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   Not only is the handsome Yorkshire Canary one of the largest of the canary breeds, it is also one of the older breeds!
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Mohamad - 2011-03-29
I mohamad from iran. I want to buy Yorkshire canary. Is there anyone who can help me?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-03-30
    I doubt I can help but I shall try. Unless you can find a breeder in Iran, I believe the cost to import and go through the quarantine laws established in each country would make bringing in this little fella prohibiive.
  • mohammad arshad - 2011-10-20
    If still you wanna purchase yorkshaire canary do contact on i am from Quetta pakistan.
aa - 2011-11-28
I am from Indonesia, want to buy yorkshire canaries.
Is there who can help me? my email:

august / indonesia - 2009-11-17
Trasnlation: Indonesian to English... I am very pleased with the posture is very beautiful Yorkshire Canary. Original Script: aku sangat senang dgn postur yorkshire canary sangat indah

Leila - 2011-08-11
Some years back I use to own a pair of red coloured yorkshire canaries. The male was a top singer even though he was kept with the hen. And they bred in their cage, which I use to leave open most of the time. The cock use to thrill me by flying and hopping in a peculiar manner after the hen and he use to sing the most wonderful songs echoing right through the whole house. It was really fun to watch. Being so large, they are less flighty then the smaller breeds and quite tame.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-12
    Makes me want to get a pair.
  • Leila - 2011-08-13
    Yeah! thats how I am! When I read all the wonderful things pets do then I just want them!
omary - 2011-07-03
This is omary from Afghanistan.
Of course I love this bird.
I want to buy yorkshire canary, is there anyone can help me? My email

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-04
    Are there breeders in Afghanistan as I would think that is the only way you could acquire this little fella?
waskito budi haryanto - 2011-06-18
I am from Indonesia, I want to buy yorkshire canary, is there anyone can help me? My email

william - 2011-03-21
i want to buy yorkshire canaries? i william from indonesia,
is there who can help me? my email:

Deni Irawan - 2010-10-27
Wish I could buy them from you!

Moundher - 2010-06-19
Please if there is anyone can buy me a couple and I will pay I am from algeria.

Rio - 2010-03-08
Of course I love this bird

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  • Moundher - 2010-06-19
    Rio please if you can buy me a couple of yorkshire and I will pay you because we don't have this bird in algeria.