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   Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoos make very loving pets that need lots of attention. They can learn to talk, as can most cockatoos and are easy to teach all kinds of tricks!
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Amy White - 2005-11-04
Just got my Triton Cockatoo... prior to this had only a Quaker Parrot... this Triton is GREAT! Loves everyone she meets... a great bird!!

debbie - 2005-01-30
hi - we have just brought our first cockatoo, it is 16 weeks and very inquisitive.

We have called him cheeky, he has a nice new cage and on day 2 is taking sunflower seeds from all the family we have 3 children who are 12 13 and 14 - they all love him.

He was dancing tonight and pulling his wings back and clapping, he is a real entertainer.

We moved to Brisbane from UK in october 2004 it is now nearly february 2005 and we have just settled in our house, and Cheeky has complete our family, we are so happy and he now takes preference over the TV as he is more entertaining.

Jamie Goule - 2004-02-09
cool bird man were ya get it ,1 of da coolest birds ive ever seen but man ive sid sum gudons so i wud def want 1 of dem