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   The Goffin's Cockatoo are known to be clowns, and are extremely playful!
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Eileen - 2011-11-17
Hi. I watched the 'Petkeeping with Marc Marrone' and he mentioned of Goffin Cockatoo. When I was watching it, it made me wonder if I am too old to get this bird and what is its life span will be. Because I am in my 40's and I do not know if I can still get one and also not sure if it can be a service animal due to my Aspergers and I am also deaf as well. Just curious as I already have three animals, two dogs and a rabbit. :-)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-18
    Goffins life span is around 50 - 60 years and they (as most cockatoos) require a lot of attention. Without attention, a great deal of toys and much companionship, they have a tendency to pluck. I have never heard of a parrot being trained as a service animal and although they are extremely intelligent and can be trained to do many things - I don't think they would be as dependable as many of the service animals need to be. Possibly their size and dexterity would be a good reason.
  • Eileen - 2011-11-21
    Ok. Thanks for your input. Your information really helps.
kacyliew - 2011-10-13
I had a goffin too. Three years ago I moved out of my landed property where it was allowed to move along a long bamboo placed in the garden to an apartment. At the apartment, it was left unchained on the balcony on a T shaped clothes bamboo holder that allows it to look out on to the greenery and tree tops as its 12th storey high. One day, it was attracted by some other wild parrot and later flew down to the tree top. As it was captive for sometime, it could not fly very steadily but landed on the tree below. We went down to the car park where the tree was grown to try to
persuade it to come down but to no avail. It spent the night perched on the tree. Next morning, we went down to check and that poor fella, hungry and
lonely flew down to land on my maids head. The maid regularly fed her and there was this bond established so it chose to return to her.
Goffins are affectionate towards their handlers and its a pity that I had to give it away because I felt unreasonable to keep it at a limited space environment. Now I want to buy a yellow crested cockatoo. Any suggestions where I can get one baby bird at a reasonable price??

kristin - 2011-09-19
I recently got a female goffin named cookie. I was told she was under 10 and I wanted to get a male for her I've heard that if I had a pair that they would get mean and unsociable. I don't want that so does anyone maybe have a pair that could shed some light onto that rumor or keeping them in sperate cages or the odds that they would bond and not hate each other.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-19
    Most birds in the wild become very territorial during breeding season. They stay pretty close to their mate, away from other birds. At the end of breeding season they re join the flock with their off spring. Some species of parrots are way more social than others. Cockatoos are one of those species. A friend of mine (breeder) has an Umbrella cockatoo and he goes out in the aviary every spring and stays with his gal pal and they have babies. When the babies are brought in then the dad comes back in the house - he is such a pet. Unless he comes back in - he won't eat. Another woman I know had a pair of scarlet macaws and they remained totally tame and you could always hold them except if they were on eggs. Pair of moluccans that freinds have had for years and they have babies right in the living room and stay 100% pets even while on eggs. It depends on the birds, the species of the bird, how tame and sociable the bird is and the personality of the bird. Most breeders would tell you that the parrots do not remain as tame as they were prior to selecting a mate. There are exceptions. I look at it like when your child/bird decides it is time to get married and have babies, they get pretty independent. If you want to keep your gal strictly as a pet - then I wouldn't suggest getting a male goffin. However, if you get a male, you will probably have babies and then have a pet again. There is no odds. Sorry.
anna - 2011-09-17
I have had my one goffin cockatoo for 36 years, and one for 25 years, very funny birds they do flips, they are fun to watch, as they get older,they get a beautiful peach color, but i never thought i would have them this many year's, if you have alot of year's, i would get one, they are alot of fun, just make sure the one you want is young, and it make's good eye contact with you, a bird that wont look you in the eye is alot harder to train, you can tell how old it is by the color, baby's are white, it take's time to get that color in them. hope this helps you. anna

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  • - 2011-09-17
    P.S. they are great escape artist,mine have a very heavy lock on there cage, if i leave the key in it, they can unlock it, that's why her name is houdini. anna
Jennifer Randall - 2011-05-29
I have been thinking about getting a Goffin's cockatoo for sometime. However i work 8 hours a day from one pm to ten pm. i would be more then willing to give this bird all of my time before work and after work. But i am not certain with the hours that i work if this will be enough. has anyone else worked these kinds of hours and been able to maintain a healthy relationship with there bird?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-29
    Yes, you can have a cockatoo - a little goffin. I have had birds for a long long time and I know they know sunrise and sunset. However, my birds think sunrise is when I get up and sunset is when I watch the last TV program. I had a moluccan and I worked. I had breakfast with my Sam and I left him lunch - human food and I got home about 7 pm. He knew when I got home that it was dinner and we would eat, then he would sit outside the shower and then we would watch the Equalizer that came on at 11 pm. Then he knew it was bedtime. It isn't the hour of the day but the time you spend with them. Today, my Czar (another cockatoo) knows when late night Law and Order goes on (at 11 pm) and he will holler till I get him to play and watch the program. They adjust to your routine. You have the morning and I am sure a little time in the evening. Get one and enjoy and they will love you. Just do plenty of toys and leave music (preferably a TV) on for them during the day. I buy movies for my guys so they can watch Surf's Up or Nemo or whatever. They learn talking that way also and they love the movies.
