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   Grey Cockatiels may or may not have red cheek patches, but they ALL have white on their wings!
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Maryam Bozai - 2003-10-22
A grey cockateil bird flew in through my car door when I was outside and I didnt notice him until I got home. Ive only had him for a day and it surprised me that he can sing and whistle and say little phrases, such as Hey and good boy and come here. He also makes the cutest noise by putting his beak out and then in again. Im not really sure of how to take care of him just yet, but Im going to go to Petsmart tommorow and buy him some toy-like things.

michelle (australia) - 2003-08-17
I own a lutino (white and yellow) cockatiel that is very cute, she loves my company and spends lots of time out the cage on my shoulder, my brother also has a male cinnamon pied that is equally as nice we plan on breeding them when they are older thats how much we love this species!
flicky my brothers is only 6 mounths and is showing signs of the talking ability as he mimics my dogs squeeky toy!
I would recommend them to anyone intrested in cockatoos as cockateils are similar in looks and personality but cockatoos are harder to look after

michelle - 2003-08-17
i know of an older bird called "cheekie" in Australia recorded at 33 in march of 2000

ricardo (spain) - 2003-07-28
i give to my boyfriend this bird as a present because i know he likes birds and parrots very much. Now i

Angeli - 2003-07-20
Cockatiels are very loving birds who make great companions and best-friends. Sometimes they are so sweet that one may feel the want to spoil them. That is how wonderful they are. It is truly hard to understand how God could have created such creatures, who carry great personalities and traits.