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   Grey Cockatiels may or may not have red cheek patches, but they ALL have white on their wings!
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Wendy - 2005-11-04
hi, i recently got a pair of cockatiels. they where not well care for the female is really mean. the male will fly and land on my arm or finger. so i have hopes they'll come around. the old owner used to keep them covered all the time when they needed their cages cleaned. i did notice after they saw me cleaning their cage and giving them water they perked up a bit and on day two the male was singing none stop. then the male started hammering his toy with his head so i looked it up and found it to be good. i don't know their ages but i have fallen head over heels for them. i named them bonita and goupo. i also have a black face love bird named solitaire. i have had him now for almost a year. butterfly from the vill

sue - 2005-10-18
I am a breeder of Cockatiels in Australia. All cockatiels look like females until their first moult. After moulting the male will have a yellow face. The female will have bars on the underside of her tail.

Eric the Animal Guy - 2005-09-23
I have had Altair ("the flyer" in Arabic) since I was 12 and I am now 24 years old, so I have had A.C. for about 12 1/2 years so far, though they went by more quickly than I could imagine, let me tell you that!

I am a longtime animal lover, and I was the type of kid you would see with their nose stuck in a book, looking up how to milk snakes for their venom, or how to auccessfully capture a crocodile, etc. Well, I stumbled across a book on bird pets when I was about ten, found out about Cockatiels when I was 10 1/2, and spent about 1 and a half years studying everything I could on them. . .

. . .A.C. is a standard grey cockatiel, confirmed by a vet as being male. He lives in near harmony with a rat, a cat, and a bat. Not joking. I have one twisted animal kingdom in my house :P. He is a surprisingly quick learner, and as he had been handfed as a baby he was very tame when I got him, so I could begin training almost right away.

Cockatiels are a wonderful first pet to have, though DO NOT get it for your child as a "responsibility lesson." My aunt did that to her child and it had disastrous results. Get it only if you are commited for a longterm 'relationship', but when you do get it be ready for one of the best things in your life!

brandon - 2005-08-16
I have a grey cockatiel named sam. he has some budgie freinds and is very happy. sam loves to walk on the carpet and he thinks he can fly. I love my cockatiel. I got him off freecycle from kamloops bc. he has a friend named blaze, get it? WHAT IN SAM BLAZE IS GOING ON, well blaze is a green baby budgie. he is what we would call a human teen. sam is lonely becouse blaze is playing with the other budgies and sam is on my shoulder right now. say hi sam

Glen Korotash - 2005-08-08
My cockatiel's name is Copter. That's what he sounds like when he would fly around the house. He is 23 years old and still whistles and talks. It took us a few years to realize that his first strange sounds were his immitation of a miniature poodle barking. The dog lived across the street from Copter's window and it was always barking.The dog must be long gone by now as that was over 20 years ago, but the bark lives on to this day! After fifteen years we finally realized that his weird tapping on the bottom of his cage was an exact duplication of the washing machine in the room opposite his cage. He used to fly every day until this year. He hates fruit and vegetables and has never eaten them, except for an occasional piece of lettuce. He tricks a lot of people into thinking that there is another person in the house with his beautiful tunes.

Anonymous - 2005-08-01
I have two cockatiels. when they laid eggs i got on the computer to look for info and it said it takes 18-20 days for them to hatch and it also said it has 3-9 eggs. mine had 11 eggs and six hatched but it took 2 months. about 3-4 monthes later they started to breed and the same thing happened again.

Bob Bendery - 2005-07-09
Grey cockatiel, male .... six years old. Just a few words to say that this creature, birdy-bird is his name, has provided so much happiness and entertainment in our home since he was a baby. So much affection, especially kisses, and always ready for eating with us. The cockatiel blends with you .... total commitment with so much love. You are his family. Can't find another bird in this price range with so much love and social skills. Message .... if you care to share your life with a feathered creature who will love you, stay with the generic,grey male cockatiel. So important to spend time every day with your cockatiel, especially when it comes time to scratch the head. Your cockatiel will love this and return for more.

Our world would be better off if every household contained a cockatiel with caring people. There would be so much love provided by this special bird!

adam mohammed - 2005-07-05
My name is Adam Mohammed. I have two grey cockatiels (female and boy). The female is the a mother. my cousin has baby birds from the female I have. I also have a very pickey male bird. He likes to bite people alot. It is starting to get used to me. There original names are Pebbles and BamBam , but I call them luke and leia. Luke goes up on my shoulder a lot and does nothing but watch the female. The female would bite my shirts. Don't get me wrong my birds are wonderful. I would hate to see them die or upset.

Ron - 2005-05-12
I have had my grey, Puck, for almost 13 years now. She was my very first bird, and I had to learn the art of taming her, as she was nasty when I first got her. Within two weeks of taming, she was bonding to me nicely.

I must agree that she has been the best pet I have ever had. The love and affection she shows is unsurpassed. I love to come home and hear her happily chirping for my arrival. She tends to get clingy, as I call it, when I am sitting on the sofa, working on the laptop, she will climb down her cage and stroll over to be picked up.

I know the day will come when I lose her, but, I cannot picture life without her. She is an awesome bird, and I love her to death!

Shawn M. - 2005-05-10
I have a Normal Grey Cockatiel. He is so adorable and he talks and whistles! He says 'prettybird' 'Baby?' "Peek-a-boo!' and he actually plays it sometimes! Says 'helloo' He says a lot of things and he also does the 'wolf whistle.' Don't buy a bird if you just want it to talk. Research! I would recommend a Cockatiel as a first time bird!