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   When people think of a"singing canary", the bird that most often comes to mind is the popular Roller Canary!
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mansyur gunadi - 2013-09-18
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Vicky - 2012-01-13
Hi there, I just got a Canary last month. Now I wanted to know what is the species, like is it American Singer, Waterslager, etc. As per shop keeper, it is from Holland. And second thing it is still now singing. It is like now month. So I need to know is it a male or female. As per shop keeper it is a male.

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  • Vicky - 2012-02-01
    Thank you for replying. Bro. now my Canary is singing with closed beak. So it means is it a Roller Canary? As per information from this website. As when I checked with shop keeper, he does not know about these all information. He only knows this is a Canary.
breata - 2011-03-08
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stan lloyd - 2011-10-07
I am an ex roller canary contest exhibiter in the 1970's. I am wondering where all the good GLUCKE birds have gone? And by the way NEVER put a roller canary near the sound of an other none roller YOU WILL SPOIL THE SONG

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-07
    Didn't know that at all thank you
  • william - 2011-10-16
    Sstan do you breed birds to sell I want to get a few to breed for song?
MF menagerie - 2011-09-21
My yellow Roller canary used to sing beautifully, even after I introduced him to a Red-factor female canary last February, he continued to sing although not as often. They share the same cage and have mated this Spring. He stopped singing as usual during molting in June and July. Now that molting is done, he still has not started singing again. What do you advise me to do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-21
    Sees a little strange. I'd say you could try whistling but I don't know that would work. I don't know where you live but weather has been a little crazy this year and my birds are still molting. They also were in lousy moods this year with their molt and just having a rough time. I actaully went back and made formula for them. The oldest is 27 years old and he took the formula - no porblem. So maybe your canary is still molting. You can try shitling though - OK?
tobe - 2008-10-05
Do you know of the african canaries? Call me +23425814474 for more we have many types that can take any type of canaries in challenge.

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  • Victor - 2010-03-19
    Its victor again. We have never get yellow{ash} carnary, yellow canary, green carnary and different in sizes body structure and song types and speed. The ash small sized type is the fastest and loud like spanish tambrador but is my mail if you want to know more on african canaries.
Ron - 2009-05-31
I can remember buying my first roller canary, he was a school master and how he could sing away back in those days. I paid

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  • Neil McCarthy - 2011-02-14
    Hello Ron
    I'm making a radio program about singing birds including Roller Canaries. Would it be possible to contact you about your experience with the Roller?
    Best wishes,
Jeff - 2010-03-16
I've had a canary for about 2 years now, It sings a little it's in a big cage that's 20 inches wide by 30 inches and 35 inches tall. Should I get another male bird would that help? I used tapes and that didn't help much either.

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  • JM - 2011-01-01
    Jeff: you likely have a female bird if is not singing.
Susan - 2010-11-13
My experience with a roller canary. Is nothing less than amazing. Their song is very peaceful and relaxing. They are wonderful pets making your every morning waking up to their beautiful song once you have had one and experienced their song. You will never want to be without one ever the canary is the truest relax to nature for your own peace but make sure you find a breeder for a roller canary as they are not sold in pet stores and only males sing a wonderful song they will certainly amaze you they certainly will be the best pet ever find a breeder through the bird aviaries on the web you may have to travel a bit to the breeders home but just think the most wonderful song you will enjoy each day is so rewarding the breeder I used is in kitchner Ontario tell him Susan from Burlington ont recommended him to you enjoy this amazing bird you won't be disappointed.