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   The lively little Fife Fancy Canary is a favorite and a joy for both those who wish to keep a pet canary as well as those who specialize in showing!
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Kristina - 2007-06-02
these birds can wake you up in the morning. if you tell it to shut up, it will sing louder than before. mine dance when i put music on. lm getting 10 canarys - 9 females and 1 male (i want eggs, bye!

tobe - 2008-10-04
DO you know about the african canary? No, come to me if you want to know, I am the owner of champion from nigeria . All the types of canaries mentioned, and I have never seen a nigeria breed, so come.

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  • lloyd, Lagos Nigeria - 2010-12-16
    My canary is not just an acclaimed champ, but an ALARM clock that wakes the entire family up @ exactly 6.30am daily.
Abdualrhman Alghanem - 2011-03-27
I have a 2 years old fife canary and he is very smart I think it worths more than 5000 USD.

olaocha - 2010-12-18
My lovebird goes crazy immediately it sights a human around and they try to sing like my canaries.

cheer - 2010-04-07
I need more canary facts I have a bird project and I got the canary bird it is a really cool BIRD !