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   Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoos make very loving pets that need lots of attention. They can learn to talk, as can most cockatoos and are easy to teach all kinds of tricks!
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VIcki - 2010-03-22
I have a 8 year old Greater Sulfur Cockatoo named SugarBear. He is spoiled rotten he believes he should eat with the family 80% of his Parrot food hits the floor because he throws it there. He loves all types of potatoes mashed french frys, augratins &weet Potatoes it doesn't matter to him he loves them all. I also give him fresh veggies ,fruit and rice. But he's driving me crazy throwing his food out I want to make sure he's getting the right amounts of Vitamins

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  • kiah wiseman - 2010-04-12
    I have a sulfur crested cockatoo named jack he's about 6 years old and I got him when I was quite young I was about 10. He's very loyal and he loves my attention. His bond with me is very strong I can take him out side and he won't fly away his wings aren't cut, he can fly. I hand raised him from an egg but I just fond out a month ago I did a DNA test he's a she. I give him fresh fruit and veggies every day so I expect him to live for 70 to 80 more years so I'll be really old when she dies. I also own a red tailed black cockatoo named max. He's about 6 month old I paid about well my dad paidd $7.000 for him and he'll live for 100+ years it's nice to know that there's another cockatoo lover out there.
  • Alvain - 2010-12-13
    This week I just buy a Greater Sulfur, she is very very friendly, but I go way for less then 30 minutes she start screaming a lot,,. Even if I keep her outside the cage, she still screaming.

    So unfortunately, I could not keep her at home, I need your advice since you have a good experience with your bird.. please help out to reduce the screaming.... because I'm going to be crazy.

  • nicola - 2011-02-21
    These birds waste their food all the time. They mainly throw it on the floor to get your attention bc they know it makes you mad. I have decided that they are looking for a special daily treat when they do that. Mine is usually missing his coconut cracker or peanuts in the shell.
  • Roz - 2011-03-29
    I would beg to differ with food being thrown on the floor to gain attention and desirous of getting a treat. In the wild, Cockatoos are the propagators and horticulturalists in the Australian bush or rainforest. The dropping of seed pods and fruits is essential and is how a cockatoo is "wired" to eat. Don't get too discouraged with the amount of food wasted - just give them a choice of 4-5 vegies or fruit and leave it for them to eat and take away after 1-2 hours. They love spinnich, celery, bok choy, beans, peas, sugar peas, paw paw, corn, grapes, carrot, large red chillis and Capsicum.

    I am unsure if you are living overseas or in Australia, but truly, the best food to give your Cockatoo is what they eat in the wild - like wattle, grevillia, gum tree branches, banksia and bottle brushes. No doubt, in doing research you would know that sunflower seed, in particular black in colour is extremely bad for your cockatoo - it will give them a fatty liver and such a diet will drive them to bit and scream. Enough of myrant - good luck with caring for your darling Cockatoo - they are gentle and tender hearted and very forgiving - they will give back to you so much more than you could ever imagine - our Sulphur Crested certainly has - we are all in love with her - she is both gorgeous and exasperating - often at the same time. All the best
rabz - 2011-11-29
In what age does a cockatoo start talking?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-30
    They make noises pretty young but won't usually start saying words or trying to before a year old. Most cockatoos are not great talkers and only learn a few words.
  • dolly - 2012-02-11
    I have had a greater sulphur cockatoo for 4 weeks and it was about 6 weeks when I got him. He is talking already 4 words and he can also laugh like a human when I say tickle he raises both wings and waits for a scratch then he laughs. Be patient and consistant your bird will talk if you stay at it.
Nabeel - 2010-08-29
I have a 6 yr old and 10 yr old Greater Sulfur Cockatoo. The past owners did not teach them how to step up. One is growing feathers that were completely plucked he has feathers so far missing on the shoulders of his wings and his legs. What can I do to speed up the process for them to return? And can you train these birds at this age to step up? Can they be taught to talk more?

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  • John - 2011-12-10
    Your cockatoo is stressed. When stressed they will pluck their own feathers. They can have a bacterial infection as well, although this is rare and unlikely. The rate of regrowth is as fast as nature intends, no quicker and no slower. Simply put, there is nothing you can do to speed up the process, they will grow back when they grow back. What you can do is to de-stress your bird.
Faye - 2010-04-13
This morning a flock of Cockatoo's screeched and squawked in the trees next to my garden. I do not know if they are greater or lesser Cockatoo's.
When I went outside one of my half grown bantam chickens was missing.
Can anyone tell me, Do Cockatoo's pick up prey and take it away to eat?
Is it possible that a cockatoo took my bantam.

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  • sally - 2010-06-16
    Haha, no, that is definitely not possible. They are not raptors. The only meat the eat is the odd bug.
  • Sandie - 2011-06-21
    My name is Lucy, I am a greater sulpher crested cockatoo and I have asked my owner to reply because I love love love meat, but not something I have captured, although I love catching flies and bumblebees mid-flight. No, I want steak, love pork chops (bone-in please), italian meatballs, chicken bones, hotdogs, I think you get the idea. I actually feel that if it is good enough for my family then it is good enough for me. I am almost twenty years old and have been eating right along with my family every day. My cage sits right next to the dining table. I can read the packages before they are opened or prepared and I place my meal order right away. Let me tell you, some of the family (Dad) doesn't like to share EVERYTHING he eats so I have to remind him that I am still here and need some of his nachos. Boy do I love nachos with the works!!
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-21
    Cockatoos do like meat but they would just pick it up - more like a small bug or lizard. They wouldn't swoop down and pick up a half grown bantam. It is just too large. I can see where you would think it though but they are primarily seed/nut/vegatable eaters and are not birds of prey.
wendy - 2010-12-26
I need serious help I recently got a cockatoo I have wanted 1 since I was little. When I inquired about him they said he was 6 mths old (not true I'm guessing he is about 14 mths). They also said he was tame (again not true I'm guessing they got him from the wild as he is very very feisty). My questions are
1) How can I start to train him?

