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   Grey Cockatiels may or may not have red cheek patches, but they ALL have white on their wings!
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Jean - 2008-10-11
What a great site for finding information on grey cockatiels as well as other animals! As a writer, I was searching for some information to help me with a grey cockatiel character in my children's book. Your site has been quite helpful. Thanks!

Danish Mandozai - 2008-07-19
4 years back, I had a green parrot. He was so young when I purchased him. With the passage of time he grew older, he was just like my friend. Day by day as he was growing up, he started to talk and repeat some words gradually. I loved him a lot, he seemed to me like a member of our family. I have no idea when did he learned to fly. Once I was not home and he tried to fly, and at last he flew away.

cockatiel lover - 2008-07-11
My cockatiel, Mario, is amazing. I received both him and his sister when they were only a year old. Recently his sister Bubbles died, but it seems he takes advantage of it because of the more attention he gets. What's weird to me is that when I get home after being out, I'll be right at the door when he starts squawking his head off. After I let him out he immediately flies downstairs and lands on someone (mostly my mom's head) and sings! He's a regular riot that would steal anyone's heart (especially after singing his little love song)!

Jessika - 2008-03-23
I love my cockatiel Regis, he's always up to coming out of his cage when ever I go and get him. I've had Regis for about 3 years and when he was still little, the first week I had him, he wanted to kill me. Now we're like peanut butter and jelly!:P No one can separate us!

Anonymous - 2008-03-15
I love my little guy! He is a normal grey cockatiel. He is the sweetest bird ever. A few months ago I purchased him a medium-sized cage which fits him perfectly. It is very roomy and he loves it. He loves going on his rope perch and playing with the toys. His favorite food is wheat bread. He of course loves his millet. I've had him for 4 years, and it will surely continue.

Sophia - 2008-01-22
Tiels are the sweetest birds! I have had my bird, Jayden, for almost a year now. I'm 21 years old and she is almost 2 years old. I had no idea that tiels have such a long lifespan! I'm looking forward to teaching her how to talk as she already loves to whistle, listen to music, and watch cartoons!

philip staff - 2008-01-05
My cockatiel is coming up to 33 years old! He is fit and well. He loves whistling first thing in the morning, he also loves eating bread.

Darren - 2007-12-31
I bought a cockatiel a few weeks ago. I'm not sure of the age but she is still young, her name is Tui. I wasn't planning on getting her because I was going to get a parakeet, but when i got to the pet store I saw a cage full of cockatiels and there was one (Tui) running around, climbing up the cage, etc. She was just very hiper, lol. When we got her home she went in to her cage and sat at the bottom, but a few hours later she was climbing up the cage and whistling a little bit. I have found out that she loves music. Everytime i put music on she sits and whistles. Now three weeks later she has bonded a lot with me and has learned to say "pretty girl". Hopefully she will have a long happy life.

Kurt van Wyk - 2007-12-18
I'm about to get a one year old hand-reared grey cockatiel! I've decided to call him D.J. (Dr Jeckle). I can't wait!

Cory Weber - 2007-12-03
I had a grey male cockatiel that was 31 years old "Chico". He passed away last Saturday Dec, 1 2007 very peacefully with me by his side. He would have been 32 in the spring. I've had him since he was 1, and I was 10. He was the best bird I've ever owned. We never clipped his wings and he had full flight his entire life. For many years, I left his cage door open so he could have the freedom he deserved. Usually, he would stay in the cage unless someone was home. He didn't come out of his cage the past few years but he still talked sometimes and seemed quite happy.

Chico was the best animal friend and I will miss him so very much.