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   "Rocky" loves attention and is a very playful comedian. When he gets excited he will lift up his crest like an Indian headdress, bob up and down, and dance. What a card!
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Linn - 2014-07-02
I have 6 parrots. One female lessor sulfur crested about 14 years old. She just laid me an egg! I didn't think this was a problem with the larger species as opposed to parrotlets or cockatiels. I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions? I will call my vet, but any other insight would be appreciated.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    A visit to the vet is important at this time to ensure the health of the bird. What stimulates a parrot to lay eggs is still a mystery, but things like diet and additional summer daylight are known to increase the chances. Generally it is recommended that the bird always has a good diet, but when egg laying provide it with extra calcium and protein as these are known to stimulate egg laying. Reducing the calcium and protein along with a reduction in the amount of daylight can help, but you must be certain the bird is not carrying any more eggs, and a vet can help determine this.
Peggy Brown - 2013-10-21
I have a 6 month old male LSC. He is so sweet and funny, he loves me but bites my husband. When we first brought him home he was fine with both me and my husband. After about a week home my husband was gone on travel for a week, when he got back things were different. Trying to decide whether or not to keep this bird, I have no problem with him, he has bitten me but he gets a time out for that. My husband can pet him but cannot pick him up a lot of the time because he knows he may get bitten. Had a session with a trainer/behaviorist for the biting issues, distraction works pretty well but for my husband it does not work.

Caryn Williams - 2013-07-21
Hi, my 4 month old is now almost a year old... My older bird is 6 years. The younger one really wants some interaction with the older one. She chases him around the cage. If she gets too close the older bird screams his head off until she backs off. At night they sleep in different cages. The older bird has never attacked the younger one, he just does not want anything to do with her at all! I really want them to get along and share a cage. We have tried a couple of times to put them in together, but the older one pitches such a fit, we give up. I don't want anyone to get hurt! Is there anything I can do to help them become friends?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-24
    Hmmm, well it sounds like your older bird has gotten quite used to being solitary! I really can't say as to whether he will ever want a cage mate. It might be better to just keep them in separate cages. Over time (a long time!) maybe he will warm up to the younger bird and want to share a cage.
Wendy Miller - 2012-12-08
I was hoping that u could recommend an in-depth book on cockatoo behaviors/psychology-I have a 5-month lessor sulphur-crested cockatoo and when I play with him-he loves to play 'gonna get ya' He runs away on the floor and I play chase him-then he will turn around and runs at me-laughing because that's what I do, anyway this is a game that we have played for about 1 month and my concern is that when he gets older is this going to be a bad thing that I have started-a couple of times when he was playing this with my 16 year old-I noticed that he was more aggressive than he is with me. As he matures could this potentially become even more of a problem. He loves this game but I am concerned! Can someone give me some insight into this? Thank You!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-08
    It is nomal - although may seem a bit strange.  It's the typical tag.  I had many people actually call me and so scared cuz there bird was 'chasing them' and they would be standing on a chair or whatever and would want to know what to do.  The answer is just stop running.  Puppy will chase you and then when he catches you - he will turn around and run the other way and you have to chase him.  More agressive with your 16 year old than he is with you - mine would really seem way more agressive with my daughter than me.  He'd just would pound his feet and bob his head and holler out and then chase her and catch her.  When he would catch her - he would hit her shoe sideways with his beak. Odd.  If you are nervous or it seems to be getting out of control cuz sometimes a parrot will get wound up - just like a child - then time out time or calm down time. 
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-08
    Forgot about the book.  I don't know of a specific book on cockatoo behavior but I am confident if you think of a 3 year old child dressed in feathers - you will underatdn the behaviors.  Don't eat in front of a 3 year old with out sharing.  Do not attmept to put a 3 year old to bed when the company is around.  Do not
Caryn Williams - 2012-11-26
Hi, I have a five year old lsc. He is my baby boy and I love him to pieces!! He's very spoiled! We just got another one (4month old) we have two large cages so they can see each other. Do you think they will get along? The 5 year old is a male. Can two birds of the same sex get along together? We will DNA test the baby soon.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-26
    Sure - two same (or different) birds of the same sex will get along.  If they are a different sex - they can easily pair bond - keep them in separate cages.  People have had good luck with their cockatoos - even if they pair bond - going back to being pets even if they do nest.  Good luck and have fun - enjoy them both.
Toni - 2012-10-16
I need help dealing with a biter. My boyfriend has had a lessor sulphur crested cockatoo for 15 years or so. She's about 20 now. She is very bonded with him. And very jealous. For the first year I knew her she screamed if I went near him. I've lived with her for 2 years now. She's let me pet her through the cage and give her treats. And she usually doesn't scream when I touch him now. But sometimes when I pet her she tries to bite me. She got me once. Ouch. When I walk by her cage she'll reach out and grab me with her foot or her beak. But I've been careful not to get angry. And the book I have on her suggested not pulling my hand away, which is scary. I'd like to be able to handle her or open her cage without fear of being attacked. I'm always worried she'll need something or something we'll be wrong and he won't be home. She does have a history of flying at other women. Is there anyway to get her to trust me?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-16
    The amazing thing about parrots is their memory. Another amazing thing is their incredible ability to bond with another person or another bird. Some are more gregarious and can have a general bond with multiple birds/people. But in captivity the group they become gregarious with can often be limited and the bird adapts to live with that.  This bird has a very high need for socialization. In the wild it would have been with a small flock, and comfortable with all.