2) What are the right foods to give him as I have read so many sites some are saying this is good while another says it's not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • trent hardy - 2011-03-22
    Spend lots and lots of time with him. Give him lots of love and attention. . . .
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-03-30
    This is similar to a situation one that happened to me. At the time I was a novice when it came to birds and I was told that an approximately 15 year old blue/gold macaw with a quarantine band was a hand fed 6 month old baby. A friend of mine was a breeder and after Tiger ripped his arm open, I decided it was best to go slowly. I placed a perch by the cage and let Tiger go in and out at his pace. I thought this would get him used to me going by and he would feel less threatened. I then started feeding him by hand treats such as peanuts, shelled sunflower seeds etc. After he was used to my hand and showed no agression or fear, I would hold old a sunflower seed with one hand and very slowly just touch his feet with the other. The feet became the back, then the head etc. I finally taught him "UP" and he would perch on my hand. It took me about a year but Tiger did become an amzing pet with a slightly stubborn streak. However, he was affectioneete, enjoyed play and following me around the home. The more he trained me, the better behaved I became and so the more he trusted me.
    Lots of luck and just go slow. Cockatoos make wonderful pets and are a delight to have. Let us know how it works out for you and any tricks you come up with.
lisa - 2010-03-13
About a year ago we were driving alone a country road and we hit a cockatoo. It survived so we took it home. My dad said it didnt look too old and cockatoos are really good pets so we put him in a cocky cage. At first he was really angry and scared; he hissed and bit any one that came near him. 6 months later we decided he was too loud to have you the front of the house so we put him in the chook pen (its really big 50m by 20m)and it has a cover over it. When I fed the chooks one time he followed me around I sat down and after some time he became really affectionate. He trusts me completely. Ever since he was in the accident he has had a limp and his flight feathers havent grown back. I dont want to give him up to wires because we have such a close bond.

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  • Kayla - 2010-05-22
    Hello I'm kayla and I'm ten I have a greater sulphur crested cockatoo, we got him about a week ago and he is about 5 months. He is not tame but he will let you pat him, and he is hand fed. But he always sits in the same spot and he dosen't like fruit, he is very quiet my next goal is to train him to get out of his cage.
  • Anonymous - 2010-08-25
    Don't.. they will put him down because he can't get back to 100% healthy.
Bonnie - 2010-06-09
i have a sulphur crested cockatoo and it laid some eggs does that mean it's a female?

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  • Debra - 2010-06-22
    Absolutely yes. Make sure you have her on a good pelleted diet and examined by an avian veterinarian to make sure she is healthy enough to not have complications from further egg laying.
Gregory Maslivar - 2010-04-27
Hi my name is Gregory, I live in Panama city , I would want to get a couple of sulfur cockatoos, first of all how can I do for this maybe in ship travel because in my country they are very expensive, around 2500 dollars so what can I do to get the couple at a low price and without problems? My phone is 50765638514.

Sarah - 2006-11-06
Hi, my name's Sarah and I have a four year old Greater Sulpher Crested Cockatoo called Ade. I got him when he was two months old so we have a very close bond. He's sitting on my lap as I type this! He's a big show off and loves doing his tricks in front of people. He has a big vocabulary, he says, "Hello", "Whatcha doing?", "How ya going?", "What's that?" and he whistles, laughs, imitates dog barks and the phone ringing. He loves playing and chewing things, he demolishes a wooden toy in no time. The only problem is that he doesn't like many other people and sometimes bites them, he also doesn't like males and little kids, so he is a bit unpredictable. But with me, he's fine, only bites me if he's a bit cranky or I do something he doesn't like. He's beautiful and my favourite boy!!!
Love Sarah and Ade (Brisbane, Australia)

errin - 2006-05-03
We got our cockatoo about 3 months ago, she was a rescue bird, that our friends sister had, she was no longer able to care for it, because of fear, the bird put her in the hospital, than our friend had her for about a year, she screamed the whole time there, his daughter has ear problems. As animal lovers my husband fell in love with her and kept talking about her, i went and met her and said than yes we will take her, she is so loving she makes kissing noises and i have taught her to blow kisses which is hillarious, she has a very large vocab, unfortunately she has a really bad potty mouth, and says swears in a different voice than her sweet i love you voice, she screams if you walk in the door, and don't go see her first, she loves attention, but will and does bite, man she like a snapping turtle with wings, she had done a lot of plucking at her previous home, but hasn't since she lives here, and her hair is growing back, she is loved very much, can't imagine life without her, she seems to play favorites my husband and i have to take turns caring for her, i have always been able to clean her cage and feed her but after sticking her in the bathtub, after we first got her she was not white, she hated me, would scream when she saw me attack at my hands when i would feed her grab at my clothes through the cage pull my hair, now she is nice to me and giving my husband the attitude, she chased him through the house the other day, and was biting at his feet and pants, she has not bit our children 14,12, and 9, they have all held her when she is in her loving mood, and are very aware of her bite for i have a huge scar on my arm. Having a greater sulfer cockatoo, never brings a dull moment, and she now's how to get your attention, my son screams mmmmaaaaaammmmm, sounds like a goat, and i hate it, he has always done that to get on my nerves, the bird is now doing it.