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   "Rocky" loves attention and is a very playful comedian. When he gets excited he will lift up his crest like an Indian headdress, bob up and down, and dance. What a card!
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Jillian - 2010-05-21

I work in an office in where one of my bosses is obsessed with birds. He bought a Cockatoo (this kind) about four years ago. Every day I dreaded coming to work because of his loud screams all day! I never took time to research them until now when I was ready to quit over this bird. I am so happy I have found sites such as these. In the past I have tried to take him out once a week, but reading all these articles has shown me that he must be played with everyday. I have taken his cage out from the window where everyone comes and stares at him and tries to play with him. I now know that he was just scared. He has calmed down so much and is not screaming as much. I know I have a long way to go but I am going to stick it through!

thank you!

Scott Reid - 2005-06-02
I used to have an LSC. She was given to me on my 13th b-day in Singapore and had her as my companion for 20 yrs. I think in hindsight that she had been wild, for she bit me for the first year I had her, but after we were pretty much inseparable- I guess we "bonded". They do need a LOT of attention, patience, and love, but they return it in spades and can be very entertaining and loyal- jealous, even, in my case. I miss her(she passed away last year) and wish there had been a website like this I could refer to, but I wouldn't trade those memories for anything!


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  • Lori Schaller - 2011-09-18
    That is awesome, but I am sorry to hear that she passed away. I felt better knowing that I am not the only one who is going through living with a very loving and jealous friend. I thought that my bird, Baby, is just a bird with mental issues. LOL
  • Clarice Brough - 2011-09-18
    Sounds like you had an awesome pet. I love the Sulphur-crested, they are such beauties and clowns, a bit more rambunctious than the umbrella's. They have always been a favorite. I'm sorry for your loss Scott, my birds are part of my heart too, and those that I've lost (or had to re-home) are still a big part of me and such fond memories.
holly - 2011-07-30
My pop had a cockatoo named lala. He would dance and speak very very clear. He saved a persons life he would call out your name when he wanted somthing off you. He was the most friendliest bird. He loved kids. You say dance lala dance and he would repeat and dance. My family will miss him as he later passed.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-01
    When birds talk and mingle they become such a part of the family.
Elaine Austin - 2007-01-18
We adopted a 12 year old rescue LSC. He is now named Hakuryu. He is quite independent for a cockatoo, but also loves attention on his terms. We has been a part of our family for almost 3 yrs and is a delight. He had a horrible past and we are working on him with his aggression. He is only loud when you are standing in front of the TV. He loves music. He is a typical cockatoo because he loves to dance and entertain and he says a few phrases like Pretty, pretty bird, and hi and bye, etc. He has a really large cage and uses every square inch of it since it has so many toys and different perches and is very active. A cockatoo is not for the faint of heart and they will test all boundaries and when they bite they leave little "smiley" faces. A peson who has a baby cockatoo needs to be patient because when they hit puberty (2-5 yrs), they get very nippy and no longer the love sponge they wanted.

maria - 2006-06-05
I have a sesser sulphur crested cockatoo named Coqui and she is a sweetheart. Unfortunately, she was mistreated from the time she was weaned until we bought her 3 years later. Her previous owners spent a fortune when they first bought her (we have their receipts) on toys, food, a cage, etc. But by the time we got her, the only thing in her very dirty cage was a 1' long cement perch. She was never allowed out of the cage, and we assume she might have been abused because she is very neurotic, and frightens easily. We have had her for 8 months now, and last week, I was finally able to pick her up and sit her on my lap without her freaking out. She won't let us take her out of her cage, but she enjoys jumping around on it when she is out. She is beautiful and very loving, and she lets us scratch her behind her head while she is on or in her cage. It's taking time, but our little Coqui is very much worth it !!!

di - 2005-05-11
I purchased a Lesser sulphur crested cockatoo in Nov.2004 he was born in July. He was tame and gentle, but at times he had his moments. He was so demanding that my life was centered around him. After 5 months I called the breeder and returned the LSC back to her. It broke my heart. I get very attacted to animals very easily, especially when he was so sweet most of the time. I would like to let people know how much time they require and how messy they are. Think many times before you make a decision. I learned the hard way.