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   Grey Cockatiels may or may not have red cheek patches, but they ALL have white on their wings!
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Frank Leake - 2007-05-16
Just read about the oldest recorded age of a cockatiel in captivity. I wanted to share that I have a little birdee guy, his name is Kolohe. Kolohe will be 30 years old this August 20, 2007.

Frank Leake
Honolulu, Hawaii

Tina Hemme - 2007-03-10
In doing research to try and determine how long grey cockatiels live, I came across this webpage and it was very resourceful. My mom passed away last April leaving me with her grey, named "Birdy". She got Birdy when I went to college in the fall of 1979, so Birdy is at least 28 yrs old and still going strong, though he is losing feathers around his neck. I am however looking for a home for him, as I am going back to graduate school and won't be able to take him with me. We live in Clearwater, Florida and only will part with him if I can find a good home for him. I don't think my Mom ever expected him to live this long.

mike fowler - 2007-03-07
i purchased a three year old male. he has a wonderful personality when he is happy, on the other hand not so nice when angry. im sure he was mistreatd before we got him because he was aggressive with my wife & I, so much so we almost took him back. with a little patience he is now personality plus. he says good morning and hi im cody, also some words i wont print. he eats what we eat when we eat but in moderation. when i come home he says michael and jumps on my hand or shoulder and gives gentle kisses. the best 50 bucks we ever spent. he also whistles opera tunes before bed and first thing in the morning. so have patience with your troubled bird, they do change with love and affection.

Erin B - 2007-02-21
I have a cockatiel named Baby, he is 27 years old and loves dogs! I think that's what keeps him going. He absolutely loves walking around on the floor with them. I had a dog when I was younger that would let him ride around the house on her back! It has always been a bit of a challenge to train new dogs to cope with having a bird walking around on the floor with them, but Baby always seemed to be very relaxed around any dog with his whistling and making kissie noises at them.

Danny Cisneros - 2006-12-16
I just saw "Loki" because I was looking up the average age for a cockatiel. I have one ("Woody") thats 30 years old, and I have owned it for all 30 years. He is still as spunky today as he was 30 years ago.
Danny Cisneros

Bonnie McDougall - 2006-12-14
My Zoe is 3 yrs old. I got her as soon as she could leave her nest. She REALLY believes I am her mom! She will eat anything out of my mouth. If I just give her something in my hand, she will tear it apart mostly, but out of my mouth she eats every morsel! She is so funny. She loves to be on my shoulder WHEREVER I go. Since her wings STAY clipped she goes everywhere with me except to church. She is too much of a distraction there! I tried letting her wings grow out ONCE! Found out she got a real attitude with wings - one I didn't like! She preens me and likes to eat whatever I do. Chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, pizza, cookies, ice cream, eggs & hashbrowns, crackers. She likes people food more than bird seeds.
I, too, highly recommend a cockatiel as a loyal and loving pet!

Candace L. - 2006-11-18
I just got a grey cockatiel about 4 days ago. Shes so sweet. She's only 4 weeks old and she is adorable. I named her Dixie. I am looking forward to all the good times i am going to get with her. I cant wait for her to whistle, talk and all that good stuff. At first i was kinda nervous with her because she was so small and she would hiss at me. Now she is calming down and doesn't hiss very often. Seh will play with the keys on my keyboard and also play with my dogs. She is so adorable. I love her so much. Anyone considering a bird should get a cockatiel.

Nik - 2006-10-19
Working at a pet store I bonded with the breeding pair of gray cockatiels. I was the only one there that was not afraid of then and so I would not take no for an answer and would then walk around the store with them on my shoulder. Sadly the store closed but before i left they gave me the two birds. My Lord and My Lady are their names. I gave it to them because they rule the roust. they gave me one baby the first year who I dubed Baby. He is my suck, and loves to be petted, unlike his parents. This last year I got four babies. Two gray one latino and one cinniamin pearl. Lucky me! My house is full of song.

melanie - 2006-07-23
I received my grey cockatiel 4 years ago as a Christmas present. Dilbert was 6 years old at the time and possibly the friendliest cockatiel I had ever met! He loved to whistle and could actually say a few phrases like "Hey Dilbert!" But the most astonishing thing he did while holding him was put his head on my finger allowing me to rub his neck. I had never seen a bird that enjoyed being touched as much as Dilbert! He has even taught us a few things! My husband, who has never liked birds, has come to really enjoy Dilbert and is currently teaching him the theme song to "The Simpsons!"

Mathew Kenkel-Taylor - 2006-06-19
I currently have many birds and am always looking for more. But my favorite is my 3/4 year old lutino Cockatiel "Crisco". He is so cute and he loves to play with his friends the budgies(I currently have 5). When i purchased him he was a little demon and put a hole in the avian who sold him to me, but after i put the oven mits on and said hello he couldnt have been happier to be here! But after i took him to the other aviary to get his nails clipped the said he might not live because he wasnt on the correct diet, and because he had been on it so long he might not accept anything else. MY heart stopped because he was my friend! they recommended " Tropican Lifetime Granules for cockatiels" by Hagen