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   Pied Cockatiels are beautiful pet birds with large, random blotches of color on their bodies!
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andrew - 2012-10-15
I have 2 cockatiels a pied female and a male grey and I love them so much. They are cute and everything but the thing is my pied is not tamed but the male is. And they are beginnig to be friends because I bought the male 3 months ago and now they are getting used to each other . They wont have babies because they have to get used to each other and like each other, which means I can't wait.

Anonymous - 2014-02-09
Hi I'm from malta, hello, I have a problem. How do you recognize albino cockatiels, from hen to cock? Thanks ...joseph from Malta.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-12
    Albino Cockatiels can't be visually sexed. The only reliable way to tell male from female is to have it DNA sexed via a blood sample which is very reliable, or you can have surgically sexed, which is somewhat intrusive but extremely accurate.
Cockatiel lover - 2014-01-18
hi, I bought a female cockatiel, she was kept with male birds, and she is 2 months old. Is there a chance that she will lay eggs, and if she does can she raise them herself ??

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-19
    Cockatiels should be 18 months to two years old to breeding. Any female parrots can lay eggs even if they are kept alone, however the eggs will not be fertile.
jayashree - 2013-04-11
I got a pair of 2 months old cockatiels. they are healthy and active. they do step up and sit on my shoulder. but sometimes they are feared. my 6 months old is Alexandria is also with them. sometimes Alex is biting the female cockatiel. I don't know how far they are going to be good and friendly... how tame and train cockatiels? expecting Ur responses.

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David - 2013-04-02
We have a cockatiel named Bobby. I never thought I'd be a 'bird person' but I love the little guy! He loves to be let out of his cage for 'play time'. He walks around on me while I'm chilling on the couch. He like me to pet his little beak. He chirps and says his name, 'Hi, Bobby' and 'Hi, Stinky Bob-Bob!' I have to give him kisses on his beak in the morning when I uncover him or he hollers!

sos - 2005-12-25
My family and I have a Pied Cockatiel and she is not very loyal at all. We got her from a house breeder, and she is not open.

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  • David - 2013-04-02
    Not knowing the circumstances it is hard to tell, but a lot of house breeders only care about the money and not the birds. He was probably never socialized or handled and loved. It will take a lot of patience on your part to undo the negative effects of the house breeding. The key word is patience. Cockatiels are very loving and intelligent. Let him out of his cage for 'play time'. At first I would just let him get accustomed to being out of the cage and his surroundings. Talk to him in a very sweet, loving voice and you may be amazed at the rsponse after a while!
  • Lynnette - 2013-04-02
    Hello, Sorry you are having problems with your cockatiel. I have 4 currently and 3 of them were not very open birds. It takes lots of handling and talking to the bird to get them familiar with living in a home situation after being in an aviary situation. We started just spending time sitting next to the cage talking with them, then slowly letting them out once they learned to step up. I would recommend any of the Barbara Heidenreich resources for positive behavior training. It took about a year for the the first two (a male and a female) to become more open. Now they climb up, want to be with you, and will sing and talk with us. In January we began this process again with a new bird, a female. She is already asking for head scratches but we are still working on step up. She is an older bird and she didn't receive individual attention before she came to us. I also suggest setting them up in a quiet room where you can visit with them and eventually take them out of the cage for short amounts of time until they are ready to be handled frequently. They are flock animals and your little one now has a new flock to learn. But if they are shy, then you have to move slow. It can be frustrating at times, but all but one of mine has had to take this slow bonding route and it works. Hope this helps, they are worth the effort - I promise you.
Barbara - 2008-10-09
I have a cockatiel named Brandy who is approximately 1 1/2 years old. When we got her the lady we got her from told us she was a female (she was the breeder) and I have since been told she was a male by someone else. She is a loud mouth talker and the sweetest thing you could ever meet. She has a pretty big vocabulary...says her name and other words...have known her to say full sentences. I would love her even if she were a male but can someone help me solve the mystery of her being male or female. PLEASE! hehe She is the very best pet I have ever had, and I have had lots of them in my lifetime. My kids just love her, and I don't know what we would ever do without her!

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  • hoosierbabe2 - 2010-02-18
    Male cockatiels have a bright orange spot on each cheek. The females spots are less colorful if she is a lutino breed.
  • Tracie - 2010-08-06
    Males sing, talk, mimic, and whistle. Females whistle but not as much as the male. No offense to the the reply but coloring in a pied does not indicate sex - per my certified & degreed avian veterinarian. I believe you have a boy (just like mine).
  • David - 2013-04-02
    As far as I know, if he has orange 'rough' on his cheek he is a male. Also, males tend to be more vocal.
Summer - 2007-08-24
I have a 10 year old pied cockatiel named Buddy, I got her when I was 7 years old 10 years ago!!! She's my best friend.

cy - 2008-10-11
This is how I go Ceclo. A lady came to my home wanting to give me her cat, to a good home. When she took this cat to my home she changed her mind. That was ok, sometimes we have some in our life that seems to not want something and then changes there minds. Well after this she called me and told me about Sam. He was something I had wanted bird wise, a small bird. To make a long story short, we sat looking at each other for months. Then I decided we have to get along with each other, so I started by giving him millet. You have know idea how much it made me feel the day he sat on my shoulder! cy

Sarah - 2011-11-22
Hi, I have two pied cockatiels a boy and a girl (possibly). I absolutely adore them but I need lots of help! Anyway, Mimi, she is the girl and she will not cooperate! She is way scared of me. I know be slow that is what people say but I do and she runs away! I give her a treat and she runs away! Max is a little tame. But I need help clicker training him! I am trying to train him to come to me :D Thankyou soo sooo much XD

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-23
    Clicker training? I have heard of that for a dog but not a bird. It is hard to tell why the two cockatiels are not tame and friendly. Hand feeding? Older? You have a pair of cockatiels and it sounds like they are bonded to each other. A female is very protective of her mate and in breeding season he becomes the protector. If they are a bonded pair - which it sure sounds like, it will be a whole lot easier to just let them have babies and then make sure you hand feed the babies from an early age and you will have a very tame, sweet cockatiel. Possibly, you can tame these two but by the time you accomplish this they might be nesting anyway. Clicker training? They understand words really good so good gal, good guy, up, kiss etc. They normally learn from actions and the spoken word.