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   Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoos make very loving pets that need lots of attention. They can learn to talk, as can most cockatoos and are easy to teach all kinds of tricks!
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Marie Nelson - 2014-10-28
I have a yellow crest cockatoo - female. She was my parents birds until 14 years ago when they passed. This summer I noticed she was loosing a lot of feathers, we gave her greens, fruits, she loves peppers, small pieces of whole wheat bread and some supplement. However it is not doing the trick. She lives in a big cage, and has a yellow head amazon and cockatiels for neighbors. All birds live inside a big room with a/c and are kept very clean. I am worried about my cockatoo, she eats well, does not look sick but is loosing her feathers. Please help. Thank you . Marie Nelosn

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-29
    Cockatoos are notorious chewers, and will often go after their feathers especially if they get bored. Try adding lots of variety in things for her to chew on. Providing lots of branches, cotton ropes and other 'chewable' toys, even towels or sheets on one side of the cage can help.
Neelam - 2014-05-14
HI we have just brought in a sulphur creast cacatua.she is nice allows me to touch pamper her but suddenly bites don't come on my hand and also at times screems. Don't know what to do as I'm a first time bird owner. Please kindly guide me so I can make my bird more comfortable and be friends for long

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  • shehla - 2014-09-23
    They usually bite when they want to be left alone. Do you have a female bird. I am on a lookout for a female greater sulphur cockatoo. Can you recommend where to buy one. I have a male bird for the last 9 years. he is extremely wise and friendly.
pina macri - 2004-07-22
sulphur crested cockatoos are beautiful birds. I have had mine for 15 years and he is still as white as he was when I got him at 5 years.
Would like some info on how to get him to talk more than say his name and the cats and hello.

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  • JehanAra - 2014-05-01
    Please help me To assist my Dear cockatoo to say something More than just 'hello!'
Lilly - 2013-12-18
If you had a cockatoo for about 25 yers are you allowed to put another one in with it?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-26
    Cockatoos are very social animals, and if you've had it for 25 years... it probably thinks you are its flock. Adding another bird is fine, but you want to give both birds plenty of time to get used to the new arrangement. It takes time, love, and patience.
Kathy - 2013-09-19
We are moving from Queensland to Tasmania and want to take our cockatoo who is over 30. He was with my Mum till she died and we inherited him, he doesn't like me much, but loves my husband who has a beard and long hair. He talks to him daily. He is a very healthy cockatoo and we need to know he will be OK moving to Tassie?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-19
    He should be fine, but will have to get accustomed to a new home just like people do.
Bea Sevens - 2013-09-03
I have a 28 yr. old triton cockatoo and live far from a bird vet. I can clip his nails, but his top beak is over-grown. How can I safely trim the upper beak? He has worn his lower beak in to very crooked shape. I am watching carefully to see that his diet has remained the same.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-03
    You could use clippers to trim his beak. My bird farm uses a dremel too to quickly grind a beak down, but either of these can be very stressful for a layman that isn't aren't well versed in these methods and able to do them very quickly. You may want to just bite the bullet, and take him on the long journey to a vet or a bird farm. Afterwards provide him with good chew items to wear the beak down. One thing about cockatoos... they love to chew!
Sam - 2013-06-25
I live in Madras, (South) India; One Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo probably brought to India by pet trade is free living now for over a year around my neighbourhood... The bird refered to as Australian in the neighbourhood chooses to spend most of it's time in my roof top garden and the tress around... I have seen her eat Gauvas (from the trees around) and have recently started leaving some Gauvas for it to eat... I leave water too but am not sure if she uses it... The bird is shy and that gives her a good chance for the long term survival, considering many have tried to catch her over the last many months... Wonder what can be done to ease from the pain of being the lone free ranging Cockatoo in this part of the world! Sam Kottivakkam, Madras, India. +91 9841034180

IAN WEBB - 2009-06-23
As a pet these are not a bad bird but can be nasty when cleaning out the cage etc. I have heard of people losing fingers, but in the wild these are Australia's second worst pest. They are the farmer's nightmare and a very very destructive devastating bird. Myself I rank them up with the Indian Myna and the Cane Toad as this country's worst pests. I hope that my view does not hurt but having been on the land myself. I see the damage this bird is doing to the man on the land, who is struggling with this and the worst drought in at least 100 years. The farmer has to make a living, thank you and have a nice day

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  • Ros Stiles - 2011-08-11
    Perhaps you need to remember that humans came and took over the cockatoos food source, felled their trees and cleared their forests. So if the poor birds actually dare to take some food from your trees when you have (your ancestors or previously land owner) raped their land took away their food and shelter etc. Perhaps you could plant a few trees for the birds to help them out instead of complaining about them. And I do understand - I come from a farming background.
laurie - 2008-11-30
We acquired a Greater Crested Cockatoo at our store as a lady had him, Val'dore
for a week and he bit her. This lady had gotten him off another couple who used brooms to chase him and apparently the people before that threw stuff at his cage to shut him up. They have put him on drugs etc. He is now drug free and I have brought Valdore home. He has sat with me and talked with me but knowing he is not going to be chased by brooms things thrown at him I think he has a chance. I have let him out on his playtop and his cage is open for him to feel he is not enclosed and welcome to come down and sit with me when he so feels like it. This day is my first day other than visiting him at my store. We will just see how sychotic they say he is. I would be if people treated me that way, the thing is everyone want one of these lovely parrots but do not do their homework as cockatoos need a lot of love and attention and are not very independent in comparison to an African Grey or Blue and Gold (which I also have). Feel free to visit our website @

Nad - 2012-12-30
Hi all need a bit help...I just got a major mitchell 7 weeks old..all looks ok so far but he continuously started breathing from his mouth. It is a bit hot as well as temperature is above 30 here in perth. Is there any thing to worry about or is it normal. Thanks

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  • Rishi - 2013-01-25
    Your cockatoo should not be in a hot weather