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   White-faced Cockatiels can be very striking, standing out because they lack any yellow color and have no cheek patches!
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Rosangela Dowe - 2005-05-24
My family loves our two cockatiels, but the white faced cockatiel female is really special, she's so sweet! She has a male name because when we bought her we thought we were buying a male one. Now she is 13 months old, and has just recovered from a terrible accident that made us love her more!

Paige - 2005-05-23
I have a 2 year old white faced cockatiel who is very sweet. I figured out that his favorite place to be petted is right on the back of his neck! i love him and he loves the family. He is very nice to kids, and if i could pick another bird it would be another white faced cockatiel! Sam (toucan sam) my little white faced cockatiel is the best!!!!

Isabelle Cloutier - 2004-10-21
We received our white face in september, but we bought it in jully. he was too kiddy! we love him a lot. he is so funny. i always have him on my shoulder. he learned some funny song that i show to him. i really dont regret anything about my little Ozzy! that is his name. i have a budgie name Zeppelin and a cockatiel name Ozzy! and i think they will be a good team! my budgie is 4 years old and Ozzy was born the 5 june 2004.

Barb W - 2004-09-15
I have two cockatiels, one is a regular grey female and the other is a white face female. I love them both! I just received the white face about a week ago from a gentlemen that needed to get rid of them. My grey is about 2 years old while my white face is only 9-10 weeks old. And so far they are doing wonderful together. My older one treats the younger one likes she is her mother!! They are both GREAT birds.

Carlie - 2004-08-30
My new baby (White face) 13 weeks old, KIMARRI (Kim-are-ee) is so cute and sweet. I love cockatiels, I am so greatful for my bird.

Crystal Summers - 2004-06-30
My white-faced grey male,Zane,is a joy..I awaken every morning to his cheerful whistling & chatter..He is crippled in one leg where he was nearly killed by his parents in the nest(they killed all of his clutchmates)and he was given to me to handfeed by a friend & he ended up telling me to keep him..

Tracy - 2004-04-11
I have a white faced cockatiel she is 5 months old her name is Somara, she follows me and my husband everywere, I love her as if she were my own. Tracy

jefferie - 2003-09-07
hello. hye. i have a 2 albinos and a grey cockatiel. they are so cuuuuttttiiii. two are tamed and one is not so im basically waiting for them to mate so that i can nursed a baby cockatiel my self. I had them for 5 months already and still no babies. i want babies. Somebody give me advices onkway.

Anne - 2003-09-03
We have had our white faced cockatiel for a year now & he is just SO lovable!He snuggles with every one!
We love you Dakota!

kate unsworth - 2003-08-16
they are beautiful to hug and pat i think of them as a dog because they are so friendly