  • Karen Stevenson - 2011-07-10
    Hi Jennifer! I've had my Goffin Cockatoo for four months now. His name is Casper. He is fun, loveable and very playful. I felt like you too. I was worried about not being able to give him enough attention, but he gets plenty. My hushand and I work the 2nd shift and are away from home 9 hours a day and Casper does pretty good. He is so happy when we get home, he even dances. I'm always so happy to get home and hold my bird. He is a great tv buddy, he will even watch tv with me. I don't regret buying him at all. Casper has been such a delight to our family. Good luck picking out your new bird. Make sure you get your Goffin a lot of toys, it helps out a lot, especially when you go to work. My bird even likes to chew on straws and peel the paper off.
  • Tammie - 2011-08-29
    Hello Jennifer,
    Obviously several months after your posting. I have a 6 yr old Goffin also named Molly. I work a day job 8-9 hours and I leave a radio playing for Molly and I change out her toys often. She knows when I get home and will start bouncing up and down and if I don't acknowledge her within approx. 20-30 min after I get home she will yell. I give her a little food and fresh water and pet her and then she is fine. On weekends she loves having coffee with me. When I first got her she did bite and hard but we went thru that for awhile and then she was great - now with others if she's out she will walk up to them and get on their arm, but just for a few minutes then I take her back just in case. She loves attention and because my children yell "mom" and I answer "what" Molly will yell "mom" so I will always answer her back to with "what". She is really a good bird - I cover her at night and she's quiet now since I get up by 7:00 any later she will put out a scream. I think they get use to your schedule and they stay on it. At night she will actually start screaming around 8:30-9 if I don't cover her to put her to bed.
  • anna - 2011-09-17
    I have had my one goffin cockatoo for 36 years, and one for 25 years, very funny birds they do flips, they are fun to watch, as they get older,they get a beautiful peach color, but i never thought i would have them this many year's, if you have alot of year's, i would get one, they are alot of fun, just make sure the one you want is young, and it make's good eye contact with you, a bird that wont look you in the eye is alot harder to train, you can tell how old it is by the color, baby's are white, it take's time to get that color in them. hope this helps you. anna ps they are also escape artist and can pick locks,mine have a very heavy lock on there cage, and dont leave the key in it, they can unlock it.
Jennifer Arckivy - 2008-04-12
I am about to purchase a Goffin Cockatoo and I am very scared because of all the different things I keep reading. I have been wanting a Goffin for so long and have read up on them so much. When I read great stuff I get all excited and then I read bad and get nervous again. I think that he would get enough attention with our big family. I work from 6:30 am to 2:30pm and will be home the rest of the time as so will my husband, 4yr old daughter, and twin boys 13yrs. We also have a cat and a dog. I would do what ever I needed to make sure the baby is happy. Please if anyone can write me back and let me know what you think, PLEASE. Jennifer

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  • Donna Throckmorton - 2011-05-02
    Hi Jen, our Goffin girl Shera, gets along with our 17 year old Shelitie. Our Collie Dora died a year ago. Shera really misses Dora. I also have Persian cats and they get along well together. But I never totally trust the cats, They are afraid of my amazon Max because he bites them. So I gues that's why they respect Shera.She likes kids as long as they aren't jumping around being crazy. She likes quiet kids.
    She also likes to chew the lamp shades. Or her favorite is the key board on the computer. You can't do anything about the chewing except kept an eye on it, and give it lots of toys. Small foot toys. Encourage independent play .
    That way it knows how to amuse its self when you can't be there to amuse it. Try if you can to get a young one. Easier to train. Good luck
  • Lisa - 2011-09-06
    A Goffin loves to chew. Buy a box of popcicle stix at any craft store like A.C. Moore for about $4.00/ 1000 stiz and put them in a bowl in his cage with other wooden blocks.Mine likes to ring his bell and chew on the wooden blocks. You can get these pieces in any bird catalog like Foster and Smith in the (make your own toys) section.Yoy don't have to spend lots to entertain your buddy.
crystal - 2011-05-22
Well, my goffin was a family friends for over 20 years, and the first 5 years she was a classroom pet for 3rd graders. But some how a family friend needed to get him a new home, and I jumped at the chance. She has a 1800. cage, and we thought she was a girl until she laid an egg. lol She is the most affectionate pet I have ever had. She likes to steel your soda, and she loves to boogy! I have a 4 yr old and she loves to cuddle with all of us. and when she gets sick of one of us she goes on to the next. It is all how the bird was raised. the earlier you get it the better. good luck we love our Sammy.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-23
    Cockatoos make excellent family pets especially when they are well socialized (as this one has been) early on. They adapt, love all and goffins are especially great easy going pets that love their humans.
