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   White-faced Cockatiels can be very striking, standing out because they lack any yellow color and have no cheek patches!
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john - 2008-03-21
Cockatiels are the most wonderful birds. Whiteface 'tiels are even better. If you are looking for a mutation cockatiel, be prepared to spend a little extra on the bird.

Tara and Spike - 2008-01-01
I have a pearl cockatiel who is 2 months old. He was pulled from the nesting box a little early but has become a very amazing bird. He just learned the wolf whistle and we think hes a male but it wouldnt matter anyway. His name is Spike. I have had a lot of different pets and he is by far one of my favorites! Very gentle natured and sometimes clingy, he takes showers with me and always sits on my shoulder. He is such a great pet that 3 of my neighbors went out and bought a cockatiel also after playing with spike! I definitely recommend this bird to anyone! I bet you will get attached very quick.

Soz - 2006-12-13
I have a gorgeous 2 year old white faced cockatiel called Mokey. Although nearly losing him to a stroke at the age of 1 (most likely due to his genetic make up) he has grown up to be a spunky boy who adores kisses and loves wolf whistling to whoever wants to listen!

jay - 2006-11-16
Hello cockatiel fanciers, we have a cinn, pied, white-faced male named Wally. We bought him from a breeder that hand raised him from the moment he opened his eyes. Having a cockatiel as a pet/member of the family is really cool. He hardly ever spends time in his cage while we are home. We can't get him to talk yet, but he whistles like crazy when I come in the house. They are really a great little bird to own! Go out and get one today! Really, now!

Brooke - 2006-08-23
I have a beautiful pearl cinnamon cockatiel named Gardento. He is just about the sweetest bird on the planet. He is about four years old, and quite the blabbermouth. He says hello, goodbye, I love you, and Gardento. He can also whistle Happy Birthday. He likes to play with my Jenday Conure, Lucas. He loves to try new foods and play with new toys. His favorite thing to do is sit in his playstand and eat sliced carrots.

I recommend cockatiels to anybody who has a lot of love to share!

SaM!!! - 2006-08-12
i have a pied hen and a split lutino cockatiel cock.
they just produced a lutino baby for me for the 1st time.
so i love my tiels.
i hand reared the hen and when i check on the chicks she jumps on my shoulder and feeds them out of my hand or just watches.
shes also had a pastel face baby.

Trini - 2006-02-01
I have a 5-year-old white-faced cockatiel, and he is the sweetest little birdie I ever had! He's hasn't even been with us a month yet, but he's already lovingly bonded to our whole family.
I have become an even bigger fan of cockatiels now because of him.
He has a very spunky personality, and he thinks he's a person! He loves being on people's shoulders because he feels like he's walking around. Just this morning he disappeared, and was found nonchalantly walking down the hallway like a person. We now have 5 birds, and will continue to collect more cockatiels as well as other birds!

simone - 2005-12-25
My family and I have a whiteface and he is very loyal. He sings and talks and dose just about everything. Its so cute.

Jillian - 2005-12-25
I just got a White Faced Cockatiel from my mom's friend because it wasn't getting enough attention from them. His name is Romeo and he's the sweetest bird I've ever met! I was worried about getting a bird at first because I had parakeets and they were very aggressive towards humans, but after I brought Romeo home I instantly fell in love with him. I recently went on a trip for the holidays and when I got home he was so excited to see me he didn't want to let me leave the room. He is definitely a good bird.

R.H. - 2005-10-08
I have a white faced cockatiel and he is the most sweet and gentle thing you can imagine. He puts his head down when he wants to be petted and he chirps at you when you leave. I would not recommend a cockatiel as a first bird unless he was hand raised, which can really improve their behavior and make them easier to handle.