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   Grey Cockatiels may or may not have red cheek patches, but they ALL have white on their wings!
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kyla - 2005-04-28
I own a grey tiel named Foster. I think hes a boy; he talks and whistles alot. He is about 6 years old, and a very good companion. Ive taught him to say prettty bird and whistle the charge song in baseball. These birds are intelligent and a great pet.

Anonymous - 2005-04-28
I have a cockatiel and he is just adorable. he gets in his own cage when he is hungry. He will kiss your lips because he loves you. he loves kids. He will make cute sounds too when his cage is open and he is still in there, he will wait until we come and get him. He will also sleep on us. When he gets left out because we go somewhere, as soon as we come home he will just start making sounds to great you.

Meghane - 2005-02-06
My grandmother has kept various birds over the years: finches, lovebirds, parakeets, and grey cockatiels just to name a few. By far the tiels were my absolute favorites. She has two, Misty Rain and Tammie Lynn, and they are just about the sweetest things you have ever seen! Misty especially. She is an older bird (almost 20) with a very sweet and tame disposition. Tammie is younger (about 8) and she is by far the more rambunctious. However, "Tamtam" as she is lovingly called, lays EGGS constantly!! My grandmother assumed that when she bought Tammie that she, like Misty, would not be an egglayer, but she lays eggs faithfully. They are very intelligent birds though and probably the cleanest of the many birds my grandmother has cared for. I am actually thinking of getting a tiel myself. It is between one of the baby tiels that my cousin is going to breed or a pretty little purple parakeet. I just cannot decide. I am leaning toward the tiels however; cleaner.

corey - 2004-12-12
I have had my bird for only 5 months. Though he is 13 years old and fully trained, he became hard to handle after a dog attacked him and now he has become nice. He hangs out with my 2 parakeets Scotty and Reggie.

Jack - 2004-12-02
My friend Robin has a cockatiel named Zippy and he his 27 years old.
This just may be the oldest yet

lizy - 2004-09-30
I first got a tiel when I was 10 years old. His name was Buddy. A few months later he died from natural causes. I was so sad, but about 7 months later I got a call from a lady saying that she had no room for a cockatiel named Spaz. She asked me if I would take him otherwise he would need to be put down. I gladly accepted the offer of adopting Spaz not even being able to imagine the thought of him being put down. Spaz has been my faithful friend now for 4 years and I cant imagine life w/o him.

Eva Winters - 2004-08-30
Hi, My name is Eva. I have 2 Gray male cockatiels, Sonny & Star.
I just wanted everyone to know that they do make great pets. I am in the market for a female. The pet store told me that Star was a female when I bought him. He is a young bird, very sassy and talkative. I have taught him to whistle the "Oscar Meyer Weiner" song and whistles the intro to the old "Andy Griffith Show". He likes to give kisses and even says Thank You after. They are awesome pets.
There is one thing I do not like about my birdies, They bite when I try to get them back in the cage. Got any suggestions as to how to stop this? My fingers would love to know...

Mike Kenyon - 2004-07-07
I have a grey cockatiel that i got from an auction about 4 years ago. He was pretty good with handling when we first got him, but after we put him in with a female he wasnt. We bred them but the female died shortly after. Only one of the babies survived. Tango(my greys name) took care of the baby until the night it passed away which was about 7 months after birth. Now i have trouble getting him out to handle him. He is really nice and talkative in the cage, but when i finally get him out he gets really nasty and bitey. It takes about 10 min. for him to calm down. I dont know if i just need to handle him more, if it is just bad genes, or what.

Filomena Dupuis - 2004-03-15
I have had Peter, a grey cockatiel, for 12 years now. He is a well-natured, very calm bird. However, fully taming him has been a challenge, partly because he had a partner up until 3 years ago. Peter has discovered a love lately. He loves sailing. We live on board our 30 ft. sailboat during the summer for approximately 10 weeks. Now I know why pirates carried parrots. My cockatiel is a hoot on board a boat. Peter flourished, he whistled contently, started imitating Terns. I was hoping he would mock a loon, but that did not happen. His plumage improved immensely due to the humidity and different weather. He was outdoors underneath the dodger all day, except for rainy periods and during our voyages. He slept inside the cabin at night. We would often be approached by other boaters on their dinghies wondering where the "unnatural" bird sounds were coming from. Peter has his way of complaining when we sail in rough weather he screams and screeches. When the conditions improved, he would start his happy whistle. He is going to be sailing with us every year. I could not stand to leave him home alone and only having someone to come in daily to care for him.

Guy Zadock - 2003-11-05
greetings guys :) my name is Guy Zadock from israel. Im gonna buy a cockateil next week, and i found this site by looking in google.
i loved the way you detailed about things. to be truthfull, i belive a cockateile can be a very close friend of one, if being treated as you want to be treated. i wish you all a great and enjoyable bird-to-man relationship :) cheers guys :)