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   The Gloster Fancy Canary, a favorite among both expert and beginning enthusiasts, is one of the most popular canaries!
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Haldun Tarim - 2012-10-03
Dear Friends, I am looking for Red Factor Canary, Gloster or Yorkshire canary breeders in the Nederlands, Germany or in Belgium. I would bevery happy is someone advise me some breeders information....

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  • L K - 2013-01-17
    I think a mistake is in breeding two consorts instead of one consort and one corona.
  • ardhee - 2013-09-23
    For LK : You have to be more patient in raising walnuts, because I often run into things like that. I think you should find out why your canary chicks can die? What cage or because of its nutritional? Possible because of your bird cage hygiene, but if you ask me, you should adjust your walnuts parent nutrition in order to be ready for breeding... sorry I only give what I learned from my experience
  • Andrew Holloran - 2013-12-09
    Dear Breeders, having bred the Gloster canary for 25years and exhibiting as a champion breeder would like to answer some of your questions, i.e. in the case of the death of the chicks, breeding consort to consort would not have caused this in any way, there are many reasons why the chicks died always check for red mite, always clean green foods, i have had many chicks die over the years and never come to the cause, get to know your good feeders then you could possibly foster chicks out,. i once had a corona cock bird that would feed any chick that called for food. spend time in your birdroom and get to know the better mothers etc., i also used a radio that was left on all day this gets the young female birds used to noise and can prevent them from sitting tight, Having made the move to Germany i also need to purchase some stock may i suggest looking for local bird shows or even going to the N,E,C in Birmingham they have a really good sales class of all types of cage and aviary birds, if i can be of any further help just send me a email, Kind regards Andrew
  • Angel Centeno - 2014-10-30
    I'm looking for Gloster Consort canaries
ardhee - 2014-01-16
Are birds exposed to the virus can't be 100% health ? Because my canaries exposed to the virus that has been paralyzing his legs. How do I treat my canary ?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-17
    Unless your bird has been in contact with diseased birds, a virus or bacterial disease would be fairly unlikely.  Newcastle Disease is a highly contagious viral disease that can affect canaries. But canaries are well known for their delicate respiratory systems. Exposure to airborn toxins can create a variety of problems, including paralysis.

    Your pet could have aspergillosis, a respiratory disease caused by the fungus aspergillus, which is commonly found in the environment. If any portion of the central nervous system has become involved due to this illness, the bird may have tremors, an uneven or wobbly gait, seizures, or paralysis. Aspergillosis can be treated with an anti-fungal medicine.

    Canaries are very hardy birds and almost all illnesses can be traced to improper diet, dirty cages, and drafts. A balanced diet and plenty of exercise will prevent most canary illnesses.
  • ardhee - 2014-01-21
    If my canary is cured, is that true the virus will be transmitted to the child's, because I'm really worries with my canary, already 1 month my canaries exposed to the virus , what can still be cured? Thank you before.
Anonymous - 2012-08-10
How old are Glouster Canaries when they grow their mop? I keep looking at my 2yr old, thinking it's top feathers are growing, but it could be my imagination.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-10
    They acieve their mop when they achieve sexual maturity.  However, it is the Gloster Corona that achieves the crest (mop).  The gloster does not.
  • Anonymous - 2013-12-09
    My friend this is developed at a very young age , when the chicks are in the nest you will be able to tell the difference between the Corona chicks and the consort. The consort has the plain head. Hope this helps you. Kind regards, Andrew.
ardhee - 2013-09-17
Why does a canary gloster not want to sing? Because of the environment or the food? And how do I distinguish between a saplings canary gloster? Thanks.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-19
    The Gloster Canary is known as a 'type canary' rather than a 'song canary'. This means it was bred for a characteristic other than singing. These canaries were developed for their physical appearance and plumage.  Here's a good article on these birds by Joe A Bracegirdle, History of the Gloster Canary .

    However, all canaries can sing and environment as well as diet can influence singing. Males tend to be better singers than females, as females may simply stop singing or sing intermittently. Males will have a greater tendency to sing if they are housed singly. To encourage singing, you can provide a song food available at pet stores. You can also  to help encourage them to sing by playing some classical music or you can get canary song tapes at a pet store. 
  • ardhee - 2013-09-23
    Thank you in advance, I think that to listen to the sound of canary I think I have often listened with my mobile phone... or maybe the weather in Indonesia is different from the weather in their home country? Sorry if I ask a lot of.. :)
ardhee - 2013-09-18
Can you assist me, how old can the gloster canary begin to sing? And I have 2 pairs of canary local ( Indonesian ), how to maintain a kind of canary offspring?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-19
    The Gloster Canary is not bred for song, but it will still sing. Most canaries will have a baby song at about 4 weeks, but the adult song usually starts in the fall. Then usually stop singing for a couple of months each summer while they are molting.
dalene - 2013-03-16
I want to know why did my canary stop singing is it to do with his food or can you plse assist me Many thanks

Al Mitchell - 2013-02-23
I am looking for a pair of Gloster canaries to purchase in the Philadelph Pa area, does anyone know of a breeder in that area ?

L K - 2013-01-13
I have two non-crested Glosters that made a nest for the third time now. Each time all the chicks died after a couple of days. This time 4 eggs hatched but I see only the first two are still there, the last egg hatched yesterday but that chick died as well as the one that hatched the day before it. What could be the reason? Please help, as I don't want to lose any further chicks.

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  • chris - 2013-02-05
    Remember that you cant breed 2 non crested (consorts) toghether. They have to be 1 crested with 1 non crested or vice versa. That why they are dying.
Mo - 2013-01-12
I have two male Gloster Canaries and I would like to know if they can mate with the female of any of the following: American Singers, Border, German Rollers, or Spanish Timbrados. If yes what breed would the babies be?

L K - 2012-10-29
I have a pair of canaries whos eggs just hatched. I discovered what I think is bird lice all over the cage. What do I do now? How can I treat such young chicks?? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-29
    I'd just throughly change the bedding and use carefresh.  That is in case the lice/mites came from the bedding.  That might be the only thing you have to do.  Also freeze the food you are feeding (seed) for 24 hours before using to kill anything that came in with the seed.  Clean the cahe (wipe it down) as best you can.  Do all this slowly trying to disrupt the babies and mom and dad as little as possible.
  • L K - 2012-10-29
    Thank you very much. Your advice is very much appreciated!