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   The Lutino Cockatiel is a beautiful pet bird, with a mostly white to light-yellow body and orange cheek patches!
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Anonymous - 2010-05-04
Please help why is my cockatiel plucking out his feathers he is nearly bald?

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  • Julie - 2010-05-10
    Cockatiels (particularly females) can develop this terrible habit. In some birds it is nerves, they are uncomfortable about something in their surroundings. In some birds it is lack of stimulation from friends, family, playmates etc. They are very social creatures and need companionship. In some, it is due to hormones - this is mostly the female birds. Of the four females I've owned, three plucked to some degree. If I were you, I would definitely find a knowledgeable avian vet and have your bird checked for mites or a skin condition. A good avian vet can give you suggestions for curbing the plucking.
  • Sarah werner - 2010-09-14
    Maybe give it some more toys to get his mind off it or some fresh leaves that are not toxic or if that does not work there is a bottle of liquid for sale called AVITROL FEATHER PLUCKING FORMULA and you spray it on the cockatiels back and they don't like the taste of it so they wont pluck themselves!
  • Lexi - 2011-08-10
    You might want to be careful if a bird is really stressed if can kill itself by plucking it's feathers
  • Sandra - 2012-09-06
    I have a 7 year old female lutino cockatiel and the bald spot on the top of her head seems to be speading down the back of her neck. She has been plucking her feathers for quite some time. She is also a very picky eater and only eats the small seeds in her food. Any information anyone can provide would be appreciated.
  • robert - 2014-02-23
    Cockatiels are that kind of pet that always need stimulation in some way or form. When left alone always leave a radio or TV on. They can get frustrated and pull all their feathers out if they're alone too much. Have a great day.
Alfred Carter - 2014-02-13
My male cockatiel Wedgie is around 11 years of age, he is in fine shape, but Ellie May is around three years of age. At first for around a year she could fly very good, but over the weeks she started to fly less and less, till she stopped flying. Her tail feathers became very untidy then she started pulling them out or they just fell out. I have moved now to another house and she seems very happy her tail feathers are just the same and wings very scaggy, she tries to fly but lands on the carpet. She eats, drinks, and preens and gets on with Wedgie, is there anything I can do about her feathers to get them back how she used to have them?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-16
    Make sure her cage is very roomy. I'm assuming you are already offering her a great diet, with pelleted foods as 75% for balanced nutrition, and offering fruits and veggies as treats. So in addition, you may want to try adding some vitamins. Vitamins for birds are available at a pet store.
Anonymous - 2013-11-19
My son gave me a cockatiel then a week later gave me a parakeet so the cockatiel would have a friend. They get along fine. Would they do okay in the finch aviary ?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    I personally never mixed parrots (Psittaciformes) with finches (Passeriformes) as the hookbilled parrots can do a lot of damage to these smaller birds. If the aviary is very, very large, you may be successful, you would have to try it to see. But I would still be cautious as the situation could become unstable at any time, especially when any of the birds go into breeding mode.
Franco - 2005-09-11
i have a grey cockatiel and around a month ago i decided to get a Lutino cockatiel while i was buying cockatiel food. Why? because he was so great looking and was standing near the cage door and all the others were standing away. i was right, he is the best of my choices so far. he is so loving and loves to be handled and outside the cage. thanx for this great site, learned a few thngs to keep in mind.

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  • Gunasekaran - 2013-09-22
    Just starting a wbesite for parrot supplies and have a few parrot books listed but will definitely try to accommodate a number of these. I will also add them to my personal collection as I have two Macaws and an African Grey. Thanks for sharing!
Anne Day - 2013-08-23
Please don't keep your cockatiel or any bird in the kitchen where you are going to use a teflon frying pan or any pan with teflon because teflon gives off a chemical or chemicals that their little lungs can't handle. I thought everyone was aware of this until I gave two baby cockatiels away to a young couple and they used a teflon frying pan and both birds died. This after them hand feeding the birds for days and now they are both devastated! I don't know how to get the word out fast enough, please tell your friends and pet stores to spread the word. Thank you. Anne Day in Clearwater, Florida.

jayashree - 2013-03-13
hi, I have 4months old Alexandria (nane) i don't know it is male or female. I can see a pale yellow ring on the neck. I guess it is male. sometimes my nane is aggressive. every time when nane is hungry,nane does not self feed, he expect me to keep him on my shoulder and takes food from my mouth then he will eat by himself. feeding through my mouth is okay or not? if so, how to stop this?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-13
    Humans carry many diseases that birds or other animals can not fight.  I would not recommend this.
Keenan - 2012-06-08
I have a very bright yellow cockatiel and I dont know what type it is and the vets are finding it hard to tell as well. Do any of you know what it is.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-08
    There is really no way to know.  You say it is bright yellow - all over?  Check out 'cockatiel images on the net' as many have shades of yellow but not the entire body yellow.  Many breeders will cross breed cockatiels to obtain a high color also. 
  • Suzanne - 2013-03-12
    Hi. I've been reading up on cockatiels because I wanted to know the lifespan of my lutino cockatiel. He will be 24 years old in April. He is solid white with orange cheeks and a yellow top notch. From what I read a bit ago the female lutinos are very bright in color which might mean yellow.
ananya roy - 2013-01-24
My kiki(lutino cockatiel) sings,squares her shoulders,walks a few steps and then gives a small jump. I was told that she is a 'she'. Now,how can i be sure that what is kiki- a 'he' or a 'she'? (other than dna testing,this technique is very rare and costly and not popular in india,especially where i live). Kiki does most the singing,dancing etc. 'she'? Is very vocal while jiko(grey cockatiel) ,a 'he' is less vocal and is tired of kiki's constant singing and following around. How can i be sure about their sex? Thanks

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-26
    Unfortunately there is no sure way to tell if they are female or male. In older adult cockatiels there are often barred markings underneath the tail feathers. These can be quite light colored though and hard to distinguish between a male and female. Also, if you provide a nesting box, the female will often build a nest there and that is good way to tell which one is female!
mario - 2007-11-15
Hi, I just put a down payment on a Lutino Cockatiel. I don't have him or her at home yet because it is still a baby and is being hand fed. He or she is so sweet, and funny too. I am excited and can't wait until he or she is home with me.

PS: I say he or she because I don't know its gender yet.

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  • robbie - 2011-09-24
    not easy to sex. but look under wings, if it has yellow spots its a hen.
  • starlasmith - 2013-01-07
    hi,ive looked undermy lutinos wings and i see bright yellow and white feathers no yellow or white spots just solid colored feathers my 3 year old granddaughter is really wanting to name it luna but,what if hes a guy i dont want to confuse him,lol soo its important to me any suggestions?
Birdie - 2005-10-08
hi, i have a lutino cockatiel named sunny and i got it january 21st 2005. sunny is tame and loves me and my family. the funny thing is that i thought that it was a he until i read this page and realized that he was a she. this same thing happened with my old budgie that flew away last year. i love sunny and she loves me.

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  • starlasmith - 2013-01-07
    how in the world can you tell without DNA test if your lutino is a male or a female ?