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penny - 2012-04-18
I have a half moon for 23 yrs. she is very active and can talk all day loves to call me. She is my alarm clock at 5am she gets me up for work and then lets me know to clean her cage. Clean cage one hundred times until its done. She no longer sleeps on her perch but loves to sleep under bounty paper towel. I don't know how long they live but she has outlived 2 dogs.

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Celynne - 2007-10-25
My GCC, Peabody, is my first parrot. I had a few budgies (parakeets)before, but never a parrot. Peabody was four months old when I bought him. I thought he would be a lot like a budgie, silly me. Tiny little bird that he was, I found myself 'bird proofing' my home. I couldn't believe his deductive reasoning. It would take more space than I have here to explain what he would do, but it amazed me. I am a high school teacher, and this little bird had more critical thinking skills than many of my students. He talks... A LOT! His favorites are 'Whatcha' doing', 'Get the baby!', 'Whaz up, Nut', and my favorite is when I take him for a ride in the car ... 'Wheeeeeeee' and 'Zoom, zoom, zoom' (from the TV ads on tv). One thing he does that I have never seen or heard of about GCCs is he PURRS! I don't have cats, so he can't have learned it from a cat. He crawls into my lap in the evenings for his scratch and purrs! You can hear it and feel him vibrating as he purrs. Has anyone ever had a purring conure? Anyway, he's six years old now. A happy, healthy bird raised by a totally inexperienced parrot person.

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  • paul - 2012-04-16
    Yeah my green cheeked conure purrs as well. I can't move without him following me everywhere I go. He wants cuddling all the time. He's like a baby and starts crying for me for attention if I am out of the room. I love him very much.
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Heather - 2009-04-16
Hello,,we'd like to introduce ourselves. I'm the mama to a wide variety of medium birds,,,three Jendays,a mated pair and 1 offspring;2 male greencheeks,little man and betty ,who was supposedly a female ready to mate,and 2 gold capped conuers,beanie and her new mate cecil,who we waited 4 years to find.Aso owned by 12 cockatiels,9 of which were born in our home;2 love birds[rescues] and 2 female finches.except for the 'tiels most of my babies were given to me by people who no longer wanted them! I wouldnt trade these babies for much of anything and can't understand someone who does get and get rid of pets of any kind like they were just things to own.

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kent wotton - 2012-03-25
I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I just purchased two Conures from someone who was allergic to them. One is a male sun conure and the other I believe to be a female Nanday. I got them a real nice cage and put a nest box on it just for them to play in,but now they are both sleeping in at night and I've noticed they have started feeding each other. Is there a chance that though they are both different breeds of conures but I'm curious if they will mate and lay eggs They don't like me to open the nest box. Is there a chance that they could possibly breed? I know it isn't good to cross breed them and if I should take down their nest box. Thanks if anyone has any advice. Kent

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-26
    Because you have two different species of conures - it does not mean they will not breed. They will cross breed. It is not a bad thing. It is just that some people feel that you should never cross breed a species. The babies will be born and healthy, happy etc. Not a bad thing - just some folks do not approve. It would do no gfood to remove the nest box as the female would just lay the eggs off the perch or in the food bowl. If they eggs break, she might continue to lay eggs and run into a calcium deficiency so you might as well let them do what comes natural and enjoy it. The feeding is breeding/courtship behavior. No, they would not want you to open the nest box - it is their private place. Have fun.
marie worthing - 2011-09-11
I'm looking for nanday conures parrots to buy.Can you help me? I live in Texas. In Henderson county but i will travel a long distance if the price is right. Thank you. (903)432-3214

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  • laurie - 2012-03-10
    i just bought one from a lady in Euless. $250 if that is a good price for you.
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Anne-Marie - 2006-04-16
I would like to introduce our 15yr old Harold, who loves caravan holidays, and sitting outside with us just chillin. He is definately Mummy's boy, and gets a little jealous when dad wants a cuddle, but is usually won over with a treat. He likes to chase the cat, and joins us at barbeques, loves socialising at parties - guests not so keen to have him on their knee for some reason! (That's where he likes to sit, or on your chest with his head against your chin). Is happy to sit on your shoulder outside, and joins in when I play the guitar (not quite in tune with it though). He likes playing cards, but he cheats by marking them. He doesn't talk, but slurps his drinks (not taught by mum!), laughs, and clucks like a hen. He also does a fanfare and goes oh-oh. He likes a piece of the action - literally, and will sample anything you are trying to read, sew, fix. His favourite trick? Watch dad hoover the carpet, then throw his food around and look around with a satisfied expression. Is loved loads. Love the website, very informative, nice to hear of other conures and their owners!

