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   The Goffin's Cockatoo are known to be clowns, and are extremely playful!
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Stephanie McDonald - 2009-11-25
Hi everyone! I have a Goffins that is supposed to be around 3 years old. Her name is Peaches. My husband and I had separated for awhile and I bought her to take up the extra time. I was told she didn't say anything other than her name every now and then. I was comfortable with her being quiet since I have a 3 year old, but one night my entire family was down and she started saying, "Peach Peach Peach!" and dancing and whistling and wanting her scratches! (It really sounds more like reach reach reach!) When my husband and I got back together, she would let him touch her but would never talk in front of him. He told me he couldn't believe that I had paid so much for a bird that didn't do anything! About ten minutes later, when he was good and asleep, she let out an ear piercing scream and started talking! She clicked her tongue and said 'Greg' which is his name. I have only had her for 3 months, but she will let me kiss her and she kisses too. She loves to play with my hair and nails. She won't get on my hand unless she has been on the floor, and I am wary of her being on my shoulder because the day I bought her, she got on my shoulder before we left and bit a hole in the top of my ear! It hurt, but either way, I love my Peachy bird! We are getting a cockatiel for my son for Christmas because it would hurt him less to be bitten by a smaller bird

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  • Anonymous - 2010-08-23
    Really? It would hurt him less to be bitten by a smaller bird...again your son is 3 years old? Let him enjoy getting bit by your bigger bird first and let him tell you he wants a cockatiel for Christmas!
  • Nancy - 2010-11-16
    How much are you asking for your goffin?
  • trishiatripp - 2010-11-27
    My husband has a goffin named peaches. She loves him. She says, "hello peaches, ha ha ha, love" and sometimes barks at my poodle. She is jealous of me so she bites my toes!
mandie mcarthur - 2010-10-24
How do you find out the age of a goffin cokatoo I have 1 who is supposed to be at least 25 yrs old but he does not talk much only what I have taught him I would be grateful if you could email me if you know the answer.

Mary - 2009-06-29
I just got the opportunity to acquire a goffin from a late friend. I already have a Congo African Grey and love her very much. Will they get along?

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  • zacy414 - 2010-02-21
    i like this comment cause its short
  • courtney - 2010-06-22
    They should.....but it all depends on their personality, and sex so you should try it and see if it works out.
  • Anonymous - 2010-08-31
    I have a Congo African gray as well and two goffin cockatoo all in the same cage. Cage is 10 feet 4 feet. I also transported them to fly all in one cage. My birds get along good. The gray have taught them to say more words.
Scott Stenberg - 2009-08-25
I've had Rocky since 1988 and at that time we guessed him to be around 4 years old. He was a rough one indeed - I got him dirt cheap at a swap meet. I couldn't stand to see him couped up in a small cage and hauled around in the back of a van. I had always been around birds - parakeets, cockatiels, and conures, so I knew Rocky would fit right in. After a few years he settled down and like all Goffins loves to be petted and be 'on me' whenever he can. He's out whenever I'm home (including overnight). He's posessive of me to extent he'll chase off cats, dogs, anything that comes on "his" sofa. Once, when the power went out overnight and it started to freeze I brought him to bed with me to keep him warm. There he slept - no problem. He's never bitten anyone but I'd be (am) leary of young children who don't respect the power of his beak and jaw. If you have enough love to go around a Goffin is agreat companion that doesn't take up the whole darn house.

Julie - 2009-04-29
I just recieved a 3 year old male goffin cockato named leo. He dances and says "Rock N Roll". He loves attention and loves to play and if I don't keep somthing on the doors of the cage he will reach out and open them. I am really enjoying his company and his comic behavior.

Proud Owner Of A Bare-Eye Goffin's Cockatoo - 2009-04-04
I have a 3 year old Female named Roxy and she is a sweetheart. She hasn't started talking yet, but I am working on that. She gives kisses, dances and LOVES to sit on my shoulder while I am watching TV or on the computer. I wouuld recommend a Goffin's Cockatoo for anyone because they don't need HUGE cages, they usually aren't too expensive, they're friendly and are great with kids of all ages. I hope to possibly get a Goffin someday, but right now ... Roxy is happy with being alone. I must also say this, though ... if you have a smaller cage (like me) you have to take them out A LOT. Roxy is in a Cockatiel cage, but she is out from 4:00 pm - 8:00 am. Yes, she stays out overnight! I haven't had any problems with it either! Another thing with her is that her cage actually needed a lock on it so she couldn't get out when I'm not here because she is such an escape artist!

James van Wyk - 2009-02-10
I have been wanting a goffins fore 4 years now! I really want one, but I probebly need to pay 70-90$, but this is not easy because I'm in geremany. I think I will get one before next year (2010). From reading all theas comments I hear they are really loving. I'm very sure that when I get one I will definitely be very, very happy. GOFFINS ARE AWESOME!

Connie and Mayah's Mom - 2008-07-29
We recently purchased a young Goffin's cockatoo and we are smitten! Connie is the sweetest, most affectionate bird one could ask for. She loves to ride around on my husband's shoulder while he goes about his business in the house no matter how basic the task he's doing. She also adores our African Grey parrot Mayah (as we all do!); at first she tried to treat Mayah like a mother figure which poor Mayah found unsettling, but the two have struck a balance and love to hang out together on their tabletop perches. We are so thankful to have two such wonderful, affectionate, and intelligent birds to share our lives!

Anonymous - 2008-07-27
My fiance and I rescued a goffin's cockatoo when it was 7 years old. He does at times live up to the reputation. I know that with younger children he is very fearful and does not like strangers. Just keep an eye on the interactions between the bird and children and it will be fine. Our goffin loves to torment our dogs (we have 2). He will chase our beagle and has jumped on our great dane's back several times for a free ride. The only thing is the birds do bite and the dogs do get annoyed, so again just keep an eye on the bird when it is free. Ours has to be locked in the cage with padlocks or he will pull his food bowls out and escape and tear apart the house (and be quite proud of it). He can open the door to the cage in a matter of seconds. (Just to give you a heads up). He is a huge cuddler and we do love him, his cuteness makes up for being a stinker (as with all animals we own). Just be patient and you will be fine. Teach anyone who will interact with the bird how to handle him/her which will make them more confident with the bird and the bird comfortable with them.

LENKA - 2007-11-24
Hi again, from Lenka and Dinosaurous. I think that I am so lucky because I seem to fall more in love with my little Dino everyday! He is such an angel and I can't imagine not having him. He plays all the time. He talks all the time. He sings and dances when he gets in the mood (to party). I keep looking into new toys for him to destroy and satisfy his urge to constantly chew. He seems to be very happy. Right now though, we are going through a stage where he likes to try and stick food into his wing feathers (unsuccessfully, hahah), though putting them through some damage! (They don't look their best now). Once in a while he manages to stick a (food) pellet in his baby feathers, though. I always find it when I snuggle him before sleep, and I laugh at him and tell him he's so funny. It's almost like he understands. Anyway, my love for him will never end, he is my real angel!