MsBabyBlake - 2010-01-08
I first bought a goffin cockatoo for my father in law. He had a African gray that died and the same time he had his disabling stroke. Clyde was in a bird store and the workers said he was a loud bird and had a problem with pulling his feathers out. Even with that I still paid 1200.00 for him. He rode home on the steering wheel and we stopped at a chicken place to order some chicken before bring him to Papas. He had a large vocabulary! Called out my on by name told people to shut up, and shut the door. Then the not so favorite words that pops taught him. When my father in law was approved to go into a VA home we took Clyde back. He adored me and would sit on my shoulder and say Pits which meant I had to rub under his wings. He would bite any one else in the house. But, I was attached to him and I was happy he was a good bird. We where transferred to Washington state from San Diego. I brought all the pets in my car and Clyde loved going for rides. I was worried about the weather change. We stopped by my Step Father in-law for a few days in San Francisco on the way up. He had free fly in the house. I clip the wings so he can not fly far. Then we headed up north to our new home. The first night we got here Clyde slept with everyone on the living room floor. The first day he was throwing up, I thought it was from the change and not having his cage yet. We got his cage in and he seemed happy, but not Clyde's usual self. I pet him frequently. But the move hurt my back and I had to go to the emergency room. While I was there we received a call that Clyde was sitting on the bottom of his large cage not responding very well. Of coarse I went into a frantic. I wanted my IV out and to get out to get to him. I instructed my son to get him to a vet asap. In the mean time I fought with the doctor who where telling me I might have cancer. Yes I was scared but I knew I was going to die right then, Jesus I went in for a back ache! So I demanded they remove the IV. I would come back after I have seen my pet get the help he needed. We went crazy trying to find our son and beloved Clyde. When we reach there I was told we where too late, he had passed. I was crushed! it has been a year and it still bring me to tears. I cried so hard. I had him cremated and kept his bracelet. My husband knew it was heart wrenching for me and we look for another little guy. We found a goffin breeder about an hour from our home and went to look at a 1 month bird and 2 month old. I wanted both of them, unfortunately we could only afford one. My husband wanted the older one. I was pulled between the two so I agreed. He still needed to be feed with a syringe but was a little large and thought it was better for the kids. Valentine is his name, Vally for short. He is the most personal little guy you would every meet. He loves to leap on my head at night, and yes I let him sleep in bed with us for several months. Until I left my lap top open and he tore all my keys off. So now he sleeps in his cage and when my husband has duty he sleeps with me. He loves to be right by me and will go under my hand like a dog or a cat and want to be petted. He cleans my teeth, sits on my head (I am short) and I give this little 8oz wonder as much attention a I possible can. He loves oatmeal with cinnamon and nutmeg a little butter and milk and I top it with whatever fresh nuts I have. I make him what ever we are eating minus the salt and pepper or other harsh seasonings. He sits on my shih zu and chases the cat. He forgets he is small and can be crushed with one innocent love bite from another animal, so I keep him within reach when he is out and about. Our cat Sabby and he play. Sabby lays on his cage and then plays between the bars. He talks, but not in front of me, when he can't see me. He has a beautiful voice and talks very clear. When I come down in the morning he sqeeks out HI HI HI. All happy the morning has started and he is getting his fresh water and food for the start of the day. I change his food and water morning, noon, and night. And make it a point to spend at least an hour a day with him, if not more. Birds are a beautiful pet and you can raise them to be very cuddly and loving, enjoy!

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  • Donna Throckmorton - 2011-04-27
    Hi, Your post made me laugh. My little Shera was 11 weeks old when I got her. She was just this little ball of fluff. And she would fluff all her feathers and make the most pitiful crying sound until I picked her up. Well she used to take naps with me. One morning we were taking a nap, and when I woke up I found she was busy with out me. She had chewed the whole cord to the computer mouse. She doesn't sleep with me anymore. But it only takes her about 20 seconds to pull off about 15 keys off the key board. Now I remember to cover it when she is out. Her next favorite thing, is chewing up the lamp shades. But, hell their cheap.
