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The two Umbrella Cockatoos pictured here are still babies under 3 months old, and still needing to be handfed twice per day!
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Sabrina - 2004-12-18
I have a cockatoo. it is so loving. I take her everywhere I go. she is always sitting on the steering wheel. she is comforting on bad days.

Amri Ahmad - 2004-04-29
I have a male White Cockatoo his name is Alba. He is two years old. From what I discover the White Cockatoo is the best bird for petting. This is because compared to the other parrots that I have eg: Orange Winged & Jardine Parrot, the White Cockatoo is the best.

paul - 2003-09-13
I once had a umbrella, it was the best bird Ive ever had. I have asthma and the powder they give off made it worse. I have never had a bird since I got rid of him, but I have been saving up for a african gray for almost 2 years. I cant wait to get another bird!

chris - 2003-07-29
They are probably one of the most loving cockatoo.