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   Named for its unique markings, the striking Lizard Canary is one of the oldest canary breeds that has not been changed since it was first developed!
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Europa - 2012-11-30
Regarding Lizard CANARY: We have Lizard-Gloster Canaries, and just like our pet Quail, Roosters/Hens, Diamond Dove (and of course other birds and animals)... they will and do play with toys. Our Canaries like Bird toys and Bells. Our Quail interacts with our children and doll houses, Playmobile people, and loves ringing hanging bells. So, I just like to bring up point, sometimes, even though Textbooks and Experts claim many animals have no need for Play (especially past youth), when given a chance... animals interact with other breeds and find trivial items useful as toys for self entertaining. Animals often mimic behavior seen in other animals or people, and then adapt the activity into their daily life. A world renown example are the Monkeys (seen in Asia) which relax and quietly socialize in natural hot-springs. Thank you.

Milla - 2013-03-30
Are these little guys (lizard canaries) good house pets? /: (; Are they nice to children? And do lizard canaries have a beautiful singing voice?