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   The Citron-crested Cockatoo really stands out with the orange feathering in its crest and cheeks! It is the most striking of the six subspecies of the Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoos!
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James - 2007-02-14
I have been the proud owner of a citron cockatoo named boo boo,he is approx. 2 years old? I was told by this reputable store, that the last owner had kept him in a cage with no toys and locked in the spare room by himself! That the bird was owned by the husband who wanted to keep him, and a wife that wanted absolutely nothing to do with the bird. I'd would have let her go instead! --so lucky for me, boo boo is mine now and I wish I could meet with the people who let him go--really bad decision! Boo now walks out onto my hand from inside the cage and has a great vocabulary! It was such a sad story, because he is so charming. The stores problem, was every time anyone showed interest, boo boo would run amuck in the cage, or, as they put it "he's a psycho bird" Boo boo does not bite, scream or chew. He now has more love and toys now than he could know what to do with. If you have patience--these birds are greeeat!!

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  • Camera - 2010-09-19
    Hi James!

    I had to write, because we have a little girl citron -- also named Boo Boo! Our Boo Boo is eight years old, and she would like to get married. Where do you live?
Barbara Platt - 2010-07-08
My Cockatoo is 20 years old I just got her about two ago. I would like to teach her some new words to say could you tell me how I could do this she always says Hi Gooby. Gooby is her name. She will not say anything when new people are around she also likes to laugh and it sounds just like my laugh. I have read some of the stories and my bird is an angel. Give me some tips how to teach her new words.

Bonnie Cook - 2007-10-29
We have a 9 year old citron cockatoo that we inherited from a cousin. Toulouse (female) is a very sweet bird. She is one of two birds in this family -- we also have an african grey. Toulouse is quiet except when it is time for the lights to be off for her to go to sleep (thankfully we go to bed about the same time so that isn't a problem). The move between owners I believe was stressful for her -- citrons don't like change because of how they bond with their owners. Thankfully she developed a good bond with my partner. She is out of her cage most of the day since I work from home. She won't come to me -- in fact I think she tolerates me. Still, she is a joy to have and an absolutely beautiful bird. As I mentioned she has bonded with my partner and allows her to hold her, pet her, etc. We have had her now about a month and a half and are hoping that she continues to grow comfortable in her new home. It has been a huge change for her. We also had to change her diet since the previous owner feed her mostly seeds and she came to us overweight.

Citrons are great birds. They need a lot of STRUCTURED attention. If you can do that I would highly recommend this breed over any other cockatoo breed. If not, steer away from cockatoos.

gabrielle - 2007-09-02
Pepito, a Tampa photographer, decided to buy one of these Citron birds. He or she was about 6 weeks old. We are currently feeding him via squeezing liquid food down the throat - what a job that has been. We found out he might need to be fed for the next 6 months. I've actually gotten very attached to him now and he sits with me daily as I try getting paperwork done in the studio. On top of my regular paperwork, he creates another huge pile of paperwork by shredding up documents, orders and everything else you can imagine. In addition he thinks my shoulder is now the place to sleep. He tries plucking my eyebrows and climbing up to top of my head by using my reading glasses as his private ladder. Once on top he's gets ahold of my hair (very long hair) and he slides up and down until he's so tangled up I can hardly get him back out of my hair. It takes Pepito pulling him off of me to get him back in line. I actually love this bird, but had no idea what a full time job he actually could be. He isn't a bird - he truly thinks he's a real person and demands real attention. Now I am thinking of taking him on trips with me making sure he's always got company. I've never wanted kids...I think I might have one now. Although Pepito bought him and is the real owner, I feel like I'm his mother. Pepe, yes, that's his name, loves to kiss and there's no hope for me wearing lipstick anymore - it's gone once he gets ahold of me. He kisses endlessly and it's a hopeless case...he's only 10 weeks old - can you imagine the future?!

Wyatt caccia - 2007-05-09
hi, i dont hove a cockatoo but i think they are really cool. even though they bite, scream, pluck feathers, send people to the E.R., and hate everybody but there owners, they probably make a good pet for the right person. the reason im saying this is because people who neglected there cockatoo get horrible bites and the bird becomes miserable. if you want a cockatoo you should visit first for some info on keeping one of these amazing parrots

Maggie - 2007-04-27
I have a Citron-crested Cockatoo that I rescued from a family that couldn't take care of him anymore. He is a wonderful bird named Rah. He is obviously stressed because he screams at times incessantly and his feathers are not groomed very well. The bottom part of his beak is not pointy, it appears to have broken off. It is in the shape of a crescent. I think he is having trouble feeding himself. I just bought him food that he doesn't have to shell but has all the vitamins he needs. He immediately came to my hand the next day after he arrived and I took out of the cage and let him hang out on the top of his cage. He bit me twice already! I don't understand why? He lets me rub him for hours and likes to be rubbed under his wings. He will let you know when to change wing. :) I am very worried about him. He also bit my nephew Michael. He will chase Michael around the house, we don't know why he doesn't like Michael. Michael is 26 years old. Nothing Michael does pleases Rah and Rah will try and bite him every time.

Stace - 2007-01-08
I am owned by a wonderful Citron Cockatoo named Tenny. He is a rescue and has been with me for about 8 years now. I love him more than anything! He is the funniest person I know and there is no other person Id rather spend my time with! But, he is a parrot, and like most parrots, are only about one generation out of the wild. They are still very much "wild" and they behave accordingly. He screams sometimes, and can be really loud. He is one of 12 parrots in the house. He is also very messy and my vacuum never gets put away! Sometimes this is hard to remember when you are looking at your parrot, in your living room, and he is acting crazy! It can be overwhelming! Please, anyone looking to share their life with a bird, do your research first. Know that they chew everything, they are loud and messy, and if you are an adult, they will probably outlive you. They are expensive to keep and to upkeep. And, no matter what anyone tells you, they will and do bite. Hard. Its usually nothing personal, its just the way it is. Its a way they can let us know they are upset or angry. Just yesterday, Tenny bit a hole through my lower lip. Yes, all the way through...I am an experienced parrot owner and have been doing this for a long time, and as Ive mentioned, I have 12. This is the kind of thing that can make a person give up their bird. This isn't the first time Ive been bitten. I needed stitches in my lip. All of my birds are rescues. Please think twice before getting a bird.

cameron - 2006-12-30
i have recently purchased a sulphur crested cockatoo and I am interested in the citrons. i dont want to buy one, just find out the details!

Kenny Vanella - 2006-09-06
Greetings Animalia Lovers- I have recently purchased a beautiful male citron. I named him Kapi, which translates to: STAR, in the southeastern dialect of Sumbanese (Sumba Island, Indonesia-citron origin). In a home of four fantastic dogs, two tanks of terrific fish, and our sensational cinnamon-cheek conure, our citron, Kapi, is truly the "star" of the home. His intelligence is an astonishing sight. Anyone contemplating bringing one of these beautiful creatures into your home please DO YOUR HOMEWORK, and reap the endless benefits of your decision.

The Bird Guy - 2006-08-03
Aloha from The Bird Guy! Cockatoos are really the best bird for a pet in my opinion! They are like kids! They need alot of attention and can be a bit noisy but oh so lovable!!!! :) So if you have the time for a great pet cockatoos are swell! Best to get them very young and hand feed if you can and treat it well and you'll have a super animal for a long time. At you'll see some of the others. Come to Hawaii and visit us! Aloha!!