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   White-faced Cockatiels can be very striking, standing out because they lack any yellow color and have no cheek patches!
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berta - 2005-06-02
Our kids all got married and gone so we decided to get two white face, a male and a female. they are like the kids of the house, very spoiled. now they are nesting, the eggs are seventeen days, and she only had three eggs. hope they are viable ones. every day we check to make sure they are o.k., and the only way Romeo and Juliette let me see them is if i sing the theme to the Andy Grifith show because he knows the song. we love our babies and we plan on keeping their babies if they hatch. we cant wait. Berta

Rosangela Dowe - 2005-05-24
My family loves our two cockatiels, but the white faced cockatiel female is really special, she's so sweet! She has a male name because when we bought her we thought we were buying a male one. Now she is 13 months old, and has just recovered from a terrible accident that made us love her more!

Paige - 2005-05-23
I have a 2 year old white faced cockatiel who is very sweet. I figured out that his favorite place to be petted is right on the back of his neck! i love him and he loves the family. He is very nice to kids, and if i could pick another bird it would be another white faced cockatiel! Sam (toucan sam) my little white faced cockatiel is the best!!!!

Isabelle Cloutier - 2004-10-21
We received our white face in september, but we bought it in jully. he was too kiddy! we love him a lot. he is so funny. i always have him on my shoulder. he learned some funny song that i show to him. i really dont regret anything about my little Ozzy! that is his name. i have a budgie name Zeppelin and a cockatiel name Ozzy! and i think they will be a good team! my budgie is 4 years old and Ozzy was born the 5 june 2004.

Barb W - 2004-09-15
I have two cockatiels, one is a regular grey female and the other is a white face female. I love them both! I just received the white face about a week ago from a gentlemen that needed to get rid of them. My grey is about 2 years old while my white face is only 9-10 weeks old. And so far they are doing wonderful together. My older one treats the younger one likes she is her mother!! They are both GREAT birds.

Carlie - 2004-08-30
My new baby (White face) 13 weeks old, KIMARRI (Kim-are-ee) is so cute and sweet. I love cockatiels, I am so greatful for my bird.

Crystal Summers - 2004-06-30
My white-faced grey male,Zane,is a joy..I awaken every morning to his cheerful whistling & chatter..He is crippled in one leg where he was nearly killed by his parents in the nest(they killed all of his clutchmates)and he was given to me to handfeed by a friend & he ended up telling me to keep him..

Tracy - 2004-04-11
I have a white faced cockatiel she is 5 months old her name is Somara, she follows me and my husband everywere, I love her as if she were my own. Tracy

jefferie - 2003-09-07
hello. hye. i have a 2 albinos and a grey cockatiel. they are so cuuuuttttiiii. two are tamed and one is not so im basically waiting for them to mate so that i can nursed a baby cockatiel my self. I had them for 5 months already and still no babies. i want babies. Somebody give me advices onkway.

Anne - 2003-09-03
We have had our white faced cockatiel for a year now & he is just SO lovable!He snuggles with every one!
We love you Dakota!