remove the eggs, you run the risk of her laying an additional 2 - 3 eggs and having a calcium shortage. Look at it this way - she decided to have eggs but does not want to have kids. It is just natural - happens infrequently but it happens.
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brigitte - 2011-12-17
Desperately looking to purchase pair of Queen of Bavaria birds.

Central Florida. Thank you.

Don't need to be young

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-19
    I know of two breeders in Florida who breed the Queens. Bernie Levine at Last Chance Farms and Susan Clubb at Hurricane Aviaries. However, they are down by West Palm/Miami. Also, Golden Cockatoo (they have a web site) as do the aviaries is an excellent Bird Store and Rik (owner) usually has Queens or knows where to get them.
  • Deborah - 2012-02-04
    'Browns Birds' 954-559-8394 We recently acquired our golden conure from Janice when she was in Orlando.
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order tramadol - 2012-01-31
so what do we do now?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-31
    If you want just the one - then give the male to your friend. The Male Johnny I am sure will bond with a human companion. They will adjust. Try and look at it this way - they had a teen romance - now it's time to grow up, be companion, be loved, be fun and when they really grow up and it is time for them to Marry - say 20 years old or older - then they can think about it again.
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PyrO - 2003-07-26
hi Ellie,
I know that pionus parrots are lovable but dont' need that much attentiion as do cockatoos and other parrot's
you're better of loking into those kind of birds there known to be very nice tempered.

good luck on your search.

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  • Sylvia - 2012-01-21
    It definitely just sounds like a petite-Mal seizure. That just means that they're acting normal on second and then they just pause and blank out the next second. They don't remember anything from the few moments during the seizure. Also, considering he is new to the environment, he is probably just scared and nervous. Things should get better. If not, take him to the vet. They don't really do anything to stop petite-Mal seizures but it is possibly that it could be something else.
  • Sylvia - 2012-01-21
    Chinchillas are really great pets and not a ton of hard work. And going with the carpet floor, if you get the right cage, you shouldn't have to worry about pee on the floor. But! Peeing is one of a chinchillas biggest defense mechanism especially if they are territorial... so, they may pee on you when you go to get them out of the cage, but not all chinchillas do that.
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Xochil Rubio - 2012-01-21
We have a 5y old Quaker and recently got a 4month old J Conure, now 7 months. He is clumsy when
walking, hardly grooms himself and just a little at a time. So compared to my quaker he seems to be very slow, I figure it must be because he still a baby but I wonder if is normal or not for his age or if there might be a problem. I have been looking for Conure first year development, any coments or recomendations that help me?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-01-21
    His lack of preening may be that he hasn't started to molt yet. Jenday's go through their first molt at about 7 months of age, and then molt yearly after that.
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nicholas - 2012-01-16
Hi one of my green cheek conures past away recently and the other has been acting strange lately. If i get a new mate will she adapt to the new mate or be aggresive to it she seems lonely and I would buy a new mate if it made her calmier

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    Conures are VERY VERY social beings and want companionship from their human or their flock. I am sorry that one died but yes the one that is left is mourning and looking for her companion. However, the one that is left will also be more protective of her cage waiting for her companion to come back. I would get another one and introduce them in neutral terriotry - not close to the cage. Let them get used to each other for a few hours on the living room floor or bed - porch whatever. Feed them and play with them both etc. Rearrange the old cage - just move toys around or add new toys. Move perches around and if possible even move the cages location. Let the new one go in first and get used to it whilke you give the older one some extra attention and then place the new one in the cage.
    They should be fine, 100% OK minus a little squabble but just let them play together and eat together on neutral territory till you see they get along.
  • nicholas - 2012-01-16
    Thank you for your help. I will get one as soon as possible does the age matter? The one I have I believe is a female
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Mary Gueli-Corp - 2011-10-15
I bought a blue crown conure from a pet store his name is tiki and he is 3 yrs old but unfortunatley i am his 3rd owner and for the life of me i cannot stop him from biting i work with him faithfully and cannot get him to step up if he is top cage if he is bottom he will buy he is very nervous. i have had him for about 6 days. i hope i can get him to stop biting he got me good yesterday. CAN ANYONE GIVE SUGGESTIONS HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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  • karen - 2011-11-10
    pine nuts and small pieces of cheese - these two treats work wonders (at least for me and my opinionated and bitey blue crowned).
  • Scott Watkins - 2011-11-29
    You have a long road. I was given a 3 year old blue crown, and he was vicious. He bit everyone, and screeched, and was generally hated by the first owner. I was told that taming a BC of that age was impossible. I got him ( Maximillian ), and spent 3 months gaining his trust. I would coax him with goodies until he let me touch him. After about 6 months, he would perch on my finger. Then one day into the ninth month I opened the cage and it was like magic. He climbed onto my finger, and up my arm and on my shoulder. He began grooming me, and I was his buddy for life. He began trusting other humans, and talked, played, and was smart as a whip. He even played jokes; made kissy noises at my stepdaughter ( whom he hated, long story short; she was a brat ), and when she kissed him he bit her lower lip really well and then proceeded to laugh at her! Taming it will take a long time, but it's worth every second.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-27
    You don't have to go fast. You have a whole bunch of years so a few weeks one way or the other won't make a difference. He is biting from the top of his cage as he is protecting his territory and himself. He is frightened if you approach his cage when he is inside it as your hand looks like King Kong to him and he has no where to go. He is frightened. Start with hand feeding with your hand, pine nuts, cheerios anything he likes while he is on the top of his cage. You are just trying to feed him - not pick him up. Eventually he will come to you for the treats. When he is comfortable with you and comes for the treat, you can just pet him very gently on the top of his head for a few seconds. Then pet a little longer. Watch the bird and learn from his body language what is acceptable to him. He will come to you. He is just very frightened now and you should just let him settle in and be comfortable - he will approach you. This is also up to you but I never clip a conures wings (heated debate there) as they are such Velcro birds and will constantly stay with their owners around the home. They will fly to me and they will also stay on top of their cage (sometimes) and play on the operch and with toys. They always fly back to their cage or perch to potty. Conures make a lot of noise if they aren't with their 'flock'. Yep, I have to watch doors windows etc but so worth it to me. That little fella once he realizes you are not going to hurt him will come to you.
  • Cynthia - 2011-12-27
    I adopted a blue crown conure, age about 5 years. He was left on his own in a small room. No company, sunlight, proper food, etc. I took her straight to our vet for a proper examination and advise of how and what. Had his wings trimmed, manicure, penicure, etc. Within a month I could let him out to wonder around and on top of the cage. First allowed him to scratch my head 'koppie krap' and slowly took things step by step. Before 3 months, he got onto my shoulder, started talking, calling and did not bite so much. He still bites me but not as hard and I gently reprimand him and put him back on the cage. Have him now for 6 months and have fallen head over hills in love with each other. Hang in there, it will get better. Good luck
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Diane Swanstrom - 2005-12-31
Hi everyone who told your story about the sun conure. We are getting a baby "Abby" soon. First bird and cannot wait. We also have an Old English Sheep Dog who is very gentle with all our animals. Thanks Di

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  • Diane - 2010-08-08
    Update on Abby. She calls the dog with "Murphy come here" and "Murphy's here", barks, kisses when she wants to sleep and wake up. Abby says "Hello" when the phone rings. Asks "whats up" when you walk by and makes the noise of the internet dial up perfect. She is very loud and a wonderful joy. Diane Swanstrom
  • donALD GREGORY - 2010-12-23
    Don't mix bird with dog.
  • Diane - 2012-01-07
    Abby the sun conure is doing great. Thanks for you responses. Speaks more then ever and the dog is wonderful with her. She is a watch bird especially when a deer or horse is not supposed to be at the patio door.

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