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   Grey Cockatiels may or may not have red cheek patches, but they ALL have white on their wings!
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James - 2006-05-28
My bird shylo is a sweet hearted bird. He is 2 years old,and is
troublesome but very sweet. I think he has my family trained!

Amber - 2006-03-30
Loki is most definitely a pretty boy cockatiel. Notice the bright yellow head. Most cockatiel girls have a greyish head and also a barred rump and outer tail feathers. The two outermost tail feather on the girls will be yellow with grey bars. The flight feathers on girls also have yellow spots that are only noticable when the bird stretches theirs wing or flies. Cockatiels are very sweet birds. They are not aggressive or nippy and it's weird to come across a cockatiel who is unless they are wild and then they bite just because they're scared. Tame cockatiels, absolute sweethearts though. My bird is a girl named Angel, but I wonder if I should change the name because it's not very creative or anything and I feel awkward calling her that and usually we just call her bird or birdy or something like that. And she is also very sweet, but more so when she was a baby when she got the name Angel. Now she has more of a personality (birdyality?) and she'll holler at me if she gets aggravated at me about something. She needs a cooler name though like Loki, that's a cool name, but a guys name and taken.

Ange - 2006-03-15
In my opinion these little birds are underated. They are by far the best companion for all ages. They are great with any creature you introduce to them, and they love a little to alot of attention. Unlike the larger parrots these little birds are happy for just a small portion of your time and will give you double-triple what you chose to give them. I have been breeding these creatures for 8 years and enjoyed all the time and work involved and referr these as the best pet for all!

jenni - 2006-02-21
I have a grey cockatiel named Pete, we have had him for 28 years. He flew into our yard, so we dont know how old he was when we caught him. He is very friendly and has his cage in the lounge room. The door is always open, as he sits on the top of the cage. He whistles pop-goes-the-weesel, a bit off tune now. He eats anything we give him, biscuits, cake, he has toast every morning, and potato every night, loves roast potatoes, chips, and mash. He gives, and gets lots of kisses from us, and is a very spoilt bird. and loved by all.

Uzma Farid Durrani - 2006-01-31

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Crazy Larry - 2006-01-28
We have a gray boy (which we were told was a girl) named Winnie. Winnie is the best pet I have ever had--a constant companion, a silly clown, always entertaining and curious--sometimes too curious like today when the parrot got her! But she loves to be petted and sung to and she loves her millet spray treats and her jungle gym. Above all else, Winnie knows she is loved. She even has her own website!

Eve - 2006-01-16
I was so amazed when I saw this web site today because I too have a 23 year old cockatiel named Loki. It's a small world!

pat - 2006-01-07
I gave my mother a grey cockatiel about 10 yrs ago. Nubby's father ate part of his wing off so he has never been able to fly . I got him when he was only 4-5 weeks old. My mother raised him as you would a real baby and spoiled him rotten, singing to him & making him his own crochet blanket since he had no feathers. Nubby talks, sings, plays dress up with colorful plastic rings hanging on the side of his cage, and knocks 3 times when he wants sugar(a Kiss). He makes the sounds of the kitchen door sqeeking and whistles the tune to the Andy Griffin show. Nubbys favorite saying is "Nubby goes to school" & "Nubby's smart." My mother passed away 3 yrs ago, and i am glad Nubby brought her so much enjoyment. to see them together was amazing. Nubby also is nosey, Mom would rattle a bag and nubby would climb up the side of her chair to see if she had potato chips. together they would sit and snack on chips, and fruit. I gave Mom another cockatiel that was female( Susie). Nubby didn't take to her being in his cage, but being placed in a cage beside him was great. Nubby stays with my sister now, and Susie passed away a week before Christmas. Nubby still gets spoiled but not as much as when my Mom was here. I am sure he misses her as much as we do.

simone shelby - 2005-12-25
My family and I have a grey, he is very loyal. We had April for over 13 years. He talks, whistle, sings, and bops his head to any beat. He is very smart, and will show his affection if he cares for you. He knows who his family is. They are great pets to have, and makes great buddies. (:

Judy M Thompson - 2005-11-06
I had my Pepy (female) for 10 years. She 4-5 when I got her. She died last Saturday night (She seemed fine and I have no idea why she died). She was my baby girl! I miss her so much. She was the best pet I ever had. I would love to get another gray female cockatiel soon. Peop;e say I should wait awhile and other say yes, get one now. I'm not sure what to do. Pepy was so weet. She could fly and found different places in my apartment that she liked to investigate. After having her for 2 years, we inherited another bird--a Half Moon Dwarf Conure named Taylor. These two were so much fun together! Taylor really misses Pepy. He looks for her all the time. This is why I am thinking of getting another cockatiel. No bird will ever replace my Pepy, though. She slept with me. I miss my bed partner. I would reccommend anyone living alone to get a cockatiel as they are the most loving birds you could ever get!