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The two Umbrella Cockatoos pictured here are still babies under 3 months old, and still needing to be handfed twice per day!
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Cheryl - 2006-07-13
We have an Umbrella Cockatoo that was given to us a few months ago. She is 7 years old and has brought so much happiness to our lives. When we are not home, her cage has a box in it with toys, balls and wooden clothespins. She loves to go in the box and throw all her toys out. She also chews on the wooden clothespins which I replace everyday. The box, toys and wooden clothespins were suggested to me by her previous owner. She also goes in her plastic swimming pool outside and tosses her toys all around in the water! Scrambled eggs and apples are some of her favorite foods among a few. She is a very loveable and cuddly bird and I'm so happy that we "adopted" her!

Don - 2006-07-07
Dakota Bird,

She was adopted at three years old, and is the sweetest thing you can imagine. I've learned to "ration" my time with her to a few hours aday, so she is used to being alone at times. I think this is best if your cockatoo can adapt to this schedule, or you may end up needing to spend every minute of every day with your parrot. By all reports she is happy and well adjusted, and loves to go places with me, and meet people. She attends our local parade each july forth. She also visits schools, nursing homes and libarary. She is extremely gentle and loves to cuddle.

Here is a pic from our parade if anyone cares to download

She brightens up the lives of everyone she meets.


ps. note to editor, feel free to remove the line and download info, its not a full "url" but noticed your rules. I just wanted to share her pic.

Karen - 2006-06-13
My cockatoo, Kiki was very nice, she knew how to say alot of words including knowing my children by their names. She would even say "I got to go to the bath room". She could say almost anything and would make you laugh and then she would laugh at you. She was a real sweetie. She was our best friend and now she's gone. She pass away 06/12/2006 and will truely be missed. We loved her very much. She will always be in our hearts. Maybe one day we'll get another Cockatoo. Kiki was great.

John Halverson - 2006-04-20
I have had my umbrella cockatoo for almost four years. We named her Rocket because she was born on July 4. She says about ten words. She is a real cuddle bug. The only complaint I have is when I pay $30.00 for a toy and she chews it up in less than a day. But, she is a real sweetheart and I am glad I have her.

ute harrison - 2006-04-09
Sammy my U2
Got him last summer, he is 7 yrs old now and he suppose to hate
male humans. Main reason why his former owner sold him......
I have a pair of now 4 yr old Twin Boys and he is with them everywhere
He sleeps with us in the bed, in the car with us, walks thru the house
toy boxes loves LEGO'S like the Twins or Remote Control Cars.
he walks outside on his playstand in the backyard, My dog ( Pitbull)
is scared of him:)
We are blessed to have to have him.

Nikki - 2006-03-30
We have an unbrella that was caught out in the wild. we got her a year ago and she is a sweety. 2 minutes before my dad pulls up from work she gets annoying and starts squacking. she loves everybody and always is showing us how beautiful she is. every time we're eating she comes and eats off our plates. We put her outside in her tree but since we havent clipped her wings she likes to fly to the top of this big tree next to our house and sleep. she alays comes back. We take her on many of the family trips. she has become our other sister, she does some weird things though.

Tony - 2006-03-07
Although this site give some lovely advice,if you are seriously considering owning a cockatoo, you may want to check out This site is loadedwith a detailed description of what to expect. Enjoy!

Chelsey - 2006-01-17
My umbrella coackatoo(joe) was a rescue bird, and who ever thinks that rescue birds wouldn't be as friendly as store bought birds they are completely wrong. my cockatoo joe is extremely loving intelligent and cudly. joe was origionally willed to me and my family from my grandmas friend. but he started coming to my house to visit me and my family. the first time he came for a visit to my house, he didnt want to go back to his old house. so we have had joe for 5 months now and he is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. We take joe everywhere we go and he loves to come with us. we take him to childrens hospitals to visit the kids, old age homes, and also to numerous schools. joe can say approximately 50 words which is more then average for a cockatoo. he can also do lots of tricks! i have many other birds including budgies, cockatiels, asian crested dove, a rosella parrot and thats about all, but my umbrella cockatoo is definitely the one that is most involved with my family!

--------------- - 2005-12-06
this got me an A on my project thanks to anyone who helps with this site

Mayra - 2005-10-05
I have a 1 month old Umbrella Cockatoo and i know its not a long time but i can only say right now that she is adorable, I agree with everyone, they are alot of work but i guess its getting used to the change of life. i had a Macaw and now i have a Quaker and i have Mollie, and i can only say that Cockatoos are the best little cuddlers and sweet babies.
My Macaw was sweet but too hyper and she would bite. she is gone and i miss her terribly. thats why i had to get another bird but decided to change breeds and i think i made a great choice. a lot of people tell me that when they reach maturity they will change, but until then i will go day by day with her and try to tame her as much as i can. we all have bad days, so why not them.