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   Pied Cockatiels are beautiful pet birds with large, random blotches of color on their bodies!
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Lauren - 2005-07-16
I have a cockatiel called Milo. She was given to me by my cousin! Milo is so wonderful, beautiful, and a great companion 2 me. The only things that are a let down is that she is scared of a lot of things, poos 2 much, and chews everything! I love Milo so much and I would never ever get rid of her. Cockatiels are wonderful and i encourage someone who wants a pet but doesn't have much room to get one.

Colleen,Willy,Zane and Chicklet - 2005-07-10
I have three cockatiels Willy, Zane and Chicklet. they were given to me by a family member and I would'nt trade them for the world. Somethings are a little bit harder to work out when you have older birds, but when they finally start getting use to you it's great. They have beautiful voices, fantastic senses-of-humor and are just loveable. Just try one. I bet you can't put it down! Take care Everybirds.

Ashley Chaffee - 2005-06-13
We have a cocktiel named JoJo. He is a very friendly bird, always seeking attention. I am so glad I got a cockatiel, he is the best friend that I could have!

Angela Davies - 2004-10-28
I bought Whiskey at a pet shop and she would not go in the cage but sat on my shoulder for the drive home. She loves me to take her out in the car and especially to visit the old peoples home to see my Father. I now have a second one, grey this time, and he is talking and whistling tunes.

Reannon - 2004-09-20
Hey, I Was walking home one day and i heard a small bird it was a cockatiel. He came straight to me, he is very friendly and loves to be around people he talks says my name. You should get one just like him his name is Sam.

Patricia - 2004-09-14
I have a cocktail named hubert i got him in May 2004 he is the most loving and sweetest bird they bond like a magnet to you.I suggest that if you want a small bird it should be a cockateil.