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   The Moluccan Cockatoo has an orangish pink accent in its crest, and a lightly tint on the body!
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brian - 2011-04-11
I got a 12 yr old male moluccan cockatoo. He's a super sweet bird but lately I noticed he'll go to a corner of his cage and start shaking and sounds almost like he's hissing. Does anyone know why he's doing this? Please tell me. Thanks.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-11
    Shaking - like his body is shaking as if trembling? Feather crest up or down and body feathers out or flat? Cage looks out a window? Cockatoos will do a sort of shakey thing where there body seems to treble and a low almost growl vs hiss. I can't say for sure but breeding season is one thing. Is something out the window? Is this just a short 30 - 60 second trembling than my guess is breeding thing. Feather crest up and wings out and flapping and head bobbing with big noise - well you probably know that is normal for attention. I found that mine only did it in the spring and I was told something like the scent in the air and hormones. Mine was a female though and she started it about 9 years old.
Carla L - 2009-12-29
I am the owner of a beatiful 12 year old Moluccan Cockatoo named Bacardi. I have had her since she was a baby and she is very bonded to me. She is very loveable and friendly to most. This past year she started mutilating her chest. I have been treating her for the past 4 months or so and it is getting very expensive. I see this appears to be a common problem in their teenage years. I am new to this site so I'm learing how to communicate with those of you that have posted comments about this horrible mutilation problem. I'm in the process of getting some result back from a specialist to confirm anything going on healthwise. I'm getting very frustrated and worried I won't have the necessary money needed to continue such treatment. Anyone out there that can give me some hope?

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  • annmarie and boo - 2010-02-20
    Do you bath your bird? Getting them use to the shower or bath tub is a good idea. Try soaking her feathers every couple of days and misting her everyday. Warm mist humidifer at night near where she sleeps might help too. Our climate is too dry for our birds. Just use plain or brita filtered water. good luck.
  • syndi - 2010-04-10
    My bird started that too in the teen years as well. I spent a lot of money as well and saw3-4 different vets. Finally when I was in zoo by the bird area, I spoke with one of the care takers. She told me to put on a denim sweater. I made her one and she couldn't chew her chest. It worked great. Although she looked funny! I took it off only to spay her down with water and put on meds. Back on it went. She work it for a long time too. But her feather miraculously grew back although not 100 percent.
  • melanie67 - 2010-05-10
    Hi not to worry this is very common in these birds usually they do this when they get depressed or frustrated. Try some new toys and try giving more attention and you can use Vaseline to the area and it won't hurt him at all.
  • kathy - 2011-03-15
    Hi Carla, I have a 20 year old Molluccan Cockatoo since she was 4 months old from a great breeder, I am all she knows. I am having A LOT of problems with her 'vibrating' behavior in the last 4 months and need ANY advice. She is my life and I have paid for my funeral arrangements over the past 5 years so she will be well taken care of when I'm gone, I have no kids or relatives. This behavior is getting worse and I don't know if it is 'brooding' or something else, please educate me if you can or know someone who can let me know what to do. She is a great girl and 'time-out' doesn't work, please help us. Kathy @ or 604-607-0607 Thank-you for you time.
  • Jeahnette - 2011-03-24
    My moluccan is 13, I put a vest on him. Corrected the self plucking. He likes some vest better than others, he lets me know. Also if you can move her cage outdoors when possible......wind currents, sounds etc. keeps them busy.
Neil - 2010-09-13
Hi I'm a new owner of a 18 year old mollucan cockatoo named Miestro. I was wondering what temp is to cold for him? And what is a comfort temp for him. He is such an awesome addition to our family. I wish we would of got one sooner! He is awesome with all the kids and loves to greet everyone who visits.

glenna - 2010-08-16
I am owned by 2 mollucan cockatoos who are feather pluckers with one that mutilates. I rescued these birds from abusive homes. I am also owned by a sulphur crested, goffin, bare-eyed cockatoo and a African Grey. All these birds came to me with issues and I have healed all birds of their issues with feather plucking and mutilating expect for the 2 mollucans. All birds in my care are vetted by a very great avian vet.

Why I am writing to you is to ask if you have any suggestions that may help with my guys? I would like to tell you that they have toys, eats fruits, veggies, seeds, they are on vitamins daily, iodine weekly as per vet suggestion.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Awaiting your reply

Gaby - 2010-03-01
I recently got a mollucan bird and it layed a egg with no nesting box in the bottom of the cage. She will not let me near her or the cage. I also have a citron bird in the cage, I think he's male. Should I seperate the 2 or leave them together? I need some friendly help and advice. If anybody has any, feel free to comment or email me. Thanks

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  • Wm Zinn - 2010-07-20
    You have a Citron in a cage with a Moluccan that you recently "got"? Do you know anything about the disposition of these 'Toos that you have? You are flirting with disaster. Either of these birds are capable of inflicting severe injury on the other, but the Moluccan is far more capable of killing the Citron. The egg laying isn't really an issue unless there are other factors involved.
  • Nathan - 2010-08-03
    Hi is the egg fertilized was there a pair that mated, sometimes female birds lay hollow eggs and if they are hollow the mother will sit on the egg not knowing that it is hollow and if the egg is hollow you should take it out of the cage she may no allow you too. Give it a few days and try if still no satisfaction remove bird from cage and then take the egg out. If the egg is fertilized then you need to buy a nesting box it looks like a little bird house but to be on the safe side I would contact a vet and tell your parrot has laid an egg because they parrot will hatch and it needs to be fed the vet will ask you if you are gone to feed it or do you want them to feed it for you for a price. Baby chicks are hard to raise sometimes that's why parrots are so expensive good luck.
del - 2009-04-11
If anyone's bird is mutilating or plucking itself and you are about to give up, I can help you! My bird had a hole in his chest and no feathers. He now has no hole and almost all of his feathers back in one mouth! I used the vest and more. The vest I GOT at and I did more! I will help in any way I can, please email me, THANK YOU

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  • Jide Abisoye - 2010-02-24

    I have not acquired a too yet.
    But this is my question. There is a 6year old male Mollucan that I am looking at.
    I was told he was just put in a basement with not much interaction, so he is kinda shy, most of all he does not like to come out of his cage. He does not bite but he would rather be left alone.

    Would you buy this 6year old Male Mollucan for $600?
    Need I say that he is in perfect feather condition.

  • Gerda Schultz - 2010-04-14
    I have the same problem with a 25 yer old. I just took over his care a month ago. He is still mutilating himself. He was seen by an aviary vet who said that the chest wound would heal with medication. But since he won't leave the wound alone, it is not getting a lot better. It seems be be less deep. The vest sound like a really good idea. Please let me know what else you did, as that may help me too.
littleuno1 - 2009-09-25
Betty We will gladly take Chessie if you have not found her a home yet. thanks Richard and rebecca (Editor's note: You will need to take this conversation to the forum in order to include contact information. Good luck!)

Betty - 2009-01-20
We have a beautiful female Moluccan named Chessie whom we adopted two years ago. She's banded thus caught in the wild before this ridiculous practice was stopped. She's delightful however needs a home where she has fellow birds who understand her wild (and loud, did I mention LOUD) speech.
She has three large cages and LOVES men, tolerates women. Needs a guy who wants to spend lots of time with her and give her tons of love. Please respond if you are interested and qualify based on above comments. Thanks!!!

Keith - 2006-07-30
I have had my Mullucan for the past 5 years her name is Peaches and what joy and love she brings. i just got a Blue and Gold macaw to keep her company I pray it is what she needs.

Lewey's owner - 2006-03-28
I have a male Umbrella cockatoo named Salsa, a male Moluccan Cockatoo named Lewey, and a male Blue and Gold macaw named Max. I have never found a better bird than Lewey. He absolutely adores me. He likes my Umbrella Cockatoo and gets along with my Macaw. he adores everyone he meets and is quite a talker. He says: I love you. hi! night-night! You're a cutie! I'm a baby. Good baby! Lewey. Please? Cuddle time! Tickle time! GO AWA-A-A-A-A-Y!....and more. He makes different sounds from around the house and sings opera to get attention. But boy, can he be LOUD!! Anyone getting this bird should become used to the sound before purchasing. Otherwise, I love Lewey.