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   Not only is the handsome Yorkshire Canary one of the largest of the canary breeds, it is also one of the older breeds!
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Aristides - 2014-03-08
Tanzania Exotic birds exporter: Finches,Canaries,Waxbill. etc. If you are interested contact me for price and details at my email.

Putra Tampar - 2014-02-27
where i can export canary yorkshire to indonesia contak me thank

Kios Kenari Depok - 2014-01-02
hello canary breeders canary yokshire how to imfort to indonesia.? please if you can help me, you can send an email to I need a parther to export from there to my country, and what conditions to send his official reply. what is the total cost and trouble, you can email it to me. thank you in advance.

anton - 2012-03-27
I'm Anton, from Indonesia.
I am interested with your canary, and with other types of canaries.
what the price of your canary? Please give us the price according to the type canaries and how much the price when it comes to my country.
What is the minimum purchase?

I would appreciate your early reply in advance.
thank you

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  • Omar Farrugia - 2013-10-25
    Hi my name is Omar , I am a trader of canaries from Malta, we sell all type of canaries like Yorkshires, red factors, red mosaic, yellow mosaic, glosters, resessive white, pheo, agates, normal yellow and much more. We are looking for new importers around the world. If interested please send us email on for a price list. Regards Omar
  • ahmad arif - 2013-12-28
    Hi Mr. Omar, I'm interested in your canaries. Could you please send a pricelist and details to my email? Thanks.
Eko Purnomo - 2013-11-12
Hello canary breeder's, Im just a hobby's bird. How to import canary to indonesia? I am a newbie, please if you can help me,you can sent email to : I need partners to export from there to my country, and any requirements to send. How much total cost and any problems, you can email to me. Thanks before.

Rami - 2012-02-29
Hi... Any idea about yorkshire canaries in Dubai or UAE? I haven't found any so far.. Plz contact me @

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  • wawan - 2013-08-30
    I am interested to import your Yorkshire Canaries then to be sold here (Indonesia). Would you tell me the details of prices, shipment handling properly, also terms of distribution and business relationship. Would you contact me by email to: or facebook ID : wawanpapajonas thanks...
  • Andry Surandy - 2013-11-05
    Hi my name Andry from Indonesia, i'm interested to import your yorkshire canaries, would you tell me the prices, also terms of distribution and business relationship. My email:
Anonymous - 2013-09-18
I want to keep canaries yorkshire, think about how much the price for a pair? oiya ... where I live is Bandung in Indonesia .. please help?

R.Robby Sopandi - 2013-07-03
Hello, I'm Robby from indonesia. I'm really interested in your canary yorkshire. How much for each yorkshire? And please tell me how much when it comes to my country? How many for the minimum purchase? I would appreciate your early reply in advance. Thank you.

Erwin - 2013-04-12
I really interested to your Yorkshire,I wanna to keep please give more inform about your Yorkshire. that possible i want to buy?

Rudy java - 2013-04-06
Hi world, I'm rudy from Java Indonesia. I like yorkshire canarys from England. In Indonesia, Yorkshires from England are very popular because proportional body is very good.