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The unique and beautiful quality of the Waterslager Canary's song is reflected in its name, the word 'waterslag' literally means 'water beat'!
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ziad - 2013-02-09
Available waterslager canary for sale 10 pair in delivered to dubai (u.a.e).

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  • Mustafa - 2013-07-17
    Hi Ziad, where are you located? On Dubai? Do you ship to countries other than Dubai? Thank You.
  • Mustafa - 2013-07-17
    Ziad, can I have your contact info please? Thanks.
  • Waqar - 2013-11-11
    Hi there, I'm interested in waterslager. Where in Dubai can I get one?
  • najibullah - 2014-02-07
    I like your site.
nazeer khan - 2013-02-24
hello dear.sir,madem i need some water sleger whate is the way to get them from there. plz reply to this massege

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  • Anonymous - 2013-03-10
    Hello. You will forget forever about Waterslager after you hear a nice Russian canary singer, you can go to youtube and listen to a good Russian singer of pavlovo breeder Apollonin. All the best.
abdi - 2012-12-18
dear sir/madam i'm from indonesia, looking for waterslagers canaries from belgium. if any information for it please send me email to

Asfand Yar Khan - 2012-11-09
Dear sir i am looking for two pair of waterslager in white and yellow colour.. can you help me how can I get it from u????

mohammad younas - 2012-10-18
Best waterslager, ten pairs in white colour,  are needed.

Anonymous - 2012-08-13
Dear Sir  I would like to buy waterslager canaries so if you wish to sale please contact me : Thanks 

rajayasir - 2012-05-04
I am looking water slager canary i live in pakistan plz help me

mohammed sellami - 2012-03-04
I like to buy two of waterslager male and female. Can you tell me the price please or give me call at 804 484 2771. I'm living in Richmond. Thanks. Maybe if you have roller canaries I buy them too.

zubair tarzi - 2012-02-21
Nice Water Slager Canary

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  • zubair tarzi - 2012-02-21
    Can you told me how much is the water slager Canary price?
zubair - 2012-02-11
Wow verry nice waterslager canary.