  • Barb Bialy - 2011-05-19
    We just lost our Goffin this week. We had so little warning. He was 5 years old and just as amazing as everyone describes their Goffins to be. He let out a horrid squwak which got my attention, then he seemd ok so I turned to leave and he did it again. The dog, who never bothered with him, suddenly glued her nose to his cage. I knew then we were in trouble. He seemed to cough up a bit and then pooped, so I thought, ok he's fine. But looking at him I could see he was in distress, chest pounding, rapid breathing, wings starting to spread a bit. I was scared to death. Then his head started to droop till he almost fell off his perch. I called my son and said we are in serious trouble here. He got Buddy out of the cage and within a 2 minute space he was dead. We still haven't stopped crying. You who own a Goffin know how you can miss them terribly. Anyone have any ideas what caused this to happen? We didn't even get enough time to call a vet it all happened within 10 - 15 minutes.
amy - 2011-05-09
I just got a Goffin cockatoo and he screams and gets mean if I am here. Alone he is ok doesnt holler or try even to get off the entertainment center. I made him a ladder like so he can go to his cage and play but if there is my husband or kids here he will go into attack mode. He has already attacked my husband 3 times. With me he is ok and with my kids he will try to go after them until I stop him. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea why he is doing this { his screams are terribly loud } he will sit and talk to me but when he is in trouble he will say hello. I guess that is the only word he knows but I was playing peek a boo with him last night and he seemed to know what I was doing cause he would go unto a box I got for him then look out and I would say it again and he would do the same . I was just needing some information if anyone has any . I traded him for my 2 conures and he is a world of difference. Any info will help

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-09
    Conures are more an every persons bird and will frequently like everyone in the family. Cockatoos usually show a preference in attaching to one person. My guess would be that your Goffin was attached to a particular female and somehow your Goffin associates you with that female. He is probably not used to children and possibly jealous of your husband.
    Ovetime, this might change but probably not. Your husband can give the Goffin treats such as peanuts (as can the children) so the Goffin realizes they have some importance. It also sounds like he hasn't been handled a great deal and is used to being on his own. That is easy enough to change. Neutral perch, talking to him, petting the top of his head, teaching him "UP". It can take awhile. Do you have any idea how old the Goffin is? How long have you had him? Was the Goffin a "pet" to the previous owner? To turn this around, you would need to go slow, watch the Goffins behavior and start from the beginning in training. It could take 6 months to a year but Goffins make excellent pets. They were captured in the wild and tamed down as pets. It might take some patience but it can be done.
Lori - 2010-04-21
I have a Goffin, he's about 16m old,I've had him for a year. Scooter is his name and he is just beginning to talk, he loves to dance, kiss and walks around on the floor following my family like a dog. No joke you can be in another room and call him and he'll come, he also will knock on the glass door to come in or go out. This bird loves coffee but today I noticed the back of his tongue appears to be raw, little pink instead of gray, does anyone know if this is normal or if there is indeed something wrong?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-05-19
    No no no coffee.. It is toxic to birds.. One of many common things, such as avocado, raw onion, and other foods.. As well as the fumes of most household cleaners.. paints, perfumes.. please get on web and look. Lots of sites with lists... pretty good.
  • L Johnson - 2010-05-23
    Coffee is NOT a safe food for birds. You should also avoid chocolate and avocados. All of them contain caffeine which is a poison to them.
  • bryan - 2010-07-30
    If your bird is drinking coffee you may wish to stop this. Caffeine can be fatal to birds and may be causing the color change to the tongue and raw can be from burns if the coffee is hot.
  • Donna Throckmorton - 2011-04-27
    Stop giving the bird coffee, or caffeine of any kind. If it doesn't clear up or improve in a couple of days get it to a vet. Is it still eating its regular diet, and drinking water? Why would you give a Goffin coffee anyway, Lord knows they are wired all the time. My little girl never gets tired, and she is a free flier in the house. I can't say that she doesn't get treats she really should not have. Like she loves ice cream, cheese, and milk. But she only gets tiny bits. Because they have a hard time digesting it. She loves scrambled eggs. Hope your little one will be fine.
  • Dawsi - 2011-05-06
    You should keep your goffin away from coffee, chocolate and salt. They are all extremly bad for your little buddy. As far as the toungue is concerened I am sorry I cannot help you. My goffin trys to drink my coffee in the morning (and everything thing else I happen to be eating) so I started giving her her own little cup with unsweetend apple juice. She loves it and feels like she is drinking coffee with me! Good luck!
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-06
    I am not sure but the back of my Umbrella tongue is pink. The tongue part is grey but in the back it is pink. If her poop looks normal and there is no white dripping by the vent and her breath doesn't smell funny, I'd say she is OK. Now if her poop is diarrhea - or white dripping around the vent area, then she probably has a bacterial infection. If her breath smells bad then possibly a fungal. If everything is OK, then she is probably fine.