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Sarah - 2005-05-17
my name is sarah and i have 4 sun conures. the first was rico about a 3 year old male conure i purchased from another family. he doesn't talk but laughs when he hears someone else's laugh. he loves to snuggle and be under the covers with me. shortly after rico i bought cheeky, she was 4 months at the time, from a breeder at the flea market who has been breeding birds of all kinds for about 30 years. she loves to play alot hanging upside down all the time. i think she likes the head rush and the reaction she gets. also the chewinest thing i ever seen!!! buttons or beads on your shirt are cracked or pulled off in minutes!!!. and though i never wear earings she still loves to nibble my ears. kisses are her trademark. this was all back in november last year. now i just bought 2 more conures, not sexed yet, and i haven't decided on names yet. not as friendly as rico and cheeky but still seem to be very good birds. a little training and lots of love and patients and i am sure to have a big happy family :)

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Heather - 2009-03-06
James - so sorry to hear about your little parrot. I got mine from someone who couldn't keep her in a flat. she was nearly bald from plucking but so eager to be friends. She loves me and starts calling the minute she hears my car pull up although she is with my mom all day. She just wants to be on my shoulder or under my chin and gives me so much happiness. I know how big a space she will leave in my heart. There are many unwanted parrots who would love you as an owner. Think about 'adopting' and enjoying giving and receiving from another lovely bird.


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denise G - 2006-09-30
Hi. We have a Sun Conure named "Picasso." He is quite the alarm, as he makes noise whenever someone opens our front door or another door in the house. He loves pizza crust, peanuts, papaya and also waffles. He loves to cuddle in his blankie on my husband's lap. He will mimic a "sneeze" and also bobs his head when we hum or sing certain songs. We also found out if we leave his blanket cover off his cage til 11pm, he will sleep longer in the morning. It wasn't fun having his "bird alarm" going off at 7:30am when we first got him. Picasso was adopted after the family of 2 young daughters decided they didn't have enough time to spend with him.

spannzer - 2011-09-08
Umm, I don't know whether to get a sun conure or a cockatiel. Can someone tell me how much both cost from a pet store? thanks.

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  • Thomas Kerce - 2011-09-22
    would like to the price of a sun conures.
  • robin - 2011-10-24
    I'd never buy any sun conure or cockatiel from a pet store, find a reputable breeder, pet store prices are also very high. Try to buy a hand fed and hand raised baby or very young bird of your choice, I had cockatiels, their very nice birds, but my choice is my sun conure- green cheek conures are very quiet compared to the suns, but the noise doesn't bother me. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  • Tina - 2012-01-16
    Choosing between a sun conure or a cockatiel depends on how much your willing to spend. Sun conures when purchased from a pet store can range in price from 300.00 to 500.00 and cockatiels range anywhere from 80.00 to a little over 100.00. I have had both and they both are uniquie in their own way. Both can learn to talk with a lots of encouragement. My conure blows kisses and says I love you. With both birds you must hold them a lot as infants otherwise they'll grow up and you'll never be able to hold them cause you won't be able to catch them.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    Cocatiels and Conures are very different in personality. I would describe the cockatiel as a bird that says 'I love me and you best love me and do as your told or I'll get you cuz I am KING' and a conure says 'I love you and I will always love you and I know you screw things u p sometimes cuz you're just a human but I will teach you?' Conures are velcro birds and will fly whever to be near you. I have had several and all were 1000% housebroken returning to cage or perch to go to the bathroom - which is great. Did I TRAIN them to do this NO - they just start to return back to their cage to go potty in the same spot consistently about 1 year old - like a cat to kitty litter. All my conures got along with everyone in the home and strangers once they knew them. I would definitely get a conure from a breeder ONLY and they would run about $100.00. There are also many types of conures and the green cheek, red fronted etc are also exceleent excellent companions.
  • Jaz - 2012-01-30
    Where can you buy a sun conure for $100.00? I would want to buy one at that affordable price. I checked around and the prices ranges from $300-$450.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-31
    Sun conures purchased directly from a breeder usually run between $75.00 and max $150.00 depending on age, hand feeding and breeder. Pet stores have to wean them and make a profit etc and they charge more. Unless it is an extremely high quality bird pet store, I would never buy a bird from them. Certainly not a chain. There are also other types of cpnures and although the looks is different the personalities of all are great. I have queens and love them. I had green checks - great.

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