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   Pied Cockatiels are beautiful pet birds with large, random blotches of color on their bodies!
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Stacie - 2008-10-12
Hi, I have cockatiel bird named Kiko and he's so much fun. I play with him so much and he's so cute. He loves to sing but he poops a lot when I let him out, especially on the carpet. I was thinking of training him or something, but I don't how. Any pointers...

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  • Diane - 2010-04-11
    I saw an ad for bird diapers. They go on their wings and come in different colors, sizes etc, I am sure if you look on line you will find them. Good luck!
  • Tracie - 2010-08-06
    Look at youtube, I saw videos on how to housetrain birds onto paper towels.
chrystal - 2008-12-11
I have two a latino female and a pied male. The male I've had since dec 1 and he is very agressive. He also bites to bring the blood. He was older than the female when I got him. If I try every day with a piece of fruit to get him in my hand without biting will I eventually gain his trust. My female is very loving and gentle. It breaks my heart to think I can't love on him like I do her. He also has like a gray band of color around his eyes like a mask, is there many out there like that. Another thing I noticed when I got him from the pet store is he had no tail feathers. I asked and they said he was shipped like that, do I need to be concerned. The owner of the pet store said he has all his colors in so shouldn't he have tail feathers.

ali - 2007-03-21
Hi, i am ali. i have a pied cockatiel, an african grey, and one ring necked parakeet... but i love my cockiel the most. he is like my brother. i like playing with him, he comes on my hand, and likes to play with my hair when i keep him on my shoulder =)

Nicolette A.K.A ~Rugrat~ - 2006-08-20
I got a Pied Cockatiel named Birde about a week ago for my birthday and it's the best bird in the world! Even though he wont stand on your fingers, he will sit on your shoulder and give you kisses and pull on your earings! If you whistle at him he will whistle back! You can feed him by hand and everything! This bird is so awesome! For everyone who wants to get a bird get a Cockaltiel! DONT GET A FINCH! I had three and they WILL NOT let you hold them ONCE or EVER!

niko - 2006-02-15
i just got a cockatiel 6 days ago, his name s greaser and i think hes so cute and adorable. I enjoy just watching him when he's in his cage because he's so interesting. sometimes he'll whistle back and forth with me and he seems to like it best when i whistle. I just wish i could understand what he was saying.

Taryn - 2006-02-04
I have a pied cockatiel named Tippi Hedren. She is about 9 months old. She is the sweetest little bird I have ever met. Even though she is very pricky around strangers,and, truthfully, everyone except me, she is my little angel (you should socialize your bird at a young age). She eats Foundation Formula cockatiel pellets, which personally, I think is a very good brand. The only problem is that she has a waryness around new foods. Translation-SHE WILL LIKE NOT EAT ANY VEGGIES OR FRUITS!!She, if I coax her JUST enough, will take a itsy-bitsy bite. If your bird has this same problem, it is important that you try every method to encourage healthy eating. After all, fresh foods play a large part of their diet. Anyway, thanks to my little angel, i will have many more birds through my life. Especially cockatiels.. :)

mara - 2005-12-14
I have a Cockatiel named Zipporah, and she is the first bird I have owned. I always wanted a bird and she is very easy to take care of, even though when you show signs of waking up, whether you want to get up or not, she squeaks constantly for attention. I bought her from my school where she was hand fed and raised, an she is VERY tame, loves being scratched on the head and gives kisses! She whistles some of "jingle bells" and wolf whistles at people! Birds that have been hand fed and raised are great because they can be given to kids and make great pets. I love my Z, even though I have trouble finding time with school and work, but I know she loves me and I love her because she begs for her head to be scrached and chirps when you are someplace she is not but are still in eyesight!

Kaitlyn - 2005-11-23
I have a cockatiel named Peatree. We got him at a pet store about 4 days ago. He's not tamed. I can tell it will take a long time to train because he's so scared of a lot of things and he likes to hiss and bite, but things are a lot better than from the first day we got him. Although he's not yet tamed, I still love him! He chirps very loudly and I hope after he's tamed, I can teach him how to say a few words and to whistle a few tunes. He's grey, white and yellow with bright orange cheeks. He also has a very big crest! It's so cute. I recommend getting a cockatiel to everyone that wants a pet that would be loving, and cheerful. But I also recommend to everyone that wants a cockatiel, get one that's already tamed (hops on your hand at the pet store) and has been hand-fed. If not, you'll be spending lots of time being frustrated trying to tame it! In the end though, it will be all worth it. :)

Talisha M - 2005-09-11
I had a cockatiel named George and he passed away a few years ago from a green-ant bite.(It was so sad. He was such a good bird and I loved him so much.) I always took him outside to eat some grass, and he never flew away because he loved us so much. I loved him back. i'll never forget George. I might be getting Lauren's cockatiel called Milo though! She wrote in about him. she is one of my friends at school. I have seen Milo and she is such a wonderful bird but not as good as George!! I love you George!

alysha - 2005-07-29
I had a cockatiel named rander. He was so sweet and would let me pet his head. he said things like "wha cha doin huh" and "rander". one day he flew out the door and landed in a tree. we called "rander rander" and he started flying back down to us. then two wild birds chased him away and he was gone. that night we came out and started calling his name again and we heard him fly back and forth over our house squaking away, but then he flew too far away and couldnt find us. we were so sad. so always get your birds wings clipped