    It sounds like your bird's 'flock' has consisted basically of just your boyfriend, so its a big leap for her to learn to be gregarious as an adult of  15 years. She knows she wants (learned/adapted to) your boyfriend as her bonded companion, and preferably all to herself. But she also has interacted with you for two years now, and knows you for all your patience and the extending of a friendship. But of course wth her great memory and bonding ability, she still has her preferences and acts on them. That will probably not change as long as he is part of her life.

    But look at the great strides you've made. She recongizes you as part of the group, though not the center. I would continue to be patient and loving, over time your relationship will only get better.
  • Toni - 2012-10-17
    Thank you for your advice. It has just been the 2 of them, except for the cat who passed away. He spends a lot of time with her. He's a good pet parent. It's comforting to know there's hope for me and her and that I'm doing okay. Thanks again.
Anonymous - 2012-09-09
Do cockatoos require grooming?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-09
    Cockatoos pretty much groom themselves.  They will require spritzing or spraying with water or aloe bird bath a few times a week as they have more water in the rain forest than we do here and their feathers will get dry, scratchy and itchy without water.  Some love the shower and some love baths and some just like spritz.  Some can be pretty fussy and not like the spritzing but you should do it anyway. 
Brandon - 2012-08-13
I had an african gray for a while, and have a little experience with big birds. I'm getting a LSC that is 2 yrs old. I'm worried that I don't have enough experence. Is there any advise for someone getting a new family member? I could use it. Let me know if there is a good place to go for advice, or if there is a good book to read. Any and all help will greatly be welcome. Thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-14
    The Lessor is so smart and just watch their body language as very difinitive.  I am sure she will train you very well.  I have a cockatoo and you know how i can tell when she wants papaya juice versus apple juice.  Well, if i give her the wrong one, she will hit my hand with her beak.  Not bite - just gently hit my hand (holding the cup) with his beak so I spill it.  He is 28 years old now and i often wonder how he got me so trained to bring hoim apple or papaya juice before bed. 
  • Brandon - 2012-08-14
    I appreciate the info. I have plenty of time to learn and plenty of time to dedicate to a bird. I think like anything it is mostly a learing game and unless you have been around birds your whole life its just a matter of common sense. Thank god for the internet. I will be fine, I'm looking forward to my new LSC. I was wrong about the age though, she has been DNA sexed and is 10 not 2. but either way I'm gonna hit it head on. Wish me luck, I will be posting my thought as I go. Thanks, I still welcome any and all advise, or comments, or suggestions.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-14
    If you can handle an African Grey, you will be able to handle any big bird that comes your way.  An African Grey says 'I am in CHARGE, you will do it my way.  You will do what I want, when I want, and possibly I will reward you by letting you pet my head and not bite you.  I will not like anyone else you introduce me to and I will let you know it.  I am independent and you had better love me for it'   A cockatoo says 'I will do anything so you will just hold me.  I will try and be real good all the time, I will like your home and I will always put you first.  I will love to cuddle and never tell your secrets and I will lick your tears if you cry.  I will always be there for you and if you just treat me as the feathered 3 year old that I am - I will always be loyal, loving and friendly.  I do chew wood but a pine two by 4 (untreated) cut into pieces works fine and is cheap.  I will just love you'.
das - 2010-05-01
I just purchased a LSC today. I did think long and hard as this is a life long commitment. I was told that she was a he, but after getting her home and in her new cage she kept lowering her head and raising her bottom and shaking (breeding posture). She is amazingly sweet, letting me pet her already and not biting. The place I purchased her from concerned me. There were so many other Cockatoo's in dirty cages without toys and missing feathers. It reminded me of a puppy mill but only a bird mill. I felt so sorry for those poor birds. The people who breed these birds related they are selling all their birds and getting out of the business and I hope they do. Too many birds are purchased and then abandoned or resold back to breeders who do not give them the kind of attention or care they need. It is very sad and I feel like I rescued this bird. She is going straight to the vet on Monday. I offered to come back and help them clean cages but they didn't seem like they wanted the help. I know not all bird breeders are like this, and I had no idea when I contacted them off the internet what I was going to find, but it makes you wonder.

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  • Jade Lindholm - 2010-12-07
    I have been searching for a cockatoo who needs me such as a rescue and wondered if you would tell me where this breeder is so that I can buy one from them to get the bird out of trouble. Thanks for letting me know. Best Wishes and thanks for your post. Jade
  • Barb Dozier - 2010-12-31
    Report these people immediately. There is no time to waste. Those birds are suffering. Don't allow it to go on. Call animal control in your area, they will know what to do.
Bkrbabe221 - 2010-04-11
I "inherited" a LSC from a wonderful, loving couple who were getting too old to care for her. Not knowing a thing about birds (but being a die-hard animal lover), we took her in and did a lot of research. She is charming, intelligent and plays well with a pit bull and black lab (yes, really!!). She talks, she plays and is charming. Not for those carefree with their animals and not for those with children since they do require so much time. It's like having a perpetual 5 year old, but she's so funny. I never thought I would like birds, but I am a true lover now.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-10
    That is all it took for me too. I got just one bird and fell in love and then I got another and another etc They are wonderful. Sulphur Crest is a great companion and a fun fella. Lots of luck and